So Much Cooler

I have amazing friends. I really do.

But I think two of those friends need a special shout out today because they're so cool. They're amazing. Both these people have the same qualities that make them stand out above the crowd. They are both very special to me and I think they are the exact definition of what true friends are all about. So, ladies (you know who you are), here's what I see in you that I want to be better at.

Both of these girls have never judged me. They've never let differences in opinions, beliefs, customs, or whatever get in the way of our friendship. They truly love the person and not what the person does. They don't care about changing their friends to be like them. They just accept everyone for who they are. I hope I can continue to work on that.

They are both real. I don't get BS from them and they don't try and hide their flaws or that life isn't perfect. They're not afraid to expose their true feelings or ask for advice or help when they need it. No one is perfect, so I really appreciate that I get to share that we're both human with them. I need to remember to be more open sometimes and instead of just stuffing feelings underneath, to let them out and know that it's ok for people to know you're having a hard time with something.

They are both confident. They don't put up with crap from people and they truly understand the power of a compliment. They are always handing them out right and left and I ADORE that about them!! 99.9% of this world thinks that complimenting or supporting the successes of someone else will make them look weak or less important. How very untrue this thought is. They're not one-uppers and never try and top someone else's accomplishment. Each time I receive a genuine compliment from one of these two girls, they are raised higher on the pedestal that I already hold them because it takes a person of amazing character to do this. I really admire their self-esteem and their willingness to love those around them during good times and bad and understand that my successes are in no way overshadowing them. I've received phenomenal support from both these girls in everything I've done and I want them to know how much that has meant to me. Seriously, YOU ARE THE BEST!! Thank you for setting such a good example to me and for being the wonderful people that you are. I am really trying hard to adapt this quality in myself. It's extremely important.

They're both hilarious. I love having sarcastic conversations with them because it always makes me laugh. They have the best humor and I love sharing that with them.

They don't talk poorly about others in their lives to me and I admire that more than most qualities. Plus it makes me feel safe to know that they're not going to turn around and do the same thing to me. I really need to work on seeing the positive in everyone around me and holding in what bothers me. I'll be much better off if I do, just like them.

So gals, I love you and I love your personalities and the people that you are. You have so many more amazing qualities but those are the ones that set you apart from the many of the people out there. The world is so lucky to have examples like you. Seriously. Keep up the good work. And I will never hate you because you're cooler than me :)

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