Thanksgiving and Such

Wow, 10 days without a blog post!

We've been plagued by illnesses at our house. That, along with work, holidays and whatnot, finding blogging time has been hard. Also Kennedy has entered some sort of evil hell-child stage and whines and throws fits over EVERYTHING! How on earth do they learn how to do that?? I feel like I can't blink without her whining about it or wanting me to share with her. So computer time has been nixed as well.

But for now, I have time to update. Things are ok around here once you look past the constant illness. Just as we get over one thing, another hits us. I'm a little tired of it. But hopefully this means we'll fill our quota for the winter and have smooth sailing from now on.... right? I can't wait to feel like myself again and have my child actually sleep the whole night again.

But, in happier news, we had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I had plans to post about all that I am thankful for and blah, blah, blah, but you'll notice there isn't one. So I'll just keep that stuff in my heart. But I started the morning running a 10k with my friend. It was fun to get out and burn some extra calories so I could eat more. It was also wonderful to not worry about time or pace and just take it easy. I loved that.
 After a hot shower we headed to the Hunter's for some yummy food and family time. They really got into it this year and even broke out the china! It was fun to have everyone excited to share a meal together. Cory's grandpa even came who he never gets to see, so he loved that! Kennedy finally warmed up to Khloe (Hillary's dog) and they got to play a little bit together. Don't mind the Bumbo seat. We thought it would make a good booster seat for dinner since we didn't have a high chair. It didn't. But she loved sitting in it anyway.

 After pie and ice cream we headed to my parents house for our second round of turkey dinner. It was also yummy. I really appreciated all the effort our families went through to make this day so special and exciting. Anyway, Natalie had just come from her mom's house and her grandma had given her a blow up snowman which she busted out and let Kennedy play with. She went crazy over this thing! She loved it!!

 We left kind of early to get the cranky pants child to bed but we still had a great time! I made a jello salad to take that was amazing. I'll have to post the recipe to the "mommy blog."

Friday we worked more on the living room (we're trying to spruce it up a bit) and headed to our friends birthday party at Kangaroo Zoo! It was a little overstimulating at first, but once she calmed down, Kennedy was in love. Especially with one particular slide. I had to carry her to the top since she's too small to climb up on her own and then she'd wait for me to run around to the bottom and then she would slide down to me squealing and giggling. She threw a major fit when we had to go. These pictures suck. They don't at all capture the fun she had. But oh well.

 At first, Daddy carried her up. But after that she only wanted me to do it. I got really tired.
 In position...

 The only picture of her and I that isn't blurry.
 Later that night we decided to put up the tree! About a month ago we found a STEAL of a deal on a new Christmas tree. Our old one was pretty dinky and Charlie Brown looking. Not to mention small. We talked about getting a taller one some day, but they are EXPENSIVE! Who wants to spend $500 on a tree?? Anyway, while we were out one day we happened upon this beauty. It was a 9ft, pre-lit, douglass fir tree for $100. The guy also gave us the furniture discount because he was awesome so we got it for $60!!!! Needless to say, we were so dang excited to put it up and see how it would look. I am in love with it!! It's a lot harder to decorate and takes a lot longer, but it sure is pretty. Please excuse the mess behind the tree... like I said, we're remodeling. It's slowly looking better.
 I need to add more bows but I'll get to that one of these days when I feel like getting all glittery. Kennedy loves the tree and she also loves taking the balls off. They're shatter-proof, but she keeps losing the hooks so we can't hang them back on. We've resorted to just blocking off the stairs so she can't get to it anymore.

We're really excited for Christmas. My goal this year was to get the shopping done early and really put some thought and love into everyone's gifts. So far I would say I've earned a B+. We've got a lot more shopping to do still and some people are just hard to shop for. But we'll get it!

I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday weekend. Back to the grind tomorrow!

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