Projects in Pictures

I know the majority of you don't care about this, but in case someone does, here are the pictures of our house projects, as promised.

This week or so has been spent turning our house upside down and back again. But now that the majority of it is done, it looks and feels so much better!!!

Let's start with inside:

I dejunked, cleaned, organized, and rearranged almost every room in our house. Don't worry, I didn't take a picture of every room. It started with the closet in the exercise room and just kind of got out of control. But now I know where EVERYTHING is (except our Social Security cards...) and everything has a spot. In the coming months we'll buy shelving for closets, the storage room, and the garage and things will be even better. I took a picture of the exercise room because it's my favorite now. It's technically the exercise/craft room/office but I don't craft much in there and we don't need an office. So, it's basically the exercise room.

It feels so bare in there now but that will make it easier to turn into a kids room as the years go by.

We've made vast improvements to our backyard this summer. We still have a ways to go, but compared to how it was, it looks amazing. It's been a butt-load of work, but it's been so worth it! Just as a refresher, here is the "before" picture of our yard and house:

And here it is now:

Quite a difference, no? In case you missed it, here's what we've done:

(Picture from first of June) With this ridiculous heat, we've had some spots try and give up on us. But we're staying on top of it.

The Deck
We expanded our deck. I wouldn't even call what was there before a deck. It took a ridiculous amount of time and money but it looks fabulous. Cory built the railing himself from scratch. Well technically, he built the whole deck himself. He's amazing.

Future deck improvements:
Shade awning
slide to the backyard
BBQ grill (possible belated birthday present for Cory?)

This one is planted:
This one still needs a home somewhere in the ground:
We want 2-3 more, preferably a different kind that grows faster than these maples so we can have some shade in the coming years.

We made a little garden next to the house and my mom gave me some Iris's that should bloom next year....

I want to put a stone boarder around the perimeter but on our last Lowe's trip, the cart was already so heavy I could barely move it when putting ALL my force into it. So, next time we'll pick some up.

We debated for a month or so what we wanted to do under the deck and we decided to go with a stone patio. It wasn't nearly as easy as you might think.


Here's a close up of my little creation under the stairs:

This isn't entirely completed but it may be all we get to this year. We still need to finish off the bottom of the deck posts by putting a rock base around them, build a sectional for some seating on the patio, get a swing to hang under there, build a bench for under the stairs right next to the door, and expand the rocks out from the checkerboard thing I made and put a fire pit there with seats made out of tree stumps around it. I have this whole thing envisioned in my head. I hope it looks as good as I think it will. We want to have a yard perfect for entertaining. Hopefully we'll get it that way before we're too old to enjoy it! ;)

(Note: Again, this probably overkill but when you put this much work and effort into something you feel proud and want to share your accomplishments. So there.)

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