This morning I heard robust laughter coming from our closet. I went in and Kennedy was nowhere in site. Then I noticed the clothes hanging on the bottom rack were moving on their own. Busted! I asked, "Where is Kennedy?" which was answered by the sudden opening of the hangers and an adorable little face going "rawr!" and laughing, then the face disappeared back into the clothes and I heard muffled giggles. The fun continued for quite some time. I'm so glad she makes me laugh every day.


16 Months

Two more months until nursery!!!

Although with the way things are going, that may not be a smooth transition.

Kennedy is still her sweet, feisty little self but she's become very pro mommy. VERY. I think it was because I finally tried leaving her at the gym daycare and it did not go well. They called me after 20 minutes because she couldn't stop crying :(. Ever since then she's been super clingy and won't even let Cory hold her. It's really irritating. But, she will have to get used to it. I'm not going to stop taking her there.

She's also developed a giant fear of wind. It happened in Moab when the wind gusts blew sand in our eyes and faces. She's screamed and cried. Now anytime she's outside and there's more than a breeze she gets really scared and buries her head in my chest and cries and clings to me like she's going to blow away. Again, very sad. Up until now she hasn't been afraid of anything.

At least she's not a total wuss. She had her flu shot booster this morning and cried for about 10 seconds then stopped. The whole thing takes about a minute. It was flu shot day so there were lots of kids and moms in the waiting room. We came out and she was smiling again and everyone was amazed she wasn't crying. I half expected a standing ovation with the looks of awe we were getting. It was hilarious. Go, Kennedy!!

Her vocabulary is still about the same. She says "here you go" and "what's that" a lot. She does say thank you without being asked sometimes. However, she's stopped talking as much. It makes me sad she's not spitting out words all the time like she used to. I'm sure it'll get better, it's just weird she suddenly stopped. She's also been calling me daddy instead of mommy... Not thrilled about that. She's most persuadable right before bed, so we read books and try and say names and make animal sounds. She points to her tummy and nose when asked and we're working on other body parts.

She's hilarious and innovative. She keeps me on my toes all the time. She flipped out about the snow the other day. She saw it through our small kitchen windows above the counter and pointed and said "wow!" And then ran over to the sliding glass door and waved at the snow and kept hitting the glass saying "whoa!". She was excited! It was so cute. There's a picture below.

She's also started taking her clothes off... I hate that.

She climbs everything. Her favorite is the kitchen table.

She loves to pretend she's talking on the phone. She'll pick up our phones or anything that resembles one, says "hello" then chatters and bunch of jibberish, then pretends to laugh. It's hysterical.

She loves making messes and playing with friends. She's makes me so happy I feel like I could burst.


Lesson Learned

Ever since Kennedy was born, during our nightly prayers as a couple we have prayed and begged and pleaded asked the Lord to help Kennedy sleep well and sleep through the night. I can still feel the anxiety and the desperate plea behind those words as we gave them when she was a newborn. "Please, for the love of all that is holy, let her sleep!! I'll dedicate my entire life to missionary work if you can just let us get some rest!"

We're realists. We get that babies have problems and a little prayer isn't going to stop life from unfolding. But we figured it never hurt to put in a little request to the CEO. It was our insurance plan.  Whether it worked or not, we still felt covered somehow.

I realized last night while praying that we still do it. Every single night, we still ask for Kennedy to sleep well. I kind of chuckled last night and thought, "Why do we still do this? She's almost 16 months old and sleeps like a champion and has for a very long time. She doesn't wake up in the night anymore."

It was at this point that I wish my head would have sounded the alarm. WARNING! WARNING! YOU'VE JUST INVOKED MURPHY'S LAW!
I wish I could have felt that little voice smack me upside the head and say "Noooooooooo Megan! Nooooooooo! You don't ever say things like that!" Ever heard of jinx? Because life is a BIG fan of it....

11:22 p.m. I heard Kennedy crying. She wakes up sometimes and cries for a minute and falls back asleep. No big deal.

This was not that cry. This was the sad, painful, scared, something is wrong cry. I let her go for a couple minutes to see if she could work it out on her own but it became clear as it escalated to a howl that she wasn't going to stop. My mind played over what could be wrong:
She's teething, maybe she needs Advil.
Nightmare? Possibly.
Just wants mommy? More than likely.

I got out of my warm, amazingly comfortable bed and went into her room and picked her up. We cuddled for about 5 minutes on the rocking chair and then I tried to put her back in her crib. It was like trying to shove a cat into a tub of water. She was NOT having it! I held her for a couple more minutes and tried again. She went in the crib quietly, grabbed Elmo, and rolled over. Did I really do it? Is she going back to sleep? I crawled back into my warm bed and started to drift off....

12:06 a.m. The screaming began. I mean the loud, screeching, going all out, scream. I tried to let her cry it out for a good 20 minutes. I was tired, she was tired, and if she could just stop and go back to sleep we would both be much happier.

At this point Cory got up and put ear plugs in. Isn't being a husband awesome? It's loud in here? I'll just stick ear plugs in! Ok, Ok. This would never have flown with me if he didn't have to get up for work in 4 hours. But he did, so I allowed him to get some rest while I dealt with the problem. 

After 20 minutes of listening to your child scream and cry while your heart aches, something snaps inside you. Maybe it's just me, but I'd had enough. I got up and dramatically threw my pillows over to the door so I could take them into her room. I flung the covers back in a passive-aggressive way to let Cory know I was pissed and going through hell here while he slept, and went into the kitchen. I grabbed the Advil, then went into the basement to find the air mattress and pump. The pump took some searching. Especially in the dark with a flashlight.

I entered Kennedy's room carrying two large pillows, a blanket, a rolled up air mattress, Advil, and a big flashlight. She must not have been expecting that because she jumped and started screaming even more. How could she not know a person twice the normal size of her mommy would be entering her room in a fit of rage, shining a bright light in her face? Doesn't she know who her Grandpa is?* Come on, Kennedy, get real!

I pumped up the mattress and got my bed ready. This was going to be an all-nighter. Something was wrong with her, hopefully sleeping with her would fix it. I gave her some Advil and we laid on the air mattress and she cuddled right up to me and did the gut-wrenching *sniffle and shake* thing kids do after they've been crying a long time that makes you feel like the worst mother ever.

Just when I thought she was falling asleep, she started giggling. Seriously? Do you not realize what time it is little girl?? Fun stops at 8:00! There is nothing fun about this situation. I rolled over so my back was towards her hoping she would get the message that we weren't playing. We were sleeping. We were going to sleep or else everyone in the house would die from my wrath. After a couple minutes of giving her the cold shoulder, I heard more giggling mixed with whimpers. I turned over to see what the problem was and in that short period of time she had already rolled off the air mattress. And apparently it was funny. Perfect.

I got up and turned the air mattress so that her side was flush with her crib. She wasn't rolling anywhere!! Muahahaha! We laid down again and I closed my eyes. She kept rolling around and squealing. I kept getting feet and elbows in my face. I finally grabbed her by the shoulders, looked at her and said, "No! We're going to bed! You can either sleep with me or sleep alone. Now lay down and stop moving around!" Yep, that's how a good parent does it. I sure showed her! I totally had the upper hand now!

After laying down and closing my eyes to demonstrate what I meant (like she had any idea what I was saying) I got a very swift smack on the face by a tiny little hand followed by a robust laugh.

For those of you who think I don't have any patience, you're right. That was the straw that broke the camels back. I picked her up and put her in her crib and laid back down on the mattress. Maybe she would sleep with me just in the room?

NOPE! She started crying again, but it wasn't a serious cry so I was determined to lay there and wait it out. I closed my eyes AGAIN, cuddled up in the blanket I brought, and tried to sleep. A few minutes later, the crying stopped, and I felt the first binki drop and land directly on my face. Yes, there was giggling. Another 30 seconds passed and *plop* another binki to the face. How is it possible she has impeccable aim?? Before we should could pelt me again, I got up, threw my pillows out the door, hugged her and laid her down, reluctantly gave her both binkis back, and left the room. It was 1:45 a.m. at this point. I had tried to get her to sleep with me for over an hour. Obviously it wasn't working. She had Advil, she had her chance at mommy time, and now it was time to just let her cry it out.

I went back to my own bed angry and defeated. Within 15 minutes she was done crying and both mommy and baby were sleeping again. Actually, I can't say how well she slept after that because I had shut her door, but I image she got more sleep. I know she stopped crying. And I slept, which is really the key factor in us all surviving today.

So what is the moral of this story? Well, after an almost 3 hour ordeal with a child who "doesn't wake up in the middle of the night anymore," you can be sure I'll be earnestly praying for sleep again tonight. No laughing. No jinxing. All seriousness up in here. Lesson learned. Well played, Murphy, well played.    

*Family joke. My Dad is infamous for shining his flashlight in peoples faces in the dark. Happens all the time!


October Moab Trip

Another Bi-yearly trip to Moab is under our belt.

This trip we tons of fun and a little different from the usual excursions.

First, we didn't take the jeep. *GASP* WHAT?!?! I know, I know. We didn't really like it either. I was actually kind of excited not to at first but once we got down there and saw the other rigs I was sad :(. But it's not like we're never going back. The "second wife" as I've come to call it needs repairs and we just don't care to fix it right now haha. We would have, had there been enough jeeps to take people on trails but the people to jeep ratio was highly unbalanced. So we left it at home and our car finally got to experience red dirt. The ride down was much quieter and comfortable. And dare I say much faster? We left Thursday afternoon and arrived down in Moab just before 8:00 p.m. Kennedy was not a gem on the way down but I guess it could have been worse.
 I had to get creative to keep Kennedy from crying.

 The ugly scenery and the sunset totally made it look like we were on Mars.

Friday I got a 5:30 a.m. wakeup call from the little monster. So not cool. Many hours later we had breakfast in our tummies and were on our way to hike Delicate Arch. Natalie had never seen it before. It's such a great hike. We even saw several people from home! Kennedy did awesome on the way up but not so great on the way down. It took some creative thinking from Cory to keep her from crying in her backpack. But she wasn't too bad.
Balanced Rock (from the car)

 We wore her out

After hiking we went back to camp and had an amazing dinner that my uncle made for us. So delicious!! And it was even better topped off with cobbler and s'mores.

Saturday we headed over to hike Corona Arch. You may recognize this arch from all the YouTube videos. This is the one where people jump off the top and rope swing under neath. The hike itself was way cool and adventurous. I forgot to take pictures of some of the things we had to go up and down. But we watched a few people jump off. I didn't expect the arch to be that big and before seeing it, I always thought trying to jump would be fun. Not anymore. It looked painful! Not to mention reckless. Some people didn't get enough swing and when the rope caught them it was quite the snap. I think I'll be passing on this thrill ride. But I would definitely hike it again!
The trail crossed the train tracks. What a scenic route!!

After the hike we went climbing! We started out on some easy stuff then tried this crack that was pretty tough. It was tons of fun, as always. Collin tried the easier stuff and had everyone laughing at his humor. He's a funny guy!

We got back to camp after dark and had chili dogs and then Kennedy and I hit the hay early. We were POOPED! I slept pretty good that night except I kept dreaming about working at the deli I worked at in high school and Alex Karev was my co-worker. He's even a jerk in my dreams :)

Sunday we went back into Arches and hiked down Park Avenue.

 Kennedy was pretty done with hiking at this point and it was windy and the wind kept blowing sand in our faces. She HATED that! So we had lunch at the big park in Moab and then headed home. Kennedy slept almost the entire way home!! Way more fun than the way down.

Overall it was a great trip. We had lots of fun, no one was injured, Kennedy slept really well, and we were sad to leave. See you in 5-6 more months, Moab!