17 Months

It's that time of the month again!

Kennedy is 17 months old today. I can hardly believe it. Where on earth does all that time go? She's growing up so fast! Here's what she has been up to lately:

Still talking and saying the usual words. She's using sign language more which has even really helpful for when she's hungry or thirsty. It's crazy though because I taught it to her months ago and then stopped because she didn't seem to care. But she remembered it and is using it.

She's throwing tantrums and whining about things. She stomps her feet and throws herself on the ground. I'm really working on being calm about it and ignoring it so she doesn't think it works. We've also been trying to get her to say please instead of just whining. It's a work in progress and it's made things interesting around these parts. Disciplining has also been super hard. She thinks it's hilarious when she gets in trouble. She shakes her head "no" back at us or says "no" and then continues to do the wrong thing while laughing. Perhaps it's time to try time out? I know she will get it eventually but it's been a pain in the butt.

On to happier things though, she loves to help me. She helps me load and unload the laundry and "helps" fold it. Whenever I get my shoes on, she always picks up and hands me the other shoe I haven't put on yet and says "there you go" with a proud I-helped-mommy look on her face. When I pick up toys she helps me put them in the buckets where they go or hands them to me so I can do it. She's a giant copycat too. She copies me so much. It's really cute.

She's still in 12-18 month sizes, which I guess is sort of normal for her age but some of her stuff is still 6-9 month size. She gets picked on a lot because she's smaller and it makes me sad. Especially at the daycare. But we're working on it.

She is such a loving little girl. She hugs everything! The other day Bradlee and Brock came in and she ran up to Brock and tried to give him a hug. It was adorable. She'll randomly come up to me and give me a kiss and hug and go back to what she was doing. She loves giving kisses but on her terms.

She's been taking one nap a day for a while now. I FINALLY got her napping up to 3 hours a day which was heaven for me, but Thanksgiving weekend really messed her up. Hopefully we can get back on track.

She has her two bottom teeth and three molars that have come in. That's it. No top teeth, nothing else yet. So weird!! I'm getting a little worried that her two top teeth haven't come in. That should have happened a long time ago.

She's so funny and loves to play with us. She loves other kids as well. Working at the daycare has been good for her in that regard. It's broken up the monotony which is what I was hoping for. We love our little bug!

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