The Ranch

We spent the past couple days at Cory's families ranch in Idaho. It was a lot of fun! We went up there primarily so Cory could help repair the roof, so that is why he is absent in many of these photo's. We played while he worked :( But we had a great time!
Kennedy enjoyed the car ride up
 Our first stop was:
 Where we stopped to see Cory's Grandma Joyce.

 Then we made it to the ranch and spent some time with Braden and Hailey. First we got the XBOX working...
 Then we played a quick game of crochet. It was quick because I lost patience and yelled, "First one to hit their ball to the end wins!" Of course it was Cory. And Braden carried his which was against the rules :)

 Then we took the kids for a long ride on the four-wheelers. It was super smokey but a ton of fun. And the smoke actually made things look kind of pretty. Strange, I know.

 Kennedy absolutely loves dogs! She has started to say "doggie" now and she barks whenever she see's or hears one. So she was on cloud nine when she actually got to play with Blazer and Sitka. They would lick her face and hands and she's squeal and laugh and back up then go back for more.

 It was the cutest thing! Also, I think farm country is actually kind of pretty. It's really quiet and peaceful.
 Kennedy slept like a rock that night. She was so tired!! We found her like this the next morning:
 Isn't that adorable? She sure loves her Elmo. Then I decided to take Kennedy for her first four-wheeler ride. She loved it! She would only get upset when I'd slow down. It's so funny to see someone so small on something so big.

 While Cory and his dad were working hard in the sun, we drove 30 minutes to Bear Lake and swam in the water. It was a perfect day for it! Again, Kennedy loved it! She was more fascinated with the sand than anything else, but she had a great time. She even chased seagulls while squealing with joy. I was too preoccupied with getting pictures of Kennedy on her first beach trip that I forgot to get some of Braden, Hailey, and Shirleen. They had tons of fun out in the deep water.

 The problem with being there for a roofing project was there was hammering... lots and lots of hammering... which meant no nap time unless I drove Kennedy around. We did  A LOT of driving. One such drive we headed over to Afton, Wyoming which was about 40 minutes away. I accidentally woke Kennedy up while getting gas so we got some french fries and headed to a park and played in the beautiful Afton weather and she got to swing for the first time. OH MY HECK!! I wish I would have had my camera ready for this. She was in heaven. I've never heard so many squeals of glee come from her. She screamed in excitement and had a smile on her face the entire time. It didn't matter how high I pushed her, she loved every second of it. Yes, I posted 12 pictures of her swinging. I know that's overkill but they're for family mostly. 

We really had so much fun and Kennedy really loved it! The only bad things were all the driving I had to do and my allergies were INSANE. Other than that it was so great to hang out with family. Kennedy got to spend lots of time with her cousins and grandma and loved every second of it. We're excited to go back again.

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