Cory and want to get a dog in the spring. We've argued for months now about what type of breed to get. I love shelties because I grew up with them and they were GREAT dogs. But they're extremely hairy and bark a lot. Cory grew up with huskies, which I also like, but they're huge and very strong. We both love German Shepherd's but again, they're big. I'd love a small Morkie but Cory doesn't want a dog that small. So it's been hard to decide. Until I discovered the Alaskan Klee Kai. OH. MY. HECK!!! It's basically a mini husky. So we'd get all the benefits of the husky but without the size and inability to control them on a walk. No breed has tugged on my heart strings like this one. I want one SOOOO bad. I hope we can find one for cheap when the time comes to get a puppy. I'm not hopeful though. These babies are outrageously priced. Darn mini things being so costly!! We'll see what happens. But I'm going to keep staring at these pictures with hopeful longing. So dang cute!!!!

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