Family Date Night

Cory and I finally had a whole day off together!! It was wonderful.

After nap time we headed down to City Creek to see Santa! There wasn't a wait so we got to go right in. You can see Santa for free but if you want your picture taken with him you need to pay $20 for the CHEAPEST package. Ouch! So we went in to test the waters. If she happened to love him I may have been talked into buying some photos. But she clung to me the second we walked in. Cory took her and tried to get her to go to him and she started crying, as predicted. So he just waved and gave her a little book and that was that. She did wave goodbye to him. Maybe next year.

After Santa we did some Christmas shopping at the mall and had dinner while Kennedy ran around the play area. Then we headed over to Temple Square to see the lights. Every year I'm disappointed in them. They're pretty but nothing to write home about. Kennedy seemed to like them though. She kept trying to take her mittens and hat off and it was too cold for that so we didn't last long. But it's not often we get to go out and have fun with just our little family so we enjoyed every minute of it. I'm pretty excited for Christmas! 14 more days!!

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