Our Past Week

I need to update what we've been up to!

First off, my sweet, adorable nephew is finally home. I know it's a huge relief to everyone, especially Tyler and Tory. A few hours after birth he was having trouble breathing so they were going to keep him in the NICU to keep an eye on him over night. After completing some blood tests, they found an infection. They started him on antibiotics right away while they ran the blood test again. This took days. It came back negative, so after almost a whole week in the NICU, he finally got to go home. His siblings are very happy to have him and their parents home. He's the most tiny, adorable, snuggle bug ever. I love him!

Monday we were able to tour the Brigham City Temple open house. I almost didn't go because Kennedy was a major punk that day, but I decided the temple would be a big enough distraction to keep her occupied. We went with my family, minus Cory who was working and Tory who just had a baby.

We drove to Brigham City and boarded a bus to take us to the temple. We had a lot of fun on the bus. These pictures suck but oh well.
Mommy and Kennedy
 Brock and Grandma
 Natalie and Collin
 Tyler and Grandpa
The kids were just beside themselves with excitement that they finally would be able to go inside a temple. They added a big sense of adventure to the air. We arrived at the temple and watched a video about temples then we put on our booties. Kennedy was not digging the booties in the slightest until she saw we all had them and got to listen to how they sounded when she walked. After that she would get mad every time I picked her up.

The temple was very beautiful. I wish I could have paid more attention to detail instead of keeping Kennedy with me, but it was still a good experience and she liked it. She would point at stuff and smile. It made me cry. Her favorite was the baptismal font. She pointed and kept saying "Wow!" really loud. After our tour we went outside and took some pictures. Then we headed back on the bus to get back to our cars and went to Sonic for dinner while we dined in the back of the truck. The sky was gorgeous on the drive home. It was a really good night.
The family
 Kennedy flirting with Aunt Natalie on the bus
 House of the Lord
 Beautiful sky complete with Kennedy's hand print

Next up, we went to the State Fair with our good friends, the Weavers, last night. I love the fair! We instantly started our experience with lots of food. We had all kinds of goodies and I finally got to try pizza from The Pie. Except for the hair in my food, and the self-control it took to not dry-heave, it was awesome!!

Next we walked around and headed over to the little kid stuff in hopes of finding something fun for the babies. There was an exhibit called "Little Hands on the Farm" which I hoped contained a petting zoo of some sort but I was way off! It was a little learning center set up to teach kids all about farming. We had some fun though. They got to pet fake animals and ride some "tractors".

And at the end there was a place to take pictures:
Happy Girl!
 This picture is the cutest!

 Zeke and Kennedy

 We saw all kinds of merchandise and checked out the stuffed animals at the Division of Wildlife and Natural Resources exhibit.
One vendor had bubbles

 Next we rode the Big Yellow Slide! That thing is so much fun! I'm not sure what the kiddos thought of it, but neither of them cried, so that's a plus. We went down once with Chris and Zeke and then Cory, Kennedy, and I went down for another ride.

 Round two

After our adventure on the slide we went to see the livestock area. This was Kennedy's favorite part, as expected. She loves animals so she was thrilled to get to pet some sheep and goats. I didn't let her near the gigantic cattle though.

 After the animals we watched this crazy dude dive BACKWARDS off this 80 ft. platform. I have video of the dive but I'm too lazy to upload it :) The pool below is only 10 ft deep also. Fair people are crazy.
 We finished out our evening listening to live music and eating more food - deep fried Twinkies and Oreo's. They were amazing. But I felt like I ate a rock afterward. We had tons of fun and love doing things with our friends! Thanks again, guys!
This picture makes me laugh. Kennedy isn't crying, she's just pulling a weird face LOL.

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