When I say Kennedy is fearless, this is what I mean...

We went to the park today for a BBQ with friends and she was playing around the playground. Eventually she made her way on to the playground. She went straight up to the highest slides and up to the slide pictured below (the steepest and fastest one) and went straight down. I couldn't tell if she meant to because she seemed a little shocked but she hopped down and went back for more. She watched the other kids go down a couple times then walked up, held on to the bars while she sat down on her bum and used her hands to push herself off. Down she went again! At 15 months, she's going down the tallest slide all by herself without any coaxing. Should I be glad or scared?

She also had her 15 month appointment. Here were her stats. She finally grew!!
Weight: 19 lbs 8 oz 9th percentile
Height: 30" 45th percentile
Head: 17.75" 25th percentile

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