Random thoughts Vol. 3

If you're a sarcasm virgin, don't read.

It's a good thing I found all these cool photo editing apps because I really needed an excuse to be on my phone more.

If you want to get rid of that muffin top, try wearing pants that fit (stole this one from Pinterest. But I've thought it before)

It's amazing how many people will graciously hold open the door for a child that's trying to escape the room.

Running "quick errands" in your most homely, jr high nerd, non-pj clothes will cause the universe to shift and every person you've ever met that you haven't seen since you learned how NOT to look like a homely, jr high nerd will appear. And they will see you. And they will not be dressed like a homely jr high kid. And you'll die a little inside.

I'm investigating the possibility that I'm in an interspecies marriage because Kennedy stores food in her cheeks for later and she certainly didn't get that from me. Or from the human race. Maybe that's why she's so small?

I have ten toes. Just thought you should know.

The best way to lose weight is to pin 10 minute exercises that you never try right next to the hundreds of dessert recipes that you do try. Apparently that's how it works.

If you ever want some time alone to yourself, plan a nice evening with your husband. Murphy's law will take care of the logistics. Although there might be some light paperwork at the end.

One of these days I'm going to go out and sing everything I say and see what happens.

And finally:



When I say Kennedy is fearless, this is what I mean...

We went to the park today for a BBQ with friends and she was playing around the playground. Eventually she made her way on to the playground. She went straight up to the highest slides and up to the slide pictured below (the steepest and fastest one) and went straight down. I couldn't tell if she meant to because she seemed a little shocked but she hopped down and went back for more. She watched the other kids go down a couple times then walked up, held on to the bars while she sat down on her bum and used her hands to push herself off. Down she went again! At 15 months, she's going down the tallest slide all by herself without any coaxing. Should I be glad or scared?

She also had her 15 month appointment. Here were her stats. She finally grew!!
Weight: 19 lbs 8 oz 9th percentile
Height: 30" 45th percentile
Head: 17.75" 25th percentile


15 Months

Our little crazy child has learned so many new things this past month!

Vocabulary: (sorry for any repeats, I'm too lazy to go back and read what I've already said)
Thank you
Tries to say "all done"
What's that?

Sign language:

Pass times:
• Climbing everything in site and any furniture she can get on; end tables, the couch, kitchen table, etc.
• Loves Sesame Street
• Loves playing with other kids
• Loves laughing and playing around

She's still our little trickster. She hardly eats anything. She also rarely gets mad when other kids are mean to her or take her toys. She either moves on to something else or waits patiently until they let their guard down and then she swoops in and runs off with her prize. She sleeps so well at night and usually doesn't wake up till 7:30 or 8:00 and goes to bed 12 hours later. She's not a big napper. I'm hoping that changes. She's a copy cat and literally has to try everything I do, Cory does, or older kids do. She's fearless and crazy and such a handful but still tons of fun. She points at everything and loves to explore and investigate. She hardly misses a thing and is just like Cory when it comes to finding out how stuff works and paying attention to small details. We love her. Duh, right?!



Here are the pictures I liked from the race. Since I'm uploading them on my phone they won't be in any kind of order but oh well. It looks like I'm Annoyed at the finish line haha and that I'm walking but neither one was the case. I also forgot to mention that they announced my name when I crossed the finish line! That's never happened before. I loved it! I need to stop putting so much up for each race but this one was too cool not to.


What A Week

As Latter-Day Saints, all our lives we've heard the Sunday school answers at church:
Read your scriptures
Go to church
Pay your tithing

We hear them so much they have almost become cliché. But to paraphrase Mark Sloan, things become cliché because they work. We keep hearing these answers because they work. They're true.

I've really been struggling with church attendance lately. I go and I really want to be there. But Kennedy makes it so hard. I don't want to get into much detail about it, but week after week I don't get to listen to lessons or feel the spirit and week after week my spiritual reservoir has dropped. It's taken a gigantic toll. I know it has. I haven't ever lost faith or started doubting, but I've felt less happy and angry and annoyed at the world. Lacking that spiritual nourishment really brings a person down. So I've felt out of touch with Heavenly Father and I feared I was losing my relationship with him. I didn't understand why I wasn't getting any help either. I prayed for help to have spiritual experiences and never did and every week Kennedy would be on another exploring adventure that required supervision. It has been really, really tough.

So let's switch gears for a moment. As I mentioned before, I came down with a cold this week. I had signed up for a half marathon months ago for this weekend and now I was sick. I was devastated.

To explain the devastation, because I don't think some people get it, I need to explain why this race and exercising in general are so important to me. I don't get to do much for myself these days. My whole world revolves around Kennedy and her needs. Exercise and running are the things I get to do for me. I work hard at them and I get to see the results of my labor. It's satisfying and comforting and makes me feel happy. I worked hard all summer for this race. It meant a lot to me and doing well as a result of my hard work, meant a lot to me, too.

So you can imagine how upset I was when I got sick. I even blogged about it. At first I felt like it was a punishment from the Lord for being so negative and grumpy all the time lately. But this week has been absolutely incredible. Getting sick has been a giant blessing, not a punishment, and it's one I never saw coming. It has been the answer to my prayers to have spiritual experiences and strengthen my relationship with the Lord.

Here are the testimony builders that have happened this week that I know without a doubt, and I know wouldn't have happened had I not caught a cold:

All throughout the week I've had a calm feeling that everything would be ok. I was blessed with so much comfort and peace. I really needed it because stress does not help you heal. No matter how tired I felt or how much my throat hurt, I knew deep down I was going to be ok.

I got better much faster than I ever have before. I know the remedies I used were part of it, and were part of the Lord's plan because I NEVER remember to take medication that diligently. I also had help from the Priesthood power and the prayers of others. I know, it sounds silly having people pray for me for a race. I never asked them to, they just did because they rock my world. But I could feel their prayers. One night I finished my prayers before Cory and when I sat in bed, I felt so warm and peaceful and I knew Cory was praying for me right then. I even asked him about it and he said he was.

I've felt so calm and reassured about this race. Usually I psyche myself out and question whether I trained hard enough or if I should have done more. But I didn't this time around. It didn't matter. I knew I was ready and all I needed to focus on was getting healthy enough to accomplish it. I needed rest, not another run.

I have felt incredibly nourished this week both physically and spiritually. I feel like I'm in a happy place again. I can't even tell you how much I've needed this. I even came across scriptures like this one in my daily study:
22 And as many ... as were healed of their sicknesses and their infirmities, did truly manifest unto the people that they had been wrought upon by the Spirit of God, and had been healed; and they did show forth signs also and did do some miracles among the people. (Book of Mormon, 3 Nephi, Chapter 7)

So yeah, I'm manifesting that I was healed. Both spiritually and physically. It's been so amazing!! Don't ever doubt that the Lord knows what He is doing!!

That being said, the race was AMAZING!!! I was perfectly calm once I left the house Friday night. We stayed at my friends aunts house who lives in Mill Creek. It was so nice of them! I mostly thought about Kennedy and Cory the whole time. I really missed them.

The race was so fun! It was dark and freezing at the top of the canyon but we passed the time in our space blankets, talking to the two hour pacer. He was really cool. The race began and it was still pretty dark, but once it lightened up the scenery was amazing. The leaves were gorgeous and the sound of rushing water from the river was calming. I've always sworn I can run better with music but not during his race. I'd have a harder time when I would put my headphones in vs when I didn't.

I started crying a few times during the race when I thought of all the support I've received and the help I received from my Heavenly Father. I was doing amazingly better than expected and I've never felt so humbled and grateful.

There were some snags in the race though. A wretched side ache made me have to drop back and stay with the two hour pacer and my friend I ran with and I got separated. But it went away and I was able to tear it up after that. I had a minor pee incident that actually makes me laugh but I won't describe it. The last mile absolutely killed me. We were out of the canyon at this point and my legs were dead, my feet were in pain, it was all flat now, and with the poor air quality, I was wheezing like crazy, even with my inhaler. My last mile was two minutes slower than my pace throughout the whole race. Bummer!! But I kept thinking of Kennedy and cory and my family at the finish line and kept going, even though I sounded like I was going to die from no air and I kept moaning in pain.

Amazingly, I beat my goal!! With the illness and my knee problems, I didn't think it would happen. But I did it. I can't describe how amazing it feels!! Part of me wonders what I could have done had I not had those issues but maybe someday I'll find out. I'm still freaking proud of myself and there are no words to describe the gratitude I have in my heart for this amazing experience and the help I had pushing me along the way. There was one part that was slightly uphill and I didn't want to slow down so I said silently, "ok Heavenly Father, help me make it past this", and there was a huge wind gust immediately after I said that, that stopped when it started going downhill again. Yeah, I cried.

What an incredible experience! What a testimony builder for me! I will never forget this race and all that happened to help me get there. It was supposed to be a fitness endeavor and ended up being a fantastic spiritual experience. I loved it!! A huge thank you to Cory and my parents for coming out to see me. It meant so much!!
 Trying not to freeze waiting at the starting line
 Here I come!

 Running past my family!
 I had to work hard to get Kennedy's attention!
 Michelle and I
 I missed my sweet little girl. And don't mind the hat, Cory was in charge of dressing her that morning so... yeah
 My little family.
 We get all our race pictures for free! This was the most incredibly organized and runner friendly race I've ever seen. They were AMAZING!! So when I get those pictures I'll post them if they don't suck :)


Having Faith

I am learning a very important lesson about faith this week.

I decided after having Kennedy that I wanted to run again. So I did. It wasn't until the spring that I really wanted to get serious about it. So, I signed up for some races and worked very, very hard all summer to be ready for them. It was not easy having a small child and a husband who's work hours are insane. I was either running at 5:00 a.m., late at night, or with Kennedy in tow. I have endured many physical challenges this summer as well; shin splints, side aches, asthma, and most recently, excruciating knee pain. Ok, maybe not excruciating but dangit, it hurts!! I've overcome physical and mental challenges, spent many hours strength training and getting myself fit. I've busted my butt to be ready for a big race I have this weekend and have prepared myself to be more than ready to accomplish the goal I set for myself a year ago. I didn't think I would be able to accomplish this goal for a while but I was able to get myself ready through dedication. I was jazzed, I was pumped, I was READY!!!

But then Friday of last week Kennedy woke up with a cold. I don't want to paint over the fact that her being sick alone makes me sad. It sucks having a sick child :(. But I also instantly started worrying about catching it myself. After all I've overcome and done this summer, the last thing I need is to be sick on race day. I've tried all kinds of remedies people swear by and even had Cory give me a blessing. The words in the blessing gave me some comfort but unfortunately, I still caught her cold.

So here I am, sick with a cold and freaking out a little bit. Ok, freaking out a lot. Yes, getting sick is part of life. No, I can't always control what happens to me. But this race has been SO important to me. It's pushed me and given me the drive to do things I didn't think I was capable of. And here I am, 5 days before the big day, sick. I would be lying if I said I am taking it well. I've cried a lot and I'm very upset about it. My first thought was, "There will be other races I can do", but there's really not any I'll be around for that I can register for. This is it for me.

I can't even tell you how much it has tried my faith. I keep having a peaceful reassurance that everything will be ok. I'm not totally miserable with this cold and I'm saturating myself with all kinds of vitamins and teas in order to help keep my body going. I have a huge hope that it will pass quickly and I'll be able to accomplish my goal on Saturday. I'm trying to trust that the Lord understands how important this is to me and will bless me to be better by race day. I have the motivation and the muscle and preparation to make it happen, I just need my body to have enough energy. I'm praying my heart out that I'll have enough energy. I'm trying to stay positive and have faith that this cold won't take me out. Sometimes it's easy, sometimes it's not. It won't be the end of the world if I don't finish this race in my goal time. I know that. But honestly, it would be a blow and I really don't need that right now. So, here's to trusting in the Lord and trying to sleep lots and drink more OJ than I ever have before and try not to do this:


Our Past Week

I need to update what we've been up to!

First off, my sweet, adorable nephew is finally home. I know it's a huge relief to everyone, especially Tyler and Tory. A few hours after birth he was having trouble breathing so they were going to keep him in the NICU to keep an eye on him over night. After completing some blood tests, they found an infection. They started him on antibiotics right away while they ran the blood test again. This took days. It came back negative, so after almost a whole week in the NICU, he finally got to go home. His siblings are very happy to have him and their parents home. He's the most tiny, adorable, snuggle bug ever. I love him!

Monday we were able to tour the Brigham City Temple open house. I almost didn't go because Kennedy was a major punk that day, but I decided the temple would be a big enough distraction to keep her occupied. We went with my family, minus Cory who was working and Tory who just had a baby.

We drove to Brigham City and boarded a bus to take us to the temple. We had a lot of fun on the bus. These pictures suck but oh well.
Mommy and Kennedy
 Brock and Grandma
 Natalie and Collin
 Tyler and Grandpa
The kids were just beside themselves with excitement that they finally would be able to go inside a temple. They added a big sense of adventure to the air. We arrived at the temple and watched a video about temples then we put on our booties. Kennedy was not digging the booties in the slightest until she saw we all had them and got to listen to how they sounded when she walked. After that she would get mad every time I picked her up.

The temple was very beautiful. I wish I could have paid more attention to detail instead of keeping Kennedy with me, but it was still a good experience and she liked it. She would point at stuff and smile. It made me cry. Her favorite was the baptismal font. She pointed and kept saying "Wow!" really loud. After our tour we went outside and took some pictures. Then we headed back on the bus to get back to our cars and went to Sonic for dinner while we dined in the back of the truck. The sky was gorgeous on the drive home. It was a really good night.
The family
 Kennedy flirting with Aunt Natalie on the bus
 House of the Lord
 Beautiful sky complete with Kennedy's hand print

Next up, we went to the State Fair with our good friends, the Weavers, last night. I love the fair! We instantly started our experience with lots of food. We had all kinds of goodies and I finally got to try pizza from The Pie. Except for the hair in my food, and the self-control it took to not dry-heave, it was awesome!!

Next we walked around and headed over to the little kid stuff in hopes of finding something fun for the babies. There was an exhibit called "Little Hands on the Farm" which I hoped contained a petting zoo of some sort but I was way off! It was a little learning center set up to teach kids all about farming. We had some fun though. They got to pet fake animals and ride some "tractors".

And at the end there was a place to take pictures:
Happy Girl!
 This picture is the cutest!

 Zeke and Kennedy

 We saw all kinds of merchandise and checked out the stuffed animals at the Division of Wildlife and Natural Resources exhibit.
One vendor had bubbles

 Next we rode the Big Yellow Slide! That thing is so much fun! I'm not sure what the kiddos thought of it, but neither of them cried, so that's a plus. We went down once with Chris and Zeke and then Cory, Kennedy, and I went down for another ride.

 Round two

After our adventure on the slide we went to see the livestock area. This was Kennedy's favorite part, as expected. She loves animals so she was thrilled to get to pet some sheep and goats. I didn't let her near the gigantic cattle though.

 After the animals we watched this crazy dude dive BACKWARDS off this 80 ft. platform. I have video of the dive but I'm too lazy to upload it :) The pool below is only 10 ft deep also. Fair people are crazy.
 We finished out our evening listening to live music and eating more food - deep fried Twinkies and Oreo's. They were amazing. But I felt like I ate a rock afterward. We had tons of fun and love doing things with our friends! Thanks again, guys!
This picture makes me laugh. Kennedy isn't crying, she's just pulling a weird face LOL.