Gold's Gym

I have a love/hate relationship with being a stay at home mom. I absolutely love being with my little worm all day and I would rather die than leave her. The freedom to do whatever is amazing and I am able to get a lot done.

But, there's only so much to do. We're not loaded so fun outings are somewhat limited. I get bored. With winter approaching, I've started to get nervous about keeping ourselves entertained.

For a while now I've been babysitting random kids in the neighborhood at my home for some extra spending money (I have big ambitions for our home) and to let Kennedy have someone to play with. It's been good, especially with one little girl, but overall it's been hit and miss and hard to schedule. Plus I don't have much for older kids to do. Turns out my house is boring.

Then my friend told me that there was an opening at her work. She works in the day care at Gold Gym. She told me all about how the shifts aren't that long, the hours are good and not overbearing, and how the employees are able to bring their kids with them for free! I was insanely tempted. It would give me something to do, I could work and have some extra spending money again, and I wouldn't have to leave Kennedy. But.... What about all my free time? I've loved not being tied down and this would interfere with that. Was I ready to be a working woman again?

In the end, I decided to apply. It was too perfect not to. And if we ever have a financial bind, it would be nice to have some extra cash coming in, even though it wouldn't be much. I felt like this was a good opportunity that was placed in my path and I'd be stupid to pass it up. So I applied.

Long story short, I got the gig! The hours are pretty minimal right now but I can take other people's shifts when needed and it'll pick up in January when all the resolutioners decide to hit the gym again.

So far I really like it. Kennedy isn't so sure about it. I tried leaving her there the day after our Moab vacation and she freaked out. So whenever she comes with me she always has to be by my side because she's terrified I'll be leaving her again. She has fun with the kids though and I know she'll get used to it and one day I'll be able to leave her without the world coming to an end. I can see myself staying there for a while. How often does a job come along where you get to work with your kids?

It's given me something to do and it's nice to contribute to society again. I feel like I have a purpose besides raising Kennedy. Plus a lot of the kids call me "teacher" and I've really, really missed that. I'm pretty happy with the job!

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