I've never purchased any race day photos taken by the professional photographers until the Dirty Dash. That was kind of required since you can't exactly carry a camera in the mud. Lacie and I were at the 10k alone the other day so we didn't have anyone to take our "finish line" photos. I thought, "Maybe if the professional ones are REALLY good I'll buy one." I was hoping for one with Lacie and I at the finish but they singled us out :(. I guess we should have been holding hands or something haha. Anyway, here is the one I purchased. It's the best finish line picture of myself I've ever seen so that should tell you how bad I've always looked.
If you care to see the rest that were not worth buying you can go here: More Pictures
But I'm betting the only one that does is Lacie ;)

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Lacie said...

You know me well!!!!!! :) love love the pictures!!!