New Blog

I'm accepting defeat.

This week I've spent more time cooking than I have in my entire existence combined.

I made zucchini bread and actually liked baking. It's also fricken delicious.

I started making a sensory book for Kennedy NOT using a template or someone else's idea.

...And I hand made letter magnets for our fridge for Kennedy to play with that match our kitchen decor.

Congratulations, universe, you win.

I've become a cooking, baking, crafting mommy. And I've learned to love it.

So, that being said, I think I am going to start my own "mommy blog". I don't have so many ideas that it will be a highly visited sight. But I've done enough and want to share enough that I need a separate blog to post these things without taking over our family blog with "boring things". So, the address, in case you're interested is:


Stay tuned for recipes, craft ideas, parenting chit chat, and whatever else mom's talk about.

Don't judge me.

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