It's A.....

Before getting pregnant with Kennedy I had a very emotional dream about a sweet baby boy.

Before and during this pregnancy, that dream has returned.

I have been much sicker and carrying so differently this time I wondered if we were having a boy. Actually, I thought I had a feeling it was a boy.

While getting nursery ideas on Amazon, I somehow accidentally ordered some decorations for a boys nursery that shipped in record time. Oops.

At our 13 week doctor appointment he told us he thought it was a boy but couldn't guarantee it since it was still early. The nurse said she's only seen him be wrong twice. That seemed pretty certain.

We had another appointment just before Christmas to determine gender and were anxiously awaiting the confirmation of a miniature Cory in male form.

It didn't come.

This baby is a girl. And now the nurse has seen him guess wrong 3 times.

We were shocked and really disappointed at first. I feel really guilty about how we reacted actually. I always said I was fine either way, But we had everything planned for a boy; name, nursery, quilts, etc. So we felt like we were back at square one with planning everything.

Obviously we're ok with it now. Kennedy will have a sister and having two little girls with their daddy wrapped around their fingers gets me really excited. Although now we have to worry about this one having hair again.

And maybe this one will actually act like a girl. Only time will tell.



I have hesitated writing about this post for a long time now. Most of the reasons are personal, but in general, I feel like we live in a very competitive parenting community and admitting your child isn't perfect can be difficult.

Kennedy is a brilliant, energetic, and brave little girl. She has blessed our lives in so many ways. But she definitely marches to the beat of her own drum and has to do things her way, when shes ready.

Take talking for example. She's difficult to understand. 99% of other children will be interacting with their parents and their mom or dad will ask them to repeat a word like truck, shoe, door, etc. And usually, the child follows suit. Kennedy DOES NOT DO THIS. In fact, the more we ask her to say something, the more she refuses and we won't hear the word again for months. She cannot be told what to say. The only time we have been able to get her to repeat anything is when she is really, really tired and not really with it anyway. It's taken time for us to learn that if she says something, we can't make a big deal about it because then she won't do it again. It's frustrating.

Also, ever since her first birthday, she has preferred jibberish to any form of understandable language. For a year and a half now I've waited for that jibberish to make sense and it still doesn't entirely. I can catch words I recognize here or there and she does spout sentences that make sense, like this morning she couldn't find her gingerbread house and said, "Uh oh, where'd the house go?" but there's still a lot of her speech we don't understand. Also, she doesn't like to finish her words. Cup is "Kuh", House is "how", down is "dow", etc. Usually this is a sign of a hearing issue, but she definitely doesn't have a problem hearing things, as far as we can tell. And we can't correct her or she gets upset. So we've resorted to just repeating what she asks for. "Ok, I'll get your cuppppppp" with an emphasis on the missed consonant. We're confident these issues will work themselves out, but it has significantly delayed her speech. I was really, really worried about it a few months ago, but since then have come to terms with it and have just been consistent with helping her say the words right. That and she has made enormous progress lately. She doesn't have any comprehension problems. She understands us perfectly. It's just letting her go at her own pace.

Another point of irritation, and this one really doesn't have a right to be since she's not even remotely "behind" on this topic, but I keep getting asked about it, is potty training. Nope, we're not potty training and I don't foresee it happening in the near future. I had hoped that she would be potty trained before the baby came, and I guess there is still time, but we shall see. I don't want to force her. She doesn't seem to care much about it. She used to come and tell us when she was poopy but that stopped when we started getting excited about it. She does love to sit on the potty, even though nothing ever happens, so when she asks we let her if it's a convenient time. I keep waiting for the day when she actually pees or poops and then we can show her that's what it's for. But she doesn't care about it right now. Cory has been so cute with her. He would kill me if he knew I was posting this, but sometimes when he's about to go to the bathroom, he will kneel down and talk to her in that cute daddy voice and explain that he is about to go poopy on the potty LOL. It's hilarious and awesome at the same time. Again, someday she will get it. She's just so dang stubborn.

Lastly, I'm glad I don't have a super girlie-girl, but I am a little sad that Kennedy does almost nothing that resembles a girls behavior. She's obsessed with cars and trains. She also loves animals, dogs and horses mostly. She freaks out at any train movie and every semi-truck we see is a choo-choo. Now that we're at my parents house she has access to Barbie's and ponies but the only time she ever touches them is when they're in the way of her cars or trains. Her favorite movies are The Polar Express, Chuggington, Madagascar, Ice age, and Tangled. Yes, Tangled is a girl movie and I about came out of my skin when she asked to watch it again, but she brought me the DVD and asked to watch the horsie movie. So the only thing she likes is the horse. Brilliant. I'll take what I can get I guess. She has no interest in choosing what to wear or getting herself dressed. She does say things are cute at the store sometimes but I think she just copies me. I bought her a Rapunzel bath robe thinking she would like it and she FREAKED OUT and started screaming and trying to pull it off.... I'm not sure what to do with her.

She prefers jumping off of high furniture, climbing anything she can (this one secretly makes me proud), being pushed fast in shopping carts, being thrown around by daddy, and playing outside and getting dirty over anything else. She's a thrill seeker and a very energetic little girl. She doesn't care about dolls or being like mommy. She does have a very nurturing side though and is showing more interest in babies. She will wrap her stuffed dogs up in blankets and call them her baby, even though she has dolls she can do that with. But whatever. And she's very tender and gentle with them and gives them sweet kisses and rocks them in her arms. Let's hope she's the same with her little sibling. But overall, she's basically a boy. She even gets proud of herself when she farts loud. I mean, come on!

So that's an explanation about Kennedy in a nut shell. She's independent, stubborn as an ox, and has to do things at her own speed. She's not stupid by any means. She CAN say plenty of words, is capable of understanding what going on the potty is, but she just doesn't care. It has to be her idea. So we're taking things at a Kennedy pace for now. We love her so much and each child comes with their own set of challenges, and I know she will have many more. But I wanted to document and maybe explain for some of you who may be wondering what is up with her right now. That's our little nut-case in a nut-shell. I'll be sure and update when she decides she wants to act like a normal toddler. Or like a girl.


Happenings and Idaho

I have sat down to update the blog so many times and then never finish. I apologize. Life has been a tad busy, in my defense, but not really so busy that I can't take some time out from playing solitair to post something. So here it goes.

Life is going well for us. We've been keeping busy and adjusting to our new surroundings. I'm super excited for Christmas! I have no particular reason either, I just am. I've been able to get back into the gym recently and that has been interesting to say the least. Exercising while pregnant is a whole different ball game. I'm not sure how much longer I will be able to participate in the workouts at my gym, so I'm contemplating a basic membership at the new Planet Fitness that just opened up here. It's only $10 a month and then I can use the elliptical or the bike instead of trying to do burpees and pull ups with a huge pregnant belly. And let me tell you, I do feel huge. I already look 6 or 7 months along and I'm only 4. I'm totally freaked out about it. And about the size of my behind... But whatever. Baby making sucks all around. Anyway, it's been nice to feel human and active again. I also cut and colored my hair a couple weeks ago:
Yes, that is a ridiculous picture but I don't do the selfie thing. At all. I actually kind of think they're ridiculous 99.9% of the time. But I had a couple requests to see the new do. So there you go. It's a little shorter than I like but I'm still in love with it. It's nice to feel pretty again instead of like raggedy Anne.

Cory got some spectacular news this past week. Starting in January he will no longer have to rotate to night shifts!!! He has been rotating two weeks days, two weeks nights, like everyone who works there, but for some political reason I don't quite get, they're putting the welders on straight days. This is joyous news, especially with a new baby coming in 5 months. I feel very blessed right now. He was on days in the parts department when we had Kennedy so I was terrified to have a newborn alone at nights and deal with it. But now I won't have to. Yay!!!! He hated nights anyway and so did I so we will take this as long as it's offered.

Kennedy has entered a new and terrifying stage of the terrible twos. She's trying to determine independence and power so just about everything we do or say is a fight which is argued by a loud and piercing "NO!!" by her. It's been really difficult but we're hanging in there the best we can. She's also been really cute off and on and has done some really hilarious things. She still has no interest in potty training, trying to say her words right or repeat anything we ask her to, or in any girl things. More on that later. But we still love her and she makes us happy.

This week we went to go check out Trader Joe's for the first time. We didn't get it. I guess you have to know what you're looking for? We did walk out with a gingerbread house kit so we put that together Friday night. Kennedy ate the candy faster than we could put it on but we all had a good time:

Kennedy had her hard hat on during the construction

And lastly we headed to Idaho this past weekend for the missionary farewell of one of Cory's cousins. We had fun with family and getting out of the inversion for a couple days and seeing the sun again:

It was also above 30 degrees on Sunday so we didn't even need our coats. It was lovely. Kennedy fell asleep on the way home holding Cory's shirt up to block the sun from being in her face, it was hilarious.
So that's what life has been like lately. We don't have any amazing holiday plans but we do plan on being together and having a good time. And trying not to get too fat :)


Perfect Love

I'm not perfect.

I do stupid things. I say stupid things. I make mistakes.

But I know there is one thing I can do perfectly and that's love my daughter with all my heart and soul unconditionally.

Tonight I felt overwhelmed and blown away yet again by how much that little squirt means to me and how much I love her and need her. She is my entire world and losing her would crush me.

I may not be a perfect mom, but I love my little peanut perfectly.


All Moved In

Well, it took Cory and I 10 hours to move Monday and we still didn't get it all done that day. It sucked. I won't even sugar coat it.  But the good news is, we're all moved in and settled and our renters moved in last night and today.

It was really hard to leave our house for the last time not really knowing what it'll look like when we get back. But there's no going back now. Hopefully time flies by from here on out.

It's actually been kind of fun for me to live at home again. I grew up here so this is home for me still which helps with the transition. I don't know how Cory feels about it yet, but I do know he sleeps much better here when he's on nights and has to sleep during the day. So that is a major plus. Kennedy has transitioned really well, too. Having her say goodbye to the house was really sad. We went down to clean and she was really upset about the house being empty and kept asking me where all the stuff was like her bed, the tv, and her cups in the fridge. I cried. But it's really helpful knowing it's still our house. If we had lost our house for whatever reason I would have been an emotional wreck.

Our biggest fear is that the care and love we've put into our house will be ruined. That's why this has been emotional. We would worry regardless of who we rented to. But time will tell.

Alright, enough about the house.

Here's a cute picture of us to end this post on a positive note:


Pregnancy Notes

I complained a lot about being pregnant with Kennedy so I kept a pretty good record of how it went on this blog but I haven't done that for this baby much, other than talking about how tired and sick I've been. So for my own records and whoever wants to read it, I'm going to document what the first trimester was like for me.

Pregnancy up to my 14th week:

*Extreme fatigue. Not just usual pregnancy fatigue, but absolutely debilitating exhaustion. Hardly left the house from 8 weeks till about 11 weeks.
*Constant nausea and some vomiting. Usually worse in the morning right after I wake up and after I eat breakfast. Would also get a really bad spell right before going to sleep.
*Major food aversions to just about everything I used to love to eat. Nothing consistently was ok to eat, it always changed based on the day. The things that were ok to eat were terrible for me like pizza rolls, cup of noodles, pop tarts, chips, etc.
*Gained quite a bit of weight in the first trimester. I was unable to exercise due to fatigue and I was eating terrible, on top of not being able control weight gain before the baby happened.
*Already showing and wearing some maternity clothes purely for comfort reasons.
*Every single night I have some seriously weird dreams. Every. Single. Night.
*Have major pregnancy brain and keep forgetting everything.

Goals for 2nd trimester:
-Get back into exercising, even if it's just walking a lot.
-Start eating healthier foods as more foods become desirable.
-Spend more time with Kennedy.

I have a feeling it's a boy. Always have. But we'll hopefully find out just before Christmas.


What I Wish I Would Have Known

It's been a night of reflection for me. Somehow taking a bath inspires either a funny blog (haven't had much of those lately, maybe I need more bubbles) or some deep thought that I probably never would have come up with without the heat and steam of the tub.

Sadly tonight's post isn't really the humorous kind. Instead I was thinking over my life since about Jr high on and started listing the things I wish I would have known then, that I know now. This post could also be titled, Stuff I Wish I Would Have Believed When My Mom Told Me.

I wish I would have believed that the opinions and judgments of the "popular" girls truly didn't matter. Trying to fit in and seem glorified and perfect was an act everyone was playing. I didn't find my husband because I was at the right parties. I didn't discover my passion for teaching by befriending a millionaires daughter. They simply didn't matter. At all.

I wish I would have had a goal for life. After graduating high school I had no idea where I wanted to venture next or what I wanted my career path to be. I wasted a lot of expensive college tuition trying to find that out.

I wish I would have bought any other car in the entire world other than my Jetta. It's only still alive and kicking today because its life goal is to make me, and now Cory, miserable. Hopefully its end is near.

I wish I would have realized that I'm talented and pretty a long time ago, and that just because someone else is too, It doesn't make me less of a person or diminish my abilities.

I wish I would have learned how to be more confident in myself in grade school. That didn't come until later.

I wish I would have realized that friends who talk about me behind my back, talk about others behind their backs, and who are frequently abandoning me to serve their own agenda are not, even for a fraction of a second, worth my time.

I wish I never would have quit dancing. Or basketball.

I wish I would have known that a man who truly respects me would never put me down or do anything that would intentionally hurt me.

I wish I would have had enough confidence and realized my own self-worth so I could stand up and walk away from such men before they raked me across the coals and left scars that took forever to heal.

I wish I wouldn't have let others make me believe I was fat. Those who put me down were suffering from their own self-hate and needed to crush me in order to feel important. I wish I would have seen how sad and pathetic they were and that their words were crap. I wasn't the one who needed to change.

I wish I would have enjoyed the newborn stage a little more. And that I had admitted I had post partum depression to myself.

I wish I would have known just how superficial and unhappy those people are who only care about money or material possessions or looking good to impress others. My self esteem doesn't ride on what everyone thinks my husband's salary is or where I buy my clothes.

I wish I would have developed a relationship with my Savior sooner than I did. I feel like I missed out on a lot of things because I never took the time to learn for myself if I believed in the Gospel until college.

I wish I would have known I would lose a close friend at such a young age so I could spend more time with her and say goodbye.

I wish Burger King never changed their fries.

I wish I knew what the Fox says.

But most of all, I wish I would have realized, long, long ago, that everything that happens to me is relevant to my life and everything that happens to everyone else is relevant to them. My experiences, trials, adventures, and passions are mine and have made me who I am. People can judge, they can mock, they can think whatever they want, but it won't change me.


Things You May Not Have Known

If you've been on Facebook you may have seen all the posts people are making where they list things about themselves you may not have known. I've been tagged a couple times in this game and haven't participated but it did inspire me to blog about it instead. So enjoy.

1. I absolutely love to vacuum. I'm so anal about it that it bugs me to watch other people do it and miss spots.
2. When I was younger I hated jeeping. It terrified me and I would close my eyes or ask to get out of the car on hairy spots. I don't know what switched that made me love it.
3. I was in an appliance commercial in the 80's.
4. Braggy people are the most annoying type of people to me. Especially when they brag about money. If you feel the need to brag and talk about yourself constantly then we're probably not friends.
5. I cannot even remotely tolerate the smell of diesel fuel exhaust. It instantly makes me sick.
6. I love the cardboard Totinos pizzas.
7. I tried shutting God out of my life once but it didn't work. He just wouldn't leave me alone or stop loving me.
8. I get so excited to go shopping (not grocery shopping) but when I'm finally in the process I get tired fast and annoyed by other people and give up.
9. I love, love, love to make other people laugh.
10. I was taller than everyone in my class until I hit 6th grade and stopped growing.
11. I have an unnaturally powerful sense of smell.
12. I'm very good at reading people and seeing through lies. I just usually don't speak up about it because I'm way too forgiving.
13. Make fun of my family and I will hunt you down and destroy you.
14. My favorite fruit is kiwi.
15. My favorite vegetables is potatoes.
16. My favorite smell is freshly cut grass.
17. I've done my makeup the same way since high school and its not about to change.
18. I despise talking on the phone. I will go to great lengths to avoid a phone call even if it takes me 20 minutes to order my Cafe Rio online instead of calling it in. I can't explain it.
19. We own an actual 2002 Olympic torch that ran through our town right before the Olympics started. Just have to finish our basement so we can put it on display.
20. I think Elmo is the cutest kids character known to man. How can you not love him?
21. I think a Reese's peanut butter cup tastes the absolute best when eaten as soon as I wake up, before I've done anything else.
22. I don't have tons of friends because I know it's quality and not quantity that counts.
23. I've never touched alcohol or drugs in my life but I did get high accidentally off a marker once. True story.
24. I used to be a gamer. I started playing World of Warcraft to try and connect with someone I was dating and got sucked in. That crap consumes your entire life. Stay away! And it wasn't me at all. But I still remember all the nerd lingo.
25. I have an insane crush on Chris Hemsworth.
26. I have a love and passion for music.
27. I hate being late to anything. Hate it. If I'm not early I'm late and I get really crabby if that happens.
28. I don't want a lot of kids and I don't think having a ton makes you a better mother. Everyone is different.
29. I would do almost anything for ice cream.
30. I really want to learn how to snowboard.


Game Time

The moment has arrived. We finally found someone to rent our house.

It's amazing how the Lord works. These guys are the perfect fit. With Cory's hours coming back we didn't want to be gone a year any more. Then this family called and the husband was transferred to Utah for work from Idaho and his family needs a place to live until they find one of their own. They said they would be about 6-8 months. That is perfect!!

One of my biggest worries about this whole thing was having the baby at my parents for so long. If they're really only here 6 months we'll be back just before the baby comes or shortly after which is perfect!!

We feel very blessed to have this opportunity and to find a family we feel good about who knows they're only here temporarily. We had some nice families look before but they wanted us to change things (like my beautiful new blue front room...heck no!) Because they wanted to stay a while. This will be great.

We have a lot of work to do before we can move out for good Thanksgiving week. We're moving all nonessential furniture this weekend to our "storage unit" (aka, our basement) this weekend and we'll move in with my parents right before Thanksgiving.

I was 6 months pregnant when we moved into our house and I remember thinking I was so glad I would never have to do that again. And here we are: ) maybe even moving twice this pregnancy! It's all good though. Bring it on!


Random Thoughts and Stuff

Our Halloween was spectacular! Cory was supposed to work but he used a vacation day so he could come trick or treating with us. Kennedy was a fairy this year and was super adorable if I do say so myself. Normally I'm not into the super girlie stuff for her but she just looked too cute to have her in anything without wings. We trick or treated around our neighborhood with some of our friends. She had a blast doing it with other kids. We did one big loop and then we were all too tired to do any more. A lot of houses in our area have a lot of stairs to climb so it was quite a workout for someone so little. She slept great that night, too.

We still haven't found renters for our home. We've had some good prospects but I think they get scared off when we tell them we're coming back. But we don't want to lie. We're not too worried about it. Cory is pretty sure his usual hours will pick up any day now, which we knew could happen when we decided to rent. We will more than likely still rent for a short while if we can find a good fit because the idea of being debt free sounds too good to us. But if we never find anyone, oh well. We tried.

I've had a couple people ask me how I'm ok with that when we felt like moving was the right choice. We did. And it may still be the right choice. Or the Lord may have other plans in mind. At this point I'm just trusting in Him and learning as we go. I feel like this time in our life has helped me learn to roll with the punches. I hate not being able to plan and have some kind of control in my life and I'm learning that doesn't always have to matter. A greater power knows what He is doing and that's enough for me. I'm just grateful for the blessings we have and the amazing friends who have stood by us. We're pretty dang lucky. And I have already learned so much.

I think I'm starting to ease out of the sickness phase of this pregnancy. I sure hope so, anyway. I still have days and moments where I feel like crap but it's less frequent and more and more foods are sounding appealing besides Pop Tarts and cup of soups. Yuck, right? And tomorrow I plan on making it to church for the first time in over a month! !

I hate being pregnant and you can expect some complaining from me but I am more than grateful for the blessing of being a mother. Kennedy is my whole world. I love her more than words will ever be able to do justice for and every single day I feel my heart swell with how much I love having her in my life. I don't know how I'm going to feel that way about 2 of them, my heart is already too full, but I am excited to make room and have that feeling amplified even more. I feel like this time around is going to scream by, so I'm trying to enjoy it while I can.


Health Crap

This is kind of premature to post when we still don't know what's up with me yet, but maybe I can answer a few questions.

In March I started to feel really tired all the time. My stamina level while working out dropped significantly and regardless of exercise and a healthy diet, I began to gain weight and I couldn't stop it or lose it.

I kept blaming it on other things." Oh it's just the change of seasons. It's just because I had my IUD out and my body needs to level out." But over time, nothing changed and I was still steadily gaining weight. I went back to my family doctor and he was zero help. I wondered if it had more to do with unbalanced hormones than my thyroid so I made an appointment with an endocrinologist. I should have done it sooner because she was scheduled months in advance. By the time I got to go see her, I was already pregnant. I knew that was going to mess with things, especially if it was all hormonal.

I went to the appointment anyway and explained my whole history from when I had Kennedy up until now. She ran my thyroid levels again and they came back normal. They have always been normal but my thyroid has always been really big and the symptoms are all the same as hypothyroidism.

I asked her about hormone imbalances and she said since I'm pregnant there's nothing they can do until after the baby.  Joy.

She also ordered an ultrasound on my thyroid to see why it is so big. I have that next month. Once again, it was scheduled way out in advance. So we don't know what's up.

Until we get it figured out I'm trying my best to not freak out. I don't think it's anything serious but being so incredibly tired and gaining weight so rapidly has been a little challenging to deal with. Ok, the exhaustion has been hell and the weight gain worries me that I'll be gigantic by the time this baby comes. It's a very real possibility.

I can just tell that things aren't normal. I haven't felt normal or good for a long time now, at least not without the help of medication that I don't want to be dependent on. It has worried me as far as how healthy this pregnancy will be but I have faith it won't cause any problems with the baby.

So that's the basic idea right now. We're running all the tests we can to see what the deal is and will probably continue to do so after this baby comes, too. I have 2.5 more weeks of my first trimester and I can't wait to get back to just being really tired instead of being incapacitated. Hopefully we can get to the bottom of this one way or another and get my body working normally again.


Big News, Crappy Day

In case you missed it, we have big news:
We're having another baby! I can hardly believe it myself. Cory was super excited right away but it took me a while to warm up to the idea. We felt it was time to bite the bullet in March and start trying for the next child. This was also the same time that my health started to dive bomb, and two weeks later the landslide happened at Kennecott. So we had to practice some real faith in the Lord's timing that everything would work out. 5 months later, we got the positive test! The timing still isn't perfect. It's really messed up the investigation on what the heck is happening to my body. There's a lot to explain there so I'll have to do it in another post. And things aren't peachy financially yet but we have hope it'll all work out.

We don't really care what the gender is. Cory wants a boy, obviously. And if we are granted with such we will name him Logan. I've loved that name for 12 years now. I can't wait to use it! If it's a girl that's totally cool with me (not sure I know how to raise a boy?) and we probably won't ever pick a name for her. Names are hard.

This pregnancy has been harder than Kennedy was. I was already suffering from extreme fatigue and unexplained weight gain before I got pregnant. Now I'm packing on the pounds and I've never been so tired in all my life. That's not even a correct enough statement. Just taking a shower wears me out. I think there's been two days total that I've gotten Kennedy and myself ready in the same day. I just don't have the strength or energy for it without some kind of caffeine intervention (not pop). I've also been a lot sicker this time. Still no throwing up (I had one really close call) but I have been constantly nauseated and have just felt terrible. I forgot how much I hated this whole process.

So anyway, on to other news, about a week before we found out I was pregnant my friend had asked me to run a Halloween half marathon with her. It was 6 weeks away, which wasn't much time to train but I figured it was ok to try it. Then I found out about the pregnancy. My instincts told me to not go through with it, but I was determined to have a healthier pregnancy this time around and this was a great way to keep me motivated. Plus I thought it would make a cute way to announce the pregnancy to everyone.

Training went really well until I hit about 6.5 weeks and that's when the exhaustion and sickness hit. Running became extremely difficult. At 7 weeks I had my last long run planned and it ended up causing pretty intense pain in my pelvic region that scared the crap out of me!! I immediately stopped all physical exercise and waited for the following week when we had an ultrasound with my OB. I explained everything to him, he said everything looked perfectly normal and that pain happens because of the body stretching and getting loose, and Ok'd me to run the race. I was still apprehensive and I knew it was going to be painful, but I didn't know just how painful until today.

So, we had registered to run the Provo Halloween Half. I had heard great things about this race and was really excited. It was supposed to be a big costume party with a fast, downhill course and "the most fun you can have in Provo." That's their motto anyway. It's all lies. Here's what happened:

  • They changed the course 5 days before the race, eliminating the fastest 5 miles of the course. Instead they were replaced with some downhill mixed with big hills. 
  • They changed the bus loading times by 2 hours and didn't tell anyone until yesterday. 
  • When we went to load the buses, there weren't enough for everyone and hundreds of us were left stranded at the loading zone without a way up the canyon. We had to wait over an hour for buses to come pick us up. 
  • As we were pulling up to the start line, sitting in the bus for Highway Patrol to tell us where to unload, THEY STARTED THE RACE WITHOUT US! I'm not even kidding! They didn't wait. We had several pacers in our group that were supposed to be pacing for people. And it was the race organizer's fault we weren't there on time! 
  • They unloaded our bus on the wrong side of the road, into oncoming traffic so we had to dart through traffic to get across the street.
  • The bag drop truck had already left, so we had no where to put our gear. 
  • There were only TWO porta potties at the start. TWO!!! Now those of us who were already left behind the start had to wait in a super long line to go pee. 
  • They ran out of Gatorade at the aid stations. ( I never drink Gatorade but some people were pissed)
  • Remember the early-departing bag-drop truck? Yeah, it took 4 hours for them to "find" the finish line. Everyone had to wait around for the bags to be delivered before they could leave. No one knew where they went.
I have never been so disappointed in a race before. It was terrible. And the "fast" course they promised? All the downhill that I was relying on to get me through this race? Yeah... didn't happen. Like I said, the downhill was mixed with big hills and then at mile 6 when we joined up with the Provo River Trail, it was all flat. It was MISERABLE!!

My experience was even worse. I obviously wasn't ready for the race so I had no time goal. I did pretty well the first 6-7 miles and even made some great time at first. And then the pelvic pain hit me like a bus. All my muscles in that area just stabbed at me. My hips began to hurt like crazy too which made moving my legs really, really hard. I didn't have the downhill I had been counting on to help push me along, so I just tanked. I had to walk the majority of the rest of the away. I can't remember anything hurting that bad in my life. Not even labor. And I'm not kidding. I had decided I was going to quit at the next aid station (around mile 10) and called my mom to let everyone at the finish know that I was alive and taking forever because I hurt so bad and that I might quit. I didn't even get past "I hurt so much" because I lost it and just started to bawl. My mom hurried and gave me a pep-talk and told me to keep going. I tried to harness that and think of Kennedy to get me there faster because I had missed her so much but my body just wasn't having it. At this time I passed some spectators who noticed from my shirt that I was pregnant and they started cheering really loudly for me. One girl stood up and said, "You're my hero!" This made me lose it even more and I can't type it without crying because it was just what I needed to keep going. I'm so grateful for people like that!

Somehow, I made it the rest of the way and just before the last turn to the finish line I saw Lisa. She came and walked/jogged with me while we both cried. I was hating every single step and she was trying to make me feel proud of what I was doing. That meant so much to me. I passed my family and I grabbed Kennedy to run the last little part with me across the finish. That was the highlight of the race. People were cheering for us and she was loving the excitement. She's a good little runner! Finally, FINALLY the race was over!

Although I'm proud I finished a half-marathon while pregnant, which I never imagined myself doing, I will never, ever do it again. It was the worst thing I have ever done. I am so grateful to everyone who came to support me though, and for their encouraging words and love.  It meant so much to me!

I stayed the night in Provo with my friend, Marissa, and we had a total blast! After it took me 2 solid hours to get to her house (not even joking, traffic was a nightmare) we had fun out on the town going to dinner and eating ice cream and watching Grey's Anatomy before bed. She was so supportive and dropped me off at the bus loading zone early in the morning and came to cheer me on! She took most of the pictures I'm about to post, too :) That, there, is a good friend, folks!

Ok, so let's look at the experience in photo's now. They are in no order because I am way too tired to figure out how to organize them.
Here's Kennedy and I running to the finish
 And crossing the finish line
 And here's an adorable picture of her that Marissa took! I wish she would smile, little butt!
 The family. All 4 of us :)
 Hillary brought a little puppy that she's trying to nurse back to health. Kennedy was obsessed I guess. She sure loves dogs.
 Here I am hobbling to the finish.
 And me after
 My awesome support group
 And Michelle and I at the start. Notice how deserted it is...
So that was my day in a nutshell. Almost died, finished a race, can't walk at all now. But the cat is out of the bag on the baby news.


Debby Downer

I'm having trouble keeping it together. 

I know depressing posts aren't ideal, but I really feel like I need to write this down so I can look back one day and see how far I've come. Because right now I feel like I've kind of lost control of life and it's a scary feeling. 

I know moving is the right choice and I know it's a good one. Or will be, when it's all over. We've started packing up our things and have taken down most of our decor. The house feels empty and sad and I cry a lot looking at it. This is our home. This is where we brought Kennedy. This is where she took her first steps. She loves it here. Every time we pull in the garage she happily exclaims, "we're home!!" She knows each room. She knows where everything is. I feel incredible guilt taking her away from that. When I think about forcing her to make a change like this, I just lose it because I feel like we're not giving her everything she deserves. I know that's not the case. She loves grandmas house. She loves grandma. She'll adjust. We all will. And we will all benefit greatly in the long run. We ARE doing what's best, but I sure have a hard time feeling it some days. I never want her to think she's not a priority and lately I've just felt like the worst mother. I can't really explain it.   

I know we'll be back. I know it's temporary. But it is SOOO hard to leave. This house is the first place Cory and I got to share alone. This is where we belong and I'm struggling walking away from that. 

On top of all these emotions I'm also incredibly stressed out. We have so much packing to do in so little time. If all goes according to plan, moving day will be a total nightmare for me!! I'm worried about what may be wrong with my health and I hate waiting months between tests. I hate having debilitating fatigue and being useless. I hate that I have a half-marathon next weekend and I can barely get off the couch these days. I feel like I'm just breaking down. It's too much at once. And to make it worse, I've felt incredibly alone throughout all this. I know I'm not. I know I have Cory. I know I have my Savior. But I've just felt like I'm drowning and everyone is too busy working on their tan to give a crap. Ok, that analogy sucked, but oh well. I've worried that I'm getting depressed and I can't go down that road again. For me and for Kennedy, I have to stay strong. But I'm running out of ways how to. I don't know what else to do. 

I've never been one to handle change well. My first couple months of college I called my mom every night and cried and begged her to let me come home until I finally made some friends. Having Kennedy turned me into a crazy psychopath. We have a lot of changes coming up. Some we know very little about. So yeah, I'm freaking out a little bit. Now I feel like I cry to my Heavenly Father every night and tell him I can't do this, I'm not fond of these changes and I just want to "come home", meaning, I want things back to normal. I want them to be comfortable. 

I know they won't just be that way. I know people have faced much worse and freaked out much less. If finding out I'm emotionally unstable is a shock to you, you clearly don't know me that well. I'm infamous for bottling everything up, pretending I'm totally ok, and then just wigging out and shutting myself off from the world while I break down and rebuild myself. This isn't all just because we're moving. There's so much happening with us right now. So much that's scary and unseen and just... Ugh... HARD! And tonight is a particularly rough breakdown. Like I said, I usually keep these things to myself, but I want to remember how this felt, even though it's sucky. I want to remember that regardless of how hard this was, I made it through. I want to remember that these feelings are natural when the next unforeseen trial strikes and that I've done it before. I just want to remember. 

I keep praying for strength to get through each day and somehow I do. Two big stressors will be over within the next couple weeks (moving and the race) and then hopefully I can get back to only juggling 80 things instead of 82. I just feel like there's not enough of me to go around. Maybe I'll hire a proxy. 

Again, sorry for being a downer. Life isn't always perfect and I always want my blog to reflect the reality of our lives and not have it be some made up "oh look! our lives are awesome all the time and we're so happy and so rich and everyone loves us and we never have troubles" type of blog. Those are crap. Life just sucks sometimes. And sometimes we need to read about it so we know we're not alone. 



So it turns out that blogging moments after you decide a huge life change isn't the best. 

I'm not sure I explained things really well in my last post. Not that our finances are anyone's business, because they're not, but I've gotten comments from both ends of the misinterpretation spectrum. I can only imagine what people are assuming.

We are preventing a financial crisis by renting, not trying to get out of one. We haven't screwed ourselves over so badly that we're almost losing our home. We're doing ok. We could stay in our house if we wanted, getting by but being stressed out and worrying about Cory's job all the time. Or we could be proactive and just fix things now before they have the potential to get bad. That's what we're doing. 

But why moving? Why did we pick that? 

That's a valid question. 

Cory had heard rumors here and there of full hours returning but it was all hearsay. We gave it a good 6 months to see if that would happen and it hasn't yet. Rather than wait around and keep wondering, and due to some recent changes in my health and a future increase in medical bills (to be discussed in another post) we had some options to choose from that we had discussed. 

1. Cory could find a second job. But that is almost impossible when his schedule changes every week. As I mentioned before, finding a different job isn't an option for us either. We're way too happy with working for Rio Tinto. Finding anyone in the valley to rival them would be extremely difficult, even without his usual hours.  

2. He thought about making custom bumpers and selling them, but that meant more time away from family on his days off. But it was an option. He's incredibly talented and his first bumper that he originally made for his jeep he sold for quite a bit of money a couple years ago. We liked that choice. 

3. I got proactive with my at-home babysitting to supplement the income loss and tried to get the word out there to bring in more clients. If I had to, I could have taken more full-time child care clients and been chained to my house every day. It would have sucked, but it was a choice. I could still be with Kennedy that way. Cory didn't like this plan in the slightest because he enjoys spending time with us on his days off and that would have gone out the window. So he told me to wait on the full-time option. 

4. We tossed around the idea about me going back to work full time. But I couldn't even look at Kennedy without sobbing at the thought of not being with her each day. It would have been like taking away my sunlight. Plus daycare is expensive and would make it almost not worth it to work by the time we paid for that. That was a last resort choice. I would do almost anything before doing that. 

5. We kind of "joked" about selling or renting our house. Selling was kind of an extreme choice but after all, it's just a house, and we have plenty of equity in it that we could have sold it and been debt free. I won't lie, that option was so tempting to me. But we're not ready to leave just yet. We love our home and neighbors and the area. Renting was another choice, a riskier one since we'd be trusting strangers to take care of our house, but it made financial sense to take the mortgage burden away for a time and tackle some other finances. We just never took it too seriously. Until the Lord intervened.  

The answer just kind of hit us both, and ironically it happened on a very stressful day. Given the increase in medical bills, the fact that we still don't know how long it could be before things get back to normal at Kennecott, and various other things, it was the best choice hands down. It wasn't the easiest choice, but it's the right one. And I think it is the quickest choice. In a years time we can pay off all our debt and move back home and it won't matter if Cory has full hours again or not, we'll be living comfortably and free of all student loan and auto debt! We can easily pay medical bills and save for future changes. Not many people have parents cool enough to let them do that. We're so grateful to my parents for helping us out and letting us make a wise choice for our family while they sacrifice their privacy and peace and quiet. 

Obviously we're emotional. We love our house. We love our neighbors. We're worried about finding good renters. We're worried about driving my parents crazy and putting them out. We're worried about them driving us crazy. I'm extremely worried about not having a dishwasher for a year since their basement doesn't have one. But at the same time we're excited. It's going to end so well and we're so grateful for this chance to better our lives. This definitely wasn't a last resort choice because we had exhausted all our options. It was one that felt right and let's us still be a family. I'm very grateful the Lord knows what He is doing and for this opportunity. 

No, I'm not dying. Don't worry about me, I'm just not ready to explain what's going on with me yet. We Still don't have ALL the answers and I'd like to wait until we do before I blog about it. 


Big Changes

It's been 6 months since the landslide at Kennecott. Since then, as mentioned before, we've been getting by without Cory's full pay, but barely. We've just kept praying and hoping that things would pick up and we could get back to normal, but that hasn't happened. 

In the stress of it all we've talked about what we should do in the event that this lasts a while. Although we still don't know the whole story on whether or not Cory may receive all his hours again, we've concluded that it has been long enough and that it's time for a drastic change. 

With thought and prayer, we both felt today that our best choice would be to rent our home for a year and move in with my parents to pay off our student loans and our car. We could breathe much easier without that debt weighing us down. 

This choice has been very hard to make and I've shed a lot of tears today. But I also feel a lot of peace knowing how much this will help us in the long run. And we will be back. Our house is still our house. Someone else will just be living in it for a while. 

We want to remain in our ward since we will be back and we're only moving 5 minutes away. And I don't want to wait another 6 months for Kennedy to adjust to a new nursery class again and I love teaching our youth. I guess that's something we'll have to run by our bishop. 

The decision was made today so we don't have an exact timeline yet. I normally would wait to announce this but we are in need of clean, reliable, honest renters. So if you know of anyone who is looking for a 3 bedroom home to rent, please send them our way. If we had to, we could be ready to rent starting about the middle of November. 

It's been a challenging and humbling 6 months but we've learned a lot about faith in The Lord. We get to exercise that faith now and trust that everything will be ok and we will benefit greatly from the huge change. I guess our lives are anything but boring. 


Broccoli Salad

While I work to find out what may be wrong with my stupid body, I was instructed to follow the paleo diet as much as I could. It's been hard and easy. Hard, because I can't afford to go to the store for $50 worth of fresh, organic produce every couple of days, nor am I going to spend the money on "grass fed" beef, etc. The small technicalities which make paleo, paleo, I haven't been able to do that as hard core as I would like. But I'm doing my best. I'm avoiding dairy and grains and filling up on meat and veggies and some fruits. 

I ordered a paleo cook book* to try and help come up with some new ideas and today I tried my first recipe from it: 
Chopped broccoli salad. It is really good! And so easy to make! Here's what you need:
3 cups finely chopped broccoli florets 
I small Apple, cored and diced 
9 strips of cooked bacon, crumbled 
3 green onions, diced
1/4 cup of balsamic vinaigrette 

Throw all the ingredients in a bowl and mix until everything is evenly coated. Simple! And delicious! If you don't care about keeping it paleo you can use any balsamic vinaigrette dressing you'd like. If you want the paleo version of the dressing, here's the recipe:
Go try it. It's good. 

*cookbook is Everyday Paleo Family Cookbook by Sarah Fragoso

As far as I know I don't have anything completely serious wrong with me. Since March I have been overly fatigued, I've gained quite a bit of unexplainable weight, my hair has fallen out, etc. There's other issues wrong too that I don't wish to share on a public blog but I have an appointment with a specialist next Friday. Let's hope we can get some answers! 


Wild Weekend

So there I was...

I had just sat down on the couch after doing the dishes for the hundredth time this week and was excited to rest for a minute. I could hear Kennedy playing happily down the hall. All was good. 

Then the silence was shattered by the most terrifying, sickening scream/cry I have ever heard come from Kennedy. I had NEVER heard a sound that horrible come from her before. I was off the couch and down the hall like a bolt of lightening. She was standing in the hallway, bawling, and my car keys were sitting at her feet. I wasn't sure how she got them. 

I didn't know what had happened. I grabbed her and hugged her and started looking for blood. My keys have a caribeaner on them, maybe she got her fingers pinched? But that wouldn't have caused a scream like that, would it? I didn't see anything on her that could have been the source of the pain and I kept asking her what happened, but all I got was crying. 

I hugged her again and looked at the keys. 

It wasn't until then that I noticed they were laying directly below the electrical outlet in the hallway... 

A light bulb went on and was instantly coupled with the sickest feeling in my stomach. I realized she had put a key in the outlet and had electrocuted herself. I instantly started to cry and hugged her so hard I thought her head was going to pop off. 

We then had a long discussion about not putting things in the outlets (which I'm betting she never does again) and I mentally added this incident to the top of the "worst parenting experiences ever" list. I'm lucky she wasn't injured or worse. I still feel really sick when I think about it. 

But, silly me, that wasn't the end of the weekend excitement. 

Yesterday I was at my parents house for dinner. While we were eating the kids were downstairs playing and eventually made their way upstairs. I looked over into the living room and saw Kennedy drawing on my moms couch with marker!!! 

Again, I bolted towards her and stopped her and scolded her for doing so. I wasn't sure where she had gotten the marker or why she suddenly decided to was a good idea to color on the couch. Maybe the electrical shock knocked a bolt loose. 

It was a dry erase marker which everyone says "comes out easily". My friends, it does not. We scrubbed and scrubbed and googled remedies for getting it out of fabric. One suggestion was Murphy's oil soap so we tried that. 

While I was scrubbing, I placed the bottle behind me. I must not have noticed Kennedy sneaking around because after a minute she started coughing and sputtering behind me so I turned around and saw her holding the now opened bottled of soap, and it was dripping from he mouth. The crazy butt had just tried to drink it!!!! Never has she ever done that, or even cared about cleaning supplies at our house. I couldn't believe what I was seeing!! 

I called poison control but I wasn't super worried because I was pretty sure she didn't get more than a sip. But the lady on the phone said to give her some juice and food and watch her closely for an hour. She said Murphy's oil soap contains alcohol so it could lower her blood sugar and cause her to be intoxicated. Brilliant. Yesterday she was electrocuting herself, and now she was getting drunk. 

They called back in an hour to see if she had thrown up, which she hadn't, thank heavens. But she was acting super hyper and goofy, so I do wonder if the little bit she got made her feel slightly tipsy. It was pretty entertaining. 

I won't even list the crazy things she did after that because they're normal things every child does, just maybe not back to back throughout a whole evening, but I was about ready to kill her by nights end. I'm not sure why she decided to be a nut case this weekend.  

Here's to hoping we have a better week and that she's done living on the wild side. 

And we never were able to get the marker completely out. 


Girls Night!!

A few months ago my good friend sent me a text saying how excited she was the Hanson was coming to town and asked if I would go with her. I was slightly confused... Hans-who? 

She educated me that the little boy band from the 90's (I say little because they were in their teens) was still around. I had no idea! I remember "Mmmbop", their hit song WAAAAAY back in the day, but I didn't know they had any new stuff. 

So like any good friend she made me a mix and I was assigned my homework for the next couple months to listen. If I was graded I probably would have been given a C-. I sucked at listening as much as I should have. I had trouble convincing Kennedy to switch from "apples and bananas" to rock music. Can you believe there's no transitional advice for that? 

Anyway, the night of the concert approached and my friend was beside herself with excitement. We both were but for different reasons. Cory worked last night so Kennedy got to go sleep at grandmas and I got an ENTIRE night kid free. That alone was amazing. But we also had dinner planned and I think concerts are awesome, even if I don't know the band too well. We actually put on makeup and did our hair and went out for our night on the town! 

We hit up La Jolla Groves at the gateway. Neither of us had been there before so we gave it a go. Also, the manager offered us a free appetizer or dessert. Um, yes! 

It was delicious. Remember that new eating clean thing? Yeah, that went out the window for the night. I had planned it that way so I didn't leave with any guilt, just a glorious stomach ache after gorging myself on lots of carbs! I didn't get a picture of the rolls. Those were orgasmic. 

I would definitely go there again. Next time I'll try something less borning than the fettuccini Alfredo. Even though it was yummy. 

Alright, so the concert was at The Depot, which I had never been to before. I really liked the feel of the venue and everyone was close no matter where they stood. The opener was Paul McDonald. I guess he was a past American Idol contestant that didn't win. I LOVED him!! His music was great and he was incredible live. There wasn't a single missed note. 
Plus he danced all crazy which made for some entertainment. My friend and I sat and listened and laughed at silly stuff. We decided it was a good idea to take a picture in the dark, immediately after a laughing fit that had us crying, and this was the best we got:
Nice, right? We're so sexy! 

Finally Hanson came on stage around 9:30 and put on a great show. I had a blast dancing and singing along to the one song I knew :) Plus it was fun to see my friend be so excited. She was in heaven! They played for almost two hours. I'll admit, I was dead on my feet by then. It's been a long time since I've stood and danced for 3 hours straight and even longer since I've stayed awake past 11. But it was well worth it! 
Everyone said the boys were so hot. I personally thought the oldest was the most attractive. I don't dig long hair on guys and he was without shiny locks. 

I did have a minor scare after the concert. It was SOOOO loud in there. In the words of the lesbians around us, "epically loud". When they stopped playing I had no hearing. You know on movies when a bomb goes off next to someone and their hearing is all muffled and they're disoriented? That was totally me! I could hardly hear anything my friend said and there was a humming and buzzing all around me coupled with muffled voices and sounds. I was really worried I had damaged my ear drums! But after we cleared out of the building it started to go away. Phew! 

We made it home just before midnight and regardless of how tired I was, my body decided it didn't want to sleep until after 1 a.m. Booooo!! 

This morning, with only 6 hours of sleep, a respiratory illness, and sacrificing the ONE day I was kid-free and had the chance to sleep in as late as I wanted, I chose instead to get up and use that freedom for a run with my best running buddy ever!! I meant to take a picture of our awesomeness but I forgot. She just had a baby so it's been a long year without her and I was so excited to hit the pavement with her again. We even plowed through the ridiculous wind blowing today which left my throat and lungs in a state. But we did it!! Go us! I'm excited to have her back. Can ya tell? 

In an unrelated matter, you need to go throw away your shaving cream right now and start using baby oil to shave your pits and legs, ladies!! Oh my crap, it's the best thing you will ever do!!! I can't get over how smooth they are each time. You know after you've shaved your legs and you suddenly get a chill in the shower or right after and you instantly feel your leg hairs poking back out with the goose bumps? It's like dooms day, right? That doesn't happen! They seem to stay smoother longer (a day or two) and you don't need lotion afterward because your skin is already moisturized. I have super sensitive skin and eczema and this causes no bumps or breakouts. I'm obsessed. Go try it. The end. 

I hope everyone enjoys their weekend. GO UTES! 


Well That Lasted Long...

Hi, my name is Megan, and I have a problem with blogging. Remember this statement?
"My goal is to start blogging every day or every other day." 

Yeah, that was on Monday. It's now Sunday in the next week...

I think I have a pretty good excuse though. Our little baby girl has been sick with the flu. There's not much to blog about when that happens. 

"Today I cleaned up vomit 6 times and did 5 loads of puke laundry. We sat on the couch all day and watched Finding Nemo 500 times." 


I do have to say it's been the weirdest stomach bug I have ever seen. She was up most of the night Tuesday throwing up and did the same thing all day Wednesday. Thursday she was fine, and then Friday afternoon she started throwing up a bunch again out of the blue. Yesterday she woke up so whiny and cranky but didn't get sick but then after her nap she was an angel. This morning, while we were getting ready for church, she did a half throw up thing. I think she just choked on her breakfast that she still had stashed in her mouth like a squirrel because there wasn't very much and she's acting totally fine. And she was laying down. But to be on the safe side, we're tag teaming church today. Awesome. 

Anywho, so that's my excuse for being really, really bad at this. If that doesn't work, then here's some cute pictures of Kennedy smiling:

It has been incredibly rainy here the last couple weeks. Actually, let me rephrase that. It's been rainy and stormy everywhere else but where I live. I guess we have gotten an ok amount of rain and we did get a decent thunderstorm yesterday. I LOVE me a good thunderstorm. But everywhere else has been hammered with rain and storms. I have been welcoming the weather with open arms because I was so sick of the heat! That, and our grass was in pretty bad shape before we got all this rain. Our city enforced watering restrictions and our grass has suffered. Somehow we're the only ones. But each time it rains I can almost hear the grass take a big gulp of water with the lip smacking "ahhhhhh" at the end. We even got to mow it yesterday. 

Alright, moving on. 

I think I'll save the details of this next topic for another post but I wanted to share a couple things. 

Ever since having Kennedy something hasn't been right with my body. We thought we had it all figured out with my thyroid and whatnot but now it's looking like it may be something deeper. I'm working with doctors to find the culprit but until then, it's been a whirlwind of frustration and questions. 

In my efforts to find ways to help, I've talked to a few people in different areas of expertise to see what they would recommend. After talking to an insanely knowledgable personal trainer, I have been instructed to eat much, much cleaner. Let's be honest, my diet before this sucked. Anyway, it has been SOOOOO hard. Eating healthy sucks for 3 reasons:
1. The majority of health foods are outrageously expensive. 
2. Most healthy recipes taste like you just licked a moldy dishrag. 
3. Eating rabbit food means you're hungry ALL THE TIME. 

So I've been on the hunt for clean eating recipes that keep me full and don't taste like barf. Given the week we've had, I think I have a fresh memory of what barf is like, to compare. So you can trust my judgment. 

Luckily, I've actually been able to find some! Yay!! As of yesterday I've been given diet restrictions for a couple months and now can't eat the smoothies without modifying them a bit, but let me share what I've found. 

My first attempt at a green smoothie was this one:
It was delicious! I didn't blend mine quite enough so I felt like I had to chew it before each swallow, so make sure you blend it for a while. But it was good and kept me full for hours. 

The other was a blueberry oatmeal smoothie. I really liked this one: 
1 banana 
1/2 cup blueberries 
1/4 cup rolled oats 
1/2 cup vanilla yogurt (I used Greek yogurt)
1/2 cup milk 
Handful of ice 

I also added a stevia packet and half a scoop of vanilla protein powder. 

Both smoothes were less than 500 calories and were packed with protein. 

This morning I made these babies:
Protein pancakes! 

Beat 1 whole egg and two egg whites together. Mix in any flavor of protein powder (I used vanilla today) until its smooth and has the same consistency as regular pancake mix. Cook like regular pancakes. They cook a little faster since they will be thin at first, but they plump as they cook. I liked them, and get this, so did Cory!! They almost taste like German pancakes without the crap in them. 4 small pancakes were 165 calories and had 25g of protein without anything else. I topped mine with half a banana and some chocolate PB2. Even more protein! Bam! But you can top them with whatever. Cory smeared his in butter and syrup... Seems contradictory. But whatever. 

So go try those recipes. You won't be disappointed. And I'll continue to share the good ones I find. Hopefully more than once a week. 


Doubling Up

Yesterday morning started out with a run. It's finally cool enough in the mornings now that I can take this little chick with me:
Even though the stroller makes me run slower than I could speed walk. But I think I still get points for trying. And it beats waking up at 5:30 to run on our treadmill. 
Next was Kennedy's knighthood ceremony which she took very seriously 
She's been asking to watch Ice Age and Finding Nemo over and over again, even though both of them have many parts that scare her. I love the cuddles when that happens :) 

Then we went and ran errands, and during nap time I started watching this again:
I tried getting into it a few months ago and it never clicked. But Cory and I have started watching Lost at nights and I became obsessed with him: 
So obviously now I'm watching Vampire Diaries for the hot eye candy. Sometimes I have to turn the air conditioning up. 

I also made these outrageously delicious honey-lime chicken enchiladas for lunch since I was going to be gone for dinner:
You can find the recipe on the Six Sisters Stuff blog. Just google honey lime chicken enchiladas and their website will be one of the top results. I would provide you a direct link but I'm using my phone and don't know how to do that :) 
I didn't want to make 10 enchiladas so I only used half the chicken and one can of green enchilada sauce and half a cup of cream. But I used the full recipe for the marinade so there was lots leftover to mix with the sauce which is why mine looks red. It was DIVINE!!! I'm not even remotely kidding when I tell you I licked my plate clean. So I recommend doubling the marinade if you're making lots of them. But that's just me. They're incredible!! 

After Kennedy woke up she spent some time with Grandma Hunter while I went to boot camp class and I must say, I kicked freaking BUTT!! I almost danced out of the gym because I felt so awesome. It was a good day. Plus between that and the run I had a zillion calories burned that gave me a big safety net to eat lots. I wish I had time for double workouts every day. 

Then I rushed home and frantically took a shower and got ready to go play bunco with some girls in my ward. I actually won something! Check out this sweet mug:
It was also filled with CANDY! So I was one happy chica. 

I came home feeling refreshed from having a mommy break only to have Cory inform me that Kennedy broke down and had to cry herself to sleep because she was heartbroken I wasn't home to tuck her in and she wanted to know where I was. I almost burst into tears! So, so sad. 

Then all hell broke lose at around midnight last night but I will save that post for tonight or tomorrow morning.

I like to keep you in suspense... 


New Leaf

I have SUCKED at blogging lately. The timing to suddenly be lazy was pretty bad as well. I had just started getting quite a few readers and then I disappeared! And I'm guessing so did many of you?

To be real and honest, I've sucked at a few things lately in life. I don't really have an explanation for suddenly dropping the ball on so much. But it's time for a change! I'm going to be a better blogger! I'm going to go to bed on time! I'm going to try and eat better! I'm going to be more positive! I'm not going to watch an entire TV series in a week on Netflix anymore! I'm going to have a life! 

My goal is to get a daily post in or at least every other day. Which means I will have to get lots better at taking pictures. My phone is going to love all the attention. 

Let's start with yesterday! 

Cory had the day off and we planned all weekend to do something fun together as a family. As we were discussing it, fate threw us a bone and the news suddenly announced that the Living Planet Aquarium was moving to their new building and Monday was their last day open. To celebrate, they were offering a free admission day. Well, there ya go! Day planned! And we had never been there before. 

I am the worst assumer in the world so I assumed that since school is back in session all over the valley, that it wouldn't be too crowded. 

I was promptly proven wrong when we were forced to stop at the stop light at the intersection where the building is and let the mile-long train of mothers and strollers, who were parking far, far away, cross the street. Kennedy even pointed and said, "Whoa!" 

Whoa indeed, Kennedy, whoa indeed. I wish I had a picture. It's what I imagine the pioneer wagon train looked like. 

If you've ever been stuck in traffic in a large city, I want you to visualize that same scene but with strollers. It was bumper to bumper with several kids hanging off of each side and an infant strapped to each moms chest in a baby Bjorne. Except for grandparents, Cory was basically the only man. It was total chaos! I also heard a unique array of names shouted at their kids, like Taylin, Jaxston, Preslyn, and Jill. 

Anyone who knows me can testify to how much I hate crowds. I loath them. Nothing puts in a bad mood faster except PMS. But I was determined to have a good time and let Kennedy enjoy the fish and displays. 

I wasn't as determined as some moms though who would throw their weight around to push past the line or attach their child in front of them and use them as a battering ram to get up to the display insisting there was room while teaching their children to be polite and telling them, "say excuse me!" It made for great people watching, which was nice since we could hardly see the animals. And if you're ever in the market for a stroller and you wonder how well it functions, just go to the aquarium on free admission day. It's like a stroller expo. 

Crowds aside, we had a pretty good time. We got to see most of the fish and Cory and Kennedy were attached at the hip. 

She's been slightly obsessed with him lately. I'll go to get her up in the morning and her first question is, "Where's Daddy?" Hi, Kennedy, nice to see you, too. But we got a couple pictures together. 
And we unknowingly were possessed at the same time. Check out those eyes! 
Speaking of eyes, wandering around a dark aquarium and then stepping outside into the blinding sun.... Not so fun. I can sympathize with vampires a little now. I think I even hissed at one point. 

We joined the mass exodus to the car and concluded that we would try and make it out to the new aquarium someday, but never, ever again on free admission day. 


Here's Why I Love Google...

When you decide to go camping in south-eastern Utah in the middle of the summer, and the heat fries your brain to the point of forgetting to take pictures as frequently as you normally would, you can always google them! We won't be in some of these, but at least you'll have a visual. So lets begin. 

For Labor Day weekend we went to Moab with Cory's family and some of his cousins. We chose Moab because everyone complained that we go somewhere cold each year. We definitely over-compensated for that. Absolutely no cold weather here:
The campground was all but deserted which was kind of nice, but we were the only loons trying to camp in that heat. But we made the best of it. 

We arrived at camp late Thursday night. We set up camp, fried some hot dogs, and promptly went to bed. Or at least tried. We tried to put Kennedy on the other slide out bed in our tent trailer and barricaded the edge off with our bags. She jumped around and laughed and giggled and kept climbing over the bags, almost killing herself. Annoyed, I decided to move Cory on her bed and have her sleep with me on the big bed. Again, there was much rejoicing from Kennedy. I would yell at her, spank her, ignore her, bribe her, I basically tried everything to get her to lay down and go to sleep and nothing worked. She kept kicking her legs and mashing her face into the screen windows so see what was going on outside. And she thought she was being sooooo cute. Cute stops at 10 p.m.! 

In our anger, Cory came over and in a voice that frightened me, told her to lay down and go to bed. She kept kicking and tossing. I was at my whits end at this point so we got up, in the dark, and angrily and noisily took apart our table to lay it down into a bed thinking she would sleep better there since she's actually slept there before. Things kept getting caught or messed up in the dark and cushions wouldn't fit right or the blankets got snagged. Cory and I were yelling and swearing at each other and throwing cushions around. It was quite the spectacle. Lay off us, we were tired. Finally we got the bed made and went over to the wiggly worm who had caused all this chaos and barked, "Kennedy, come here!" 

No response...


No response...

I went and shook her.

No response.

The little brat had fallen asleep, on my pillow I might add, during all the noise and fighting trying to get her bed ready. I was angry, relieved, and lets be honest, it was kind of funny. She slept there with me the rest of the trip and did pretty well considering. If was fun waking up to this face: 

Friday it was too hot to do much so we took a drive to Gemini Bridges. They're these two arches:
But the road we were on took us above the arches, so we could walk out onto them like so:
It definitely freaked me out as far as heights go. But still cool. 

Speaking of cool, it wasn't cool when we got back to camp. Are you sensing a pattern here? So we put on our swimsuits and headed to the Moab Aquatic Center. It's a super nice indoor/outdoor pool with slides and the smallest lazy river I have ever seen:
It was THE BEST pool! The water was a perfect temperature and it was clean and not crowded. 
And my husband spent a lot of time on this:
And these two had an absolute blast together:
The rest of the evening was spent at camp watching lightening all around us that never actually came over us. 

Saturday we went and hiked Fisher Towers. We started this one several years ago but we weren't able to finish it. I've been dying to finish it since, and we finally got that chance. Woot!! It gorgeous!! You hike at the base of those massive rock formations. 
Like so:
And so..
Please notice the man standing on the top of that rock. Crazy!! 

The hike is also full of just cool things. Like this:
And cool people. That's our cousin, Sam and his adorable little boy, Asher. Not pictured: the mom, Kaela. And several others. 

I was crazy and volunteered to carry Kennedy for the first part of the hike, which the majority of it was uphill. Cory had her on the way back. She never complained during the whole 4.6 mile trip. But my butt sure did after hauling her around. According to myfitnesspal I burned over 1,000 calories on our 3 hour excursion. I've never been so drenched in sweat in all my life so I kind of believe it. 
Pretty view at the end of the trail
Hiking in 90 degree weather, as you can imagine, is not kind to body odor. We all were seriously soaked in sweat and we smelled pretty darn bad. So what was our solution? We headed back to the pool again! Yay!! Again, it was awesome. Kennedy even went down the water slides by herself AND loved the shower we had after. She's hated showers her whole life. Are things looking up at our house? Let's hope!! 

Luckily the afternoon cooled off a little and we decided to try a new Dutch oven recipe that my best friend had given me.

 Experimenting with new recipes when you're feeding a bunch of people is never a good idea, but thankfully it was a heavenly recipe. The crowd when wild and I plan on making it again on our next trip. It was delicious! So good in fact I forgot to get a picture of it. I'm bad at this social media/taking pictures of your food thing. 

Sunday we had to leave and come home so Cory could work today (Labor Day). We wanted to do something fun in the morning and hang out with everyone longer but again, it was too hot. So we packed up and headed home. Leaving Moab always makes me die a little inside each time. I love that place more than anywhere else. Until next time!