Conference Weekend

It's that time of year again! Another wonderful General Conference.

To quote every other Mormon blog, "I just love General Conference."

And I really do. Who doesn't? We get to listen to inspired men and women, receive modern day revelation,  and be spiritually uplifted at home with our families, wearing whatever we want! :) Cory finally had the whole weekend off so I was really excited to spend it with him. Although that wasn't exactly the case.

We decided to head up with my family to Rock Port and listen to conference up there. My parents are big on weekend getaways and they always leave an open invitation to anyone who wants to come. We decided to get away this weekend with them. However, the weather was not ideal. Oh, it was crisp and beautiful and the campsite was right on the lake. Or, it would have been, had the lake been full:
The view from the trailer

But the temperature was FREEZING! Literally. It was in the 20's at night. But we still enjoyed ourselves and got out when it warmed up in the afternoon. Cory went fishing on Saturday between sessions and caught two fish. One was really big.
Cory's catch
Playing with the iPad with Grandma

Now playing with Mommy

There really was hardly any water

Taking off into the muddy water

I wasn't fast enough

Taking a stroll with Mommy

Aren't we cute?

Trying to keep entertained while we dumped the trailer on the way home

Blowing kisses

I think every General Conference is special, and as always, I was touched and inspired to be better and work a little harder at my faults. I'm grateful for the Prophet and the Apostles who lead us and guide us and know exactly what to say to help the members. It's amazing.

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