18 Months

Sweet Kennedy is finally, FINALLY 18 months old!!!! I am not excited in the least :) She's now old enough to start some sort of toddler class somewhere (what should I put her in?) and she can finally go to NURSERY!!! Muahahaha!!!!!

She's STILL toothless. She has her same bottom two teeth (thank goodness they haven't gone anywhere ;)) and all four molars. But that's it. Still absolutely no sign of any other teeth. I'm worried. I may have to take her to the dentist and see what the heck is happening. Those teeth, specifically her two top ones, are now almost a whole year behind. It really limits what foods she can eat and whatnot. So that's a problem.

But other than her maybe needing dentures (I seriously hope this is only a joke) she's perfect! Still funny, happy, and incredibly smart. I've kind of already talked about the stuff she does these days in other posts but she does something hilarious and new almost every single day and that's too much to write down. So for now I'll just say she's got the most positive, happy, and fun-loving personality. I'm not even kidding. I don't know where her easy-going personality came from. I mean, Cory and I are both fairly easy-going but she's ridiculous. In a good way. She almost always has a smile on her face. Just not at work :).

Oh and I want to document that her favorite foods are chips and salsa and popcorn. Super healthy. She also loves French fries. But I'd better stop there before things get out of hand and someone calls CPS on me.

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