Good, Girl.

If you've known me at all, before having a child altered me genetically, crafts and I went together like oil and water. I almost avoided girls camp growing up just because there would always be crafting time. The boys would jump in freezing lakes, build shelters, and singe eyebrows playing with fire. Not us! Us gals would have to sleep in cabins, wash our hair, and spend hours crafting. It was horrible.  

But, having many days bored at home has forced me into crafting and home design a little bit. And I mean a little bit. After being introduced to The Wood Connection about a year ago, I've upped the ante slightly and have done a few wood projects to help me feel like less of a robot; but just enough to make my house look decorative enough to make people think I was stylish. If my life depended on creating something from my own brain I'd die. Crafting and attempting to decorate gave me something to do. I started to feel slightly creative and feminine.

But then someone introduced me to Pinterest . . .

. . . specifically the home decor/improvement section . . .

 . . . and my brain exploded.


Hold on, you can make seats out of bookshelves and redo an entire room for $12?? What rock have I been living under??

I haven't looked much at the crafting section for fear of what might happen to me. Just the home section has me dreaming about organization and painting and baskets, baskets baskets!!! There has been more than one occasion when I've woken up in the middle of the night to attempt an idea that came to me in my sleep. Frightening, no?

In the spirit of self-control I looked up ideas for a few things around the house like our bedroom, laundry room, and backyard and tried to stop before things got out of hand.

But if Pinterest has taught me one thing it is that I have no self-control. Even now that I have an idea for literally every surface of my house, I still can't stop looking up stuff. It's a disease.

I'm not allowed to start any inside home projects until we finish the outside ones. I feel like a dog being told to sit patiently and watch other dogs bark and play and run around.

If I'm not allowed to move soon, I'm worried I'll wet the carpet. 

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