Black Island Farms

For my fourth and final post today:
We headed up to Syracuse to play at Black Island Farms with our friends. We had lots of fun!! Kennedy had a blast! This post has a million pictures. There were so many I couldn't pick out just a few. Sorry!
We walked around and looked at the stinky farm animals and took this picture:
Family Photo
 We played in the tubes:

 We slid down the slides and tried not to push the annoying and mean kids off the top. I was really tempted...

 We played in some giant tube thingy

 We rode the kiddie train. This was extremely painful!! I was crammed in that can with a 2x4 as my seat as he drove over a very bumpy trail. Mom did not like it. But we got cute pictures waiting for our turn.

 Then we played in more tubes

 And then we let the kids play in the corn box. They loved it!

 We walked through the corn maze
 I love Kennedy's plumbers crack haha

 And lastly we rode a wagon ride out to the pumpkin patch to pick out our pumpkins to take home

We finished the evening at Holy Smokes BBQ in Layton. It was delicious!! Possibly a new favorite restaurant for BBQ. Yum, yum! We had a great time and loved hanging out with our friends! :)

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