Worst. Cold. Ever!

I don't want to sound like a drama queen, but oh my word, our house has been hit with the plague!!

I mentioned before that Kennedy and I are sick.

Kennedy started last Tuesday with a mild fever and she was really whiny and cranky. Wednesday morning she was BURNING up with a temperature of 101.5-102 depending on the time of day. She wouldn't eat or drink anything and just laid down and moaned and cried. This continued into Thursday and her nose started running and she had a cough. By Friday she was getting worse and her high fever was back. It was this time that I started to feel my glands swelling and I became very tired.

Saturday was bad. I woke up with a fever and body aches and a very sore throat. Kennedy's fever was still going strong and she was now coughing badly and crying every time because it hurt her throat. We took her in to the doctor (thank heavens they have Saturday hours) and they did a strep test and tested the oxygen in her blood. She had enough oxygen that they weren't too concerned and the 5 minute strep test came back negative. They were going to let it grow for 48 hours though to be thorough and make sure there really wasn't any strep viruses growing. The doctor said her throat was extremely red and her glands were very swollen. Her lungs were full of crud, which is why they were worried about oxygen, but at least she didn't have an ear infection. Her nose WILL NOT stop running but on the plus side, it has all been clear snot. No green. They were also worried about asthma since she's having trouble breathing, which freaked me out a little, but the air quality has been so crappy I need to not worry about it yet. She said if the fever continued for a few more days to bring her back in and they would test for UTI or other digestive infections that could be causing the fever.

So, the doctor couldn't really do anything. Sunday morning Kennedy's fever was finally lower but she was still feeling like crap and coughing badly. It's been so sad when she has coughing fits because she can't stop coughing and then she cries and screams because it hurts her so bad. I ALWAYS cry when that happens. It rips me apart.

So, on to me, I progressively got worse as the day went on Saturday and Sunday morning I woke up feeling like death. Now my nose won't stop running and I've resorted to shoving tissues up them because the skin is so raw from wiping. I have a cough, which isn't too bed yet, and a wicked sore throat and body aches and a fever. I also can't stop sneezing which kills my throat. I now understand why Kennedy has been so miserable. I hoped a good nights rest would help me but I'm just as bad today. It has SUCKED!! I recommend not leaving your house so you don't catch it :) A huge blessing in all this has been that Cory has had Saturday-today off and has been taking very good care of us. He's currently out braving the snowy roads to buy us girls some more medicine. He has been a saint!! I would have died without him. He goes back to work tomorrow so I'm really hoping I feel just a little better tomorrow so I can handle the day. I'm supposed to work which means I won't get to take a nap and rest. We'll see how I feel in the morning.

To quote everyone, I'm so done with this winter!! It snowed another 5 inches last night and there's more on the way tonight. Although it temporarily cleaned out the air, I'm so ready for warm weather I might just run away to somewhere warmer for a week. I can't take it anymore. Seriously.


19 Months

In 5 more months our little squirt will be 2. I'm not happy about this but I'm sure you all are because that will mean the end of annoying monthly posts! Haha yay!! But these are mostly for my documentation anyway. Read on if you care to.

The last month has been very exciting. I know I'm going to forget things since I'm writing this post while I'm very, very sick and can't think straight but I'll try my best to sum up how adorable Kennedy is. Here's her latest and greatest:

-She, without a doubt, HATES nursery!! The first day was bad. The second week she cried and screamed the whole two hours but we left her in there. The next week, she started screaming and crying before we even made it to the door. She clung to me all through sacrament because she knew she had to go to nursery. Cory stayed in there with her the whole time last week. We're back to square one with trying to teach her it's a fun place, and then we can try leaving her again. It may take a few weeks of us being in there to get that message across. I for one am very upset that she's having this hard of a time. I'm not surprised, but I really need her to be in nursery so I can fulfill my callings. Hopefully we'll get there sooner rather than later.

-As mentioned before, she's started trying to say so many words! I can't even list all the ones she's said in the last couple weeks but it has been so much fun!! The other day I went in to get her after her nap. I opened the door and said, "Hi, Kennedy!" And from her crib I heard, "Hi, Mommy!" It was so awesome!!! One of my favorite moments so far.

-This is normal for her age, but she is a major copy-cat!! She literally copies everything I do, from copying my emotions to mimicking me scratching my arm. She's my little shadow. But she's learned a lot by doing that. The other day she put her shoes on by herself (not entirely the right way) and went and got her coat on when I did.

-She's really gaining a love of singing and dancing. Whenever I sing, she tries to, too. She also dances whenever she hears music. If it's a good day, I can get her to "raise the roof". It's awesome.

-As soon as she gets brave enough to try jumping, I'm going to sign her up for a toddler gymnastics class. I can't wait! I probably should just do it now.

-She is the pickiest eater still and won't eat hardly anything we put in front of her. I fear she's going to starve to death at least once a day.

-STILL no new teeth. I'm very, very angry about that.

-She is such a sweetheart. The other day was brutal at work and every single kid who came in was crying. She would go up to each one and look at them concerned and then try and hand them a toy or a ball or something to make them feel better. She even patted one girl on the head but that wasn't received well. I love that she has such a sweet little soul and cares for others. I hope she never loses that.

-She still has such a humorous personality. She likes to tease and laugh and have a good time.

We sure love her!


That's It, I'm Done!

I cannot count the number of times I have heard the words, "I hate winter!" Come out of my mouth this year.

I do, I HATE winter. But this winter has been especially bad. This whole year actually. Our spring was dry and hot, our summer was scorching, our fall was still hot, and then BAM! 3 feet of snow and temperatures in the teens and low twenties for WEEKS on end!! As if that doesn't suck enough on its own, we have the sickly inversion casting depression and sadness everywhere you go. The sun is an enigma. And to top off the whole, horrible recipe, we have illnesses like never before. Ok, like we've had before, but it seems worse. Everyone is sick and no one can get better because there's no way to! We're stuck indoors with nothing to do but pass germs back and forth. IT IS MISERABLE!!

But wait, there's more! In just one night, Mother Nature will throw in a freezing rain storm! That's right folks, today there was FREEZING RAIN! It is the weirdest thing I've ever seen. It seems if it's below freezing that the rain would turn to snow. No, no, instead it falls as rain and instantly freezes onto everything it touches. The roads, sidewalks, and driveways are just like an ice rink. The snow we've already had is now encased in a frozen shell like it's made out of rock. It would almost be cool except it's incredibly dangerous, like some luring concubine; "Look at my beauty and come touch my silky smooth surface. No one will get hurt!" HA! I've never walked on anything so slippery.

I'm about another day of this crap away from just ditching this joint. I usually love living in Utah. I've always hated this time of year but it's been tolerable up until this year because the other months are so nice. But this January has been abusive. Kennedy is currently sick AGAIN! She had a temperature of 102 this morning and is now coughing and her nose is running. The cough that's going around usually turns into croup and lasts for weeks. I really, really hope it isn't that. My heart is already depressed because of the weather and no sunlight, I seriously can't take watching her be miserable. It's killing me. What's a mommy to do?

I know I am not the only one who feels this way either. I think just about every resident from Logan to Payson would be willing to move at the drop of a hat. We are done with this nonsense!! Haven't we been punished long enough? Can't we go back to being healthy, being allowed to go outside, not having skin that flakes off at the slightest touch, and seeing the center of our solar system - the whole source of sustainable life - in person and not just in picture books? Can't we be happy?!

Never in my life have I ever wanted a vacation so badly. I would give almost anything to pack up and leave until the trees start budding. But since I can't, I'll just start coming up with new ideas to try and stay happy and pray that there's a light at the end of the tunnel. Because right now the tunnel looks long and full of depression and weight gain. Anyone wanna trade states for a while?



I have to document this before I forget...

The last few days in mommy land have been awesome!! Kennedy has always said the same small handful of words the last few months. I knew though, that as soon as she figured out how to form words on demand she would take off. Sure enough, that's what has happened this week! She'll try to say almost anything we ask her to. It's so cute and it has made her vocabulary explode!! She still doesn't call most things by their name but she'll say it if we ask her to. My favorites from the week are:
Love you
Bye bye
Night night

She has the sweetest little voice, too! Anyway, I just had to get that down so I don't forget when it started happening. It's been a lot of fun! I'll try and get more specific when I do her 19 months post in a week or so.


Signs of the Times

In light of everything that has happened in this world in the last few years, I have to wonder how much longer we'll actually be on this earth before the Savior comes again. I have especially thought about it today and decided to pull out the book 50 Signs of the Times by David J. Ridges. You can buy the book here.

In this book he lists the signs that are supposed to happen before the Savior's second coming. He also puts them in three categories: fulfilled, being fulfilled, and yet future. I received chills reading many of the things that have happened just in the last couple months. This book was written before 2000 (published 2004), so we've had 13+ years of new development. I'll list all the ones he talks about but I won't go into much detail on most of them, especially the yet future ones. You can read the book if you want more. Many of this is his words. I'll put my own thoughts in italics. Maybe you, too, will get the same chills I did. 

1. The discovery of America and the establishment of the United States of America. Fulfilled.
2.  The coming forth of the Book of Mormon. Fulfilled.
3. The restoration of the priesthood and the priesthood keys. Fulfilled.
4. The restoration of the true church of Jesus Christ. Fulfilled.
5. The church will grow to fill the whole earth. Being fulfilled.
6. Slaves will rise up against their masters. Being fulfilled. This doesn't just mean the slaves of US history. This is anyone who feels oppressed rising up for equal rights. See that much?
7. Scattered Isreal will be gathered. Being fulfilled.
8. The lost ten tribes will return. Yet future.
9. The times of the gentiles will be fulfilled. Being fulfilled. This means the gospel will be taught to anyone who isn't a Jew. 
10. There will be much of despair, depression, gloom and doom and emotional instability. Being fulfilled.
11. There will be extraordinary widespread selfishness and lack of caring for others. Being Fulfilled. I'm seeing a lot of this these days. How about you?
12. The Jews will return to Jerusalem. Fulfilled, being fulfilled.
13. The Jews accept the true gospel. Yet future.
14. The prophet Elijah will come to restore the keys of sealing. Fulfilled.
15. Christ will come to his temple. Fulfilled.
16. Genealogical research and interest in family history will spread as never before. Being fulfilled.
17. Dangers upon the waters. Being Fulfilled.
18. Much ecological damage will occur in the last days. Being Fulfilled. There are obviously many ways in which the damage to the environment indicated in chapter 8 of the Book of Revelations could be inflicted. But there will be prominent ecological damage and disturbance in the last days leading up to the coming of the Lord.
19. The sun will be darkened and the moon will become blood. Fulfilled.
20. Diseases, plagues, and pestilences will sweep the earth in spite of medical advances and technology. Being fulfilled. Cancer, AIDS, swine flu, autism, dimensia, etc. It seems no one dies from old age anymore. No one is safe from disease. 
21. Knowledge, science, and technology will increase dramatically. Being fulfilled. President Hinckley said in General Conference (2001), "There has been more of scientific discovery during these years than during all of the previous history of mankind. Transportation, communication, medicine, public hygiene, the unlocking of the atom, the miracle of the computer, with all of its ramifications, have blossomed forth, particularly in our own era."
22. Wars and rumors of wars will become normal life. Being fulfilled. This prophecy seems to indicate that wars and rumors of impending wars will become so commonplace that people will hardly pay any attention to them in the news. They will go about their daily lives and only particularly notice especially spectacular war news or those incidents which directly affect them. I don't know about you, but I start doing other things when the news turns to national and world news because all they talk about are wars and how many attacks happened that day and how many died. Isn't it sad to live in a world where the news can say 40+ people died just about every day in one bombing or attack or another and we don't even bat an eye? 
23. Famines, earthquakes, tornadoes, and natural disasters will abound. Being fulfilled. Hurricane Sandy, the tornado in Joplin, Missouri, all the earthquakes and tsunami's we've had...
24. Strikes, overthrowing of governments, gang warfare, violence and disrespect for authority will increase. Being fulfilled. Elder Bruce R. McConkie summarized this sign of the last days as follows: "STRIKES, ANARCHY, VIOLENCE TO INCREASE - Not only do disasters and perils abound because of the unsettled conditions of the elements, but that same spirit of unrest is found among men themselves. The Lord's decree for this age is: 'The whole earth shall be in commotion.' Signs of this commotion are seen daily in the untempered strikes and labor troubles that rock the economic world; in violence, compulsion, and destruction of property that attend these strikes; in the unholy plots against our freedoms and free institutions; in the anarchy, rebellion, and crime that flow from great political movements which seek to destroy the agency of man and overthrow the governments of the world by force and violence. Communism and every other brutal and evil association or form of government are signs of times." Here's what really got me given the state of our country these days...
In the book of Helaman, in the Book of Mormon, we find a very straightforward description of how governments, which were set up based on correct principals, can become corrupt which leads to unreasonable strikes, anarchy, disrespect for good and honorable principals (Marriage between man and woman?), and people, and ultimately the destruction of society. Simply put, the steps are as follows:
1. The original government is set up, based on the commandments of God.
2. Moral, righteous citizens endorse and support the government.
3. Over time, citizens become wicked and can't stand righteous laws.
4. The laws of the land are changed to support corrupt lifestyles of citizens.
5. People begin to use corrupt laws to support personal wickedness. They no longer ask, "What does the bible say?" Rather, they ask, "Is it legal?"
6. Thus, corrupt laws corrupt people and corrupt people continually pass additional corrupt laws until society becomes morally bankrupt.
7. People are no longer governed in their own hearts by personal righteousness. Therefore, anarchy, violence, etc., result in the destruction of society.

25. Sexual immorality, homosexuality, lesbianism, and pornography will abound. Being fulfilled. And it's just going to keep getting worse. More and more states will pass laws allowing same-sex marriage. The #24 comes into play. 
26. The spirit will stop working with the wicked. Being fulfilled. When the spirit stops working with the wicked, they lose their ability to understand the need for personal righteousness. Righteous people are seen as their enemies, and a threat to personal freedom and independence, a threat to the exercising of their agency. I get told this all the time, especially by ex members, about how our teachings don't allow people to be themselves and have their agency. It angers me more than I can describe. It's obvious the Spirit doesn't even try with them anymore. They're ridiculing and mocking something that is good. 
27. Peace will be taken from the earth. Being fulfilled.
28. Jerusalem will be a "cup of trembling" to those who attempt to fight against it. Fulfilled, being fulfilled. Jerusalem has fought off countless armies that were bigger than they were and continue to do so with a lot of strength and force.
29. People will refuse to believe obvious truth and will instead adhere to fables and falsehoods. Being fulfilled. This prophecy of conditions shortly preceding the Second Coming of Christ needs little explanation. When people get sufficiently wicked and selfish, they no longer think rationally. Indeed, wickedness does not promote rational thought. In the face of social trends political posturing which, to the rational mind, will obviously lead to the destruction of society as we know it, with its built-in safeguards fir human freedom and use of agency, such people stand aghast as truth and moral principals.
30. False prophets, false churches, and false miracles abound. Being fulfilled. Sometimes we tend to think of these false Christs and false prophets as well as false miracles only in terms of strange people dressed in long robes, or some televangelists, or false healings, etc. While such people and events can certainly fit this prophecy, it may be a little too narrow of an interpretation. Media idols, liberal philosophies, corrupt politicians and business people, and a host of other public and private heroes could well fit into this category. In fact, any in positions of influence who lead others astray could be considered to be in the category of false prophets and false Christs.
31. People refuse to believe the signs of the times. Being fulfilled.
32. There will be signs and wonders on earth and in the heavens. Being fulfilled. Perhaps many of the things we take for granted in our day, such as airplanes, trains, rocket ships, space stations, satellites, automobiles, busses, computers, etc. would serve as astonishing "signs and wonders" to all who have lived on the earth prior to these last days.
33. The Lamanites will blossom as the rose. Being fulfilled. Church membership is growing worldwide. 
34. New Jerusalem will be built. Yet Future. Before the Lord's Second Advent, the city of New Jerusalem will be built in Independence, Jackson Country, Missouri.
35. Many Temples will be built. Being Fulfilled.
36. A temple will be built in Jerusalem. Yet Future. He did emphasize that this will be a working ordinance temple and it will NOT be the BYU Jerusalem Center that will be turned into a temple. 
37. The Rainbow is Withdrawn. 
38. The constitution will hang by a thread. Being Fulfilled. In our day, it seems that we are are watching the Constitution being unraveled. But it is not so much that the actual wording of the Constitution is being changed. Rather, the intent and meaning of the founding fathers is being reinterpreted by the courts of our land, thus rendering their inspired intent and wording ineffective. But it will not fall. Brigham Young did say, "When the Constitution of the United States hangs, as it were, upon a single thread, they will have to call for the 'Mormon' elders to save it from utter destruction; and they will step forth and do it." 
39. Destroying angels will be allowed to go forth upon the earth. Being fulfilled.
40. The "abomination of desolation" will happen again. Being fulfilled. This means Jerusalem will be under siege. It has been for years and continues to be so. 
41. Wickedness will be rampant. Being fulfilled.
42. Babylon will fall. Yet future.
43. A great hail storm will destroy the crops of the earth. Yet future.
44. There will be a great earthquake, such a never before. Yet future.
45. The battle of Armageddon. Yet future.
46. The meeting at Adam-ondi-ahman. Yet future.
47. Two prophets will be killed in Jerusalem. Yet future.
48. The Mount of Olives will split in two. Yet future.
49. The righteous will be taken up to meet the coming Lord and the wicked will be burned. Yet future.
50. Everyone will see Christ when he comes. Yet future.

The reason I took the time to basically do an essay on these signs is because there's not very many that we have left to be fulfilled. Just like in the scriptures, we are living the prophecies made by prophets of old and modern day ones. It's coming to pass now, and time is running out. I get scared thinking of how unprepared I am, but then I remember that as long as I'm doing what's right and trying my best, I have no need to fear. He's coming; "even at our doors."



Hello invited readers!

I hate a private blog. I know it's a royal pain to have to sign in to read someone's posts but alas, that's the route we need to take right now. Although there's no information in my life I feel the need to hide other than personal information, it's what people do with that information that makes things difficult. So here you are, one of the not difficult ones. I thank you :) I will try and make things easier by putting on Facebook when the blog has been updated. Hopefully this won't steer you away from keeping up on our story.

Love you all!


Got Snow?

The other day I was joking with a friend of mine who is considering moving into our area from Eagle Mountain. In order to sell him on the awesomeness of our neighborhood I said, "We get way less snow than Eagle Mountain, too!" Which of course was a big selling point for him.

Fast forward a couple days later and the scene has changed drastically. My clever sales pitch is no longer valid. We had a gigantic storm that hit our area pretty hard. In the valley where we live, we have 18" - 2 feet of snow. We took a drive today up toward the benches and they have closer to 5 feet. From one storm! It felt like we were driving through some back country ski town up in the high mountains but, nope. It's very pretty and we need the moisture but I'm still not crazy about winter. Especially since it's not even 20 degrees today. Hate that! But we got out and played in it for a while. Kennedy loved it! She also got to play with aunt Hillary and cousin Alexis today while we went to the temple. She loves it even though her face says otherwise. She looks so pissed it makes me laugh!


Stormy Peace

It's 9:15 p.m. and it's snowing like crazy. My sweet husband is out shoveling our 8+ inches of snow off the driveway while I sit in the living room with the curtains open, wrapped in a blanket, watching it snow. I'd be out helping him but we only have one shovel. It's one of those magical snowy nights where it looks like it's dawn all night long. In fact, I'm watching kids play out in the street on a school night because we have yet to see a single snow plow in the 6 hours it's been snowing and it feels like it's 7:00 in the morning.

I love to watch it snow. Something about it just makes me contemplative. It's quiet, peaceful, and kind of sets a visual standard for my mind to relax and think quietly. And although part of me wants to hop in the Jeep and go slide around the neighborhood streets, the other part of me is glad I'm sitting here in my warm blanket thinking about life. I need it.

You see, I've written about 5 blog posts the last couple days that I haven't ever published. I've had so many things on my mind and I've wanted to get them out. Writing it all down helps them make sense. But tonight, in the peace and beauty of the snowy night, I realize that none of it matters. I spend so much time worrying about things I can't change or that I'm too scared to just face and get it over with. I think about hurtful things and how to make them better. I almost never come up with a solution.

One thing I've realized about myself is that I can't take hurtful things or criticism lying down. I'm not at all good at just letting things roll off my back and not affect me in some way. But tonight that changes. The snow doesn't care who loves it or hates it; it continues to fall in all it's beauty and it sticks around for as long as it wants. It quietly does it's thing and it impacts people either for the better or not. I'm going to take a lesson from the snow. I'm going to keep quietly doing my thing and keep being me in all my beauty. I'm going to keep being proud of the life I have and not let anyone's snide comments bother me or affect me in any way. Some people will hate me and some will love me. You can't please everyone. And about 90% of what I spend my time worrying about doesn't matter. In the grand scheme of things, it's so unimportant that it almost makes me laugh and feel stupid. I have too much going for me and too much other stuff in my life that makes me happy to spend time worrying about things that don't matter or that make me sad. There's too many people who need help with their bigger problems to have time to sit around and worry about dumb stuff.

So tonight, I'm watching the snow and saying a silent prayer of thanks for its example. I'm going to be better. It may seem stupid but the stormy night brought some real peace to my heart tonight.


Kennedy is not a big eater. In fact, she hardly eats. She a big fan of chewing on something until it's nice a pasty and then spitting it out. That's her signature move actually. There have been many frustrating meals and a whole bunch of wasted food trying to guess what she will like each day compared to the next.

But there is one thing she consistently loves: fish. Yes, you read that correctly. My daughter loves fish. She will eat almost an entire tilapia fillet. She gobbles up salmon and tuna. Tonight I gave her clam chowder and she tasted it and very enthusiastically said "mmmm!" And opened her mouth for more. I find it strange that she loves such an odd food. But I'm glad if she's going to like anything it's something healthy and protein-packed. So now I know she will for sure eat fish, chips and salsa, and ice cream. What an odd little duck.


Medicine Woman, But Not Dr. Quinn

I finally caved and bought a few essential oils.

About a year ago I started hearing about these oils and had people swear they worked better than any medicine and could cure almost anything. There was an oil mixture for everything! I would just smile and change the subject because it honestly sounded ridiculous that all you did was rub oils on yourself and you were healed.

But then I got sick before my half marathon in September and was desperate to try anything to help me get better. My sweet neighbor brought over some mixtures for me to try. They didn't cure me, but they certainly helped the symptoms. It was amazing. And they smelled amazing! But I still didn't think I would ever spend the money to get any.

But then I started looking up health tips and home remedies for certain things like detox baths, headache remedies, how to make your own Vick's shower disks, and I've even seen people putting some essential oils in their Scentsy warmers. All of these are things I wanted to try and all required some kind of essential oil. Well, it was worth a shot, right? I called my neighbor and had her order me a few oils and some coconut oil to dilute them in. I got really excited after giving her the check to pay for them.

Finally they came (it was only two days or so lol) and I couldn't wait to try them out. I had her order me a mixture that is supposed to help with muscle and joint pain. I busted that one out first and rubbed it on my knee. Within seconds the pain was lessened and I felt much more free to move around. That night I gave my little Kennedy (who hasn't been sleeping wonderfully since her ear infection) a lavender bath before bed and she zonked out instantly and slept the entire night. Last night I took a lavender and eucalyptus bath and it was so heavenly! It was like being at a spa (at least it's what I'd imagine a spa to be like since I've never been to one) because I was so relaxed and the eucalyptus cleared out my sinuses and helped me breathe better. I went to bed feeling like melted butter. Even if I only use these for the baths, they've been worth it!

But the more I think about it the more I want to buy a book on them and get some more to start using them as medicines around the house. They won't be our only source of medicine. I believe God created the over the counter drugs and prescriptions he did for a reason, but they will help and we probably won't have to take/buy those as often. So I'm pretty excited. I'm glad I decided to branch out and try something new. And there's still a whole world of essential oils to explore!


Oh, Crap!

Today was a busy day for us and we had plans to go and have fun since we hardly ever get to. After some mishaps and a very tired child in the car, we decided to head home early for a little bit and let her nap in her bed. I had to perform a one woman circus to keep her awake in the car but we made it home! I carefully carried her to her bed, gave her the annoying mom kisses, laid her down, and left her room.

She cried for a short time which was nothing out of the ordinary. I finished folding some laundry and took a quick power nap only to be awoken by Kennedy squealing and playing in her crib. The playing continued for another hour. She obviously wasn't going to nap, despite her exhausted display in the car. I was a little miffed. Life is easier when your child isn't cranky, but we'd manage.

I went into her room to get her up and was blown away by the ranking stench of poop. Oh great, she pooped. That's why she wouldn't sleep! Picky kids! I did the usual routine (opened the blinds, turned off the humidifier and space heater) and turned to look at my child that, at that very moment, I was only slightly annoyed with.

I didn't know just how quickly that would change until I finally looked my little "angel" square in the face and saw that it was completely covered with a brownish war paint. It also reeked. Like, horrible dog poop reek. Stunned, I froze and took in the scene around me. She had used the same "war paint" to create a beautiful mural on the front of her crib. She had also applied a mud mask to her hair, on her hands and elbows, and on every surface of the crib. It was also caked around her mouth, which can only mean one, nauseating thing....

All my life I've heard poop stories similar to this one. I laughed and silently hoped that would never be me. Yet, here we are. My very own poop story to tell.

I gave her a bath and called my personal physician (aka, mom) to make sure she wasn't going to contract some horrible disease from eating her own poop like hepatitis, herpes, or dementia. It turns out she will probably be ok, except for losing the respect of her peers when she's older and I get to come tell stories to her class on her birthday. Thank heavens for payback. The cleanup wasn't as bad as I expected. And now she has fresh, clean bedding to sleep on tonight. Isn't that just so lucky of her?

I also ordered 12 new white onesies her size to prevent further problems.

I've gotta say, being a mom is wonderful.


Happy New Year!

So I didn't take a single picture of our New Years experience. I need to be fired. But here's how things went down...

New Year's Eve I worked in the morning and then came home and attempted to put Kennedy down for a nap. Two nights before that she'd been screaming her guts out at bedtime and throwing a living fit. Now she was doing it at nap time, too. I was beyond angry (two nights of crappy sleep will do that to ya) and just completely fed up with her. So my friend Marci and I packed up our girls and headed down to Ikea, hoping for a nap on the way down. It didn't happen (they did on the way back) but Marci was telling me that her little girl had just gotten over an ear infection and was doing the same things Kennedy was. Of course none of them were the standard symptoms (fever, pulling at the ear, runny nose, etc) but she's been so sick so much lately I knew something was wrong. So I listened to my motherly instincts and took her to instacare (great timing, little one, I appreciate the expensive co-pay). After a two hour wait in the waiting room with deathly ill people and another 30 minutes in the medical room, sure enough, she had an ear infection. It took about 45 minutes to get her prescriptions filled after that. I was so exhausted after all this I didn't make it till midnight on New Year's Eve. I went to bed. Cory stayed up though and played Call of Duty. I do have to say she was amazing in the waiting room. Although she was so busy and running around, she was adorable!! Everyone couldn't get enough of her and you'd never know she was sick. And she's normally pretty shy! It was hilarious.

New Year's Day started off fairly early. We had to get up to be ready in time for family pictures. We had them taken with Cory's family at Fort Douglass. It was 17 degrees and we took them outside. We froze our little butts off!! But I think they're going to turn out cute. I'm excited to see them.

Then it was the annual ice skating/lunch festivities with Cory's side of the family. We had tons of fun because ice skating was completely child free!! Yay!! We missed out on seeing a lot of family this year due to lots of illnesses. Hopefully we can see them soon. Later that night we had the cousins over at our house for a game night and junk food. Everyone had lots of fun, except Kennedy, who cried a lot after we put her to bed. Little butt. She's currently doing the same thing right now. It's been an hour and she won't just freaking go to sleep. The last few nights we've been holding her till she falls asleep. I don't want to start making that a habit so she can cry all night for all I care.

Ok so... On that note ha ha...

I was thinking this year that resolutions were kind of lame. Then I actually decided to make some. Then I told myself I wasn't going to share them because no one cares. And maybe they don't. But since I have nothing else exciting to report in my life right now, I'm going to share them anyway. They are in no order of importance. Maybe some of you cool people can help keep me on track:

•Stay in shape
•Say one thing I like about myself every day

•compose a song on the piano
•be positive
•spend less time watching tv/being on my phone
•develop my musical talents and don't hide them
•stop talking to toxic people
•be more adventurous

•stop swearing
•be more consistent with prayer/scripture study, both personal and couple
•visit teach every month
•serve more

•spend more time playing with Kennedy
•cook healthier meals
•clean a little each day instead of all on one day
•communicate better with Cory, don't bottle up feelings
•prepare more freezer meals

So there you have it. Many of those resolutions are past due anyway. I should have done them a long time ago. I'm excited for 2013. Hopefully I can accomplish some great things, have a lot of fun, and enjoy every minute with my awesome family. Sure love those two!