Hugs and Kisses

I want to write this down so I don't forget how awesome this is...

Kennedy is the sweetest, most lovable girl around. Her big thing lately has been hugs and kisses. She randomly stops what she's doing and comes and gives me hugs. Sometimes I'll be changing her diapers and she'll grab me and give me a hug and kiss. When we read books with animals she hugs and kisses each page. She also gives her stuffed animals, especially Elmo, kisses each day.

But my favorite thing ever is when we put her to bed. We read a book or two, say prayers, then we give her hugs and kisses. She gives each of us a kiss, then gives us Elmo so we can give him kisses too, and then she will wrap an arm around my neck and reaches for Cory and wraps the other arm around his neck and gives us a great big family hug. And to top off the cuteness, she also pats us on the back when she's hugging us. I'm surprised my heart doesn't melt each night. It is my favorite thing in the world because I know that's how she's telling us she loves us. Talk about a natural high!! We love her so dang much!!

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