14 Months

I totally forgot to post about Kennedy when she turned 14 months. Oops! Better late than never.

So she turned 14 months and is still the best little girl ever. Here are some things she's doing now:
•making animal sounds. She knows how to meow, moo, and bark. She can also say kitty and doggie but it's hard to get her to say it sometimes.
•she's so dang observant. My neighbor brought over a Baby Signing Time DVD and she was totally disinterested. Then I looked it up on YouTube one day and she went crazy! We've been watching some of them off and on and I've tried to get her to do all the signs with me. She did shoes and something else that I can't remember but then one day I said baby in the middle of my conversation with Cory and she started rocking her arms back and forth, which is the sign for baby. They don't go over that in the movie, they just do it at the beginning. Interesting how she picked up the one thing I wasn't trying to help her with. I think I'll just let her figure it all out on her own if she cares to.
•she is so sweet!! Her hugs and kisses are my favorite things ever. She even makes the mmmuah! Sound when she gives kisses. The other day we were at the store and she looked at me from the cart, made the kissing sound and learned in and planted one on me. So random and so cute!
•she loves books. She tears them off the living room shelf every morning and sits and pretends to read to herself.
•she loves pictures. We have our family pictures we took in January down the hallway and every time we carry her down she has to stop and look at them. She'll point to Cory and say "daddy" and point to me and say "momma" and then I say, "Where's Kennedy?" and she points to her chest, not herself in the picture haha.
•She's running around like a wild woman and she's fast! She's also an expert at hiding things. Seriously, we have to search the most random places for stuff. She's also learning how to kick the soccer ball around. I'd like her to play soccer but if she does, I'll have to learn about the sport first :).
•she walks up and down the stairs by herself. She doesn't go down backwards 90% of the time like most kids do. She holds on to the railing and steps down like her mommy and daddy do, facing forward. I tried showing her the backwards method so she won't fall as much but she only uses it in dire circumstances.
•she always amazes me with how aware of her surroundings she is and how much she knows her body can do. Whenever we go to the park I get scared she'll fall off something but she always knows where the edge is and is very careful. We went and had a picnic the other night and she was walking down a grassy hill. Rather than run and fall when the ground sloped and got uneven, she slowly side stepped her way down in baby step because she knew her footing was unsure. She's so smart!
•this girl LOVES animals!! I mean LOVES THEM!! She goes wild with my parents cat and she loves dogs. She's also very gentle and doesn't maul them right away. We took her to the pet store yesterday and she loved it. Especially the birds, which I thought was weird.
•she's still our little daredevil. The only thing that scares her is being away from mommy. She is such a natural climber. I know we only have days left before she figures out how to get out of her crib. She's very determined and when she has her mind set to explore something or get into something she shouldn't, there's really no distracting or deterring her. She doesn't forget things easily. She wants to do everything mommy does and she always does it with a cute smile on her face.
•she loves stuffed animals and is always cuddling them and hugging them. It's so sweet.
•she hates riding in the car. Hates it. Most times she's ok going to one store and back but I have to keep her very entertained. It's frustrating sometimes.

I really struggled with motherhood the first year of her life. I've never not loved her or wished I wasn't her mother. It was just a hard adjustment and just as I got one thing down, it would change and I would have to learn all over again. I can't stand the comments like "Just wait until you have two or three!" yeah, I know it's harder! That's why we only have one at the moment. I know I'm not ready for the challenge of two quite yet. But one child can be hard enough without people having to tell me how much worse their lives are. But now that Kennedy is getting older and more independent and interactive, it's becoming a lot more fun and I'm loving being a mom more than ever! She is the sweetest spirit and blesses our lives more than we ever thought possible. I'm grateful that she's patient and loving and has helped me learn so many things. I love her so much!!

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