Running Woes

I have to share today's experience because it's too funny not to.

My friend and I went for a "training run" this morning at 6:00 a.m. down one of the local canyons. We took quite the beating.

The fun started at the top of the canyon when we both had to relieve ourselves and there wasn't a bathroom in site. I'm not sure the "locals" are going to like what we left for them in the their backyards.
I wish I was kidding.

A couple miles in I finally faced one of my fears and ended up tripping and slid across the asphalt. My knee and palm were pretty ripped up and started bleeding right away. I picked myself up and we kept going. A couple miles later I noticed my elbow also took a hit and that my water bottle that straps to my hand had giant gashes in it. Had I not been holding that, my hand would have been in bad shape. No biggie though. I let the blood drip down my leg as we kept going. Did I mention it was my bad knee? I also couldn't stop laughing at myself.

My friend also has a bad knee, worse than mine, and towards the end the pain was pretty fierce. But we kept going. No pain no gain.

We ended up going farther than planned because of my poor mapping skills. Oops! By the time I reached the car, the yard we had parked in front of had sprinklers on and I just sat in the middle of their yard and let myself get soaked. I'm sure I looked perfectly sane.

When we finally got home the damage was pretty visible. I had asphalt in my knee that needed scrubbing out and I also developed a gigantic blister on my poor pinky toe. Ouch! My friend went home and took off her shoes only to discover that seven of her toes had been bleeding for a big chunk of the run and ruined her socks. Holy cow!

That sure is a lot of blood and pain for a simple training run. But we have a pretty good story to tell now.

Believe it or not, we actually enjoyed ourselves and plan on doing it all again next week.

Bring it on!!

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