4th of July Fun

This years fourth of July has been extremely better than last year! First off, most people aren't doing fireworks, much less the freaking loud aerial ones so that's nice that we won't have to try and go to sleep tonight to the sound of cannons going off basically. Also, we don't have a week old baby so we aren't sleep deprived or exhausted or hormonal. All the ingredients for a great holiday! haha. I'm actually sad we're not lighting off any fireworks tonight. That's usually my favorite thing to do. But that's ok, there will be many more years to come.

Cory was lucky enough to have the 1st-5th off (almost) so we had lots of fun things planned and family time squared away. The last time he had this many days off was when we went to Moab. Here are some fun things we've done. I'm sure there's more to come before he returns to work.

We went to the International Peace Gardens. I remembered them being super cool. They were cool, but the heat has obviously made the gardens suffer And some countries gardens were pretty lame. But most were cool and we enjoyed walked around and spending time together.


 Staying hydrated


 Letting the little kiddo run around.
While we were there we heard siren after siren after siren go by. Pretty soon we saw a gigantic cloud of smoke billowing up from the west. So, of course we went to check it out. It was the brush fire on Redwood Road. We went all over to try and see what was going on. We got some good action shots. I COULD NOT believe how fast the fire spread. It was insane.

It was nuts. I'll try and avoid a tangent about how angry I am with these fires. I wish people would stop thinking they're the exception. Accidents happen no matter how careful you say you'll be.

We also went to Liberty Park and played in the Seven Rivers area. It's pretty cool but since it's been so hot, it was very crowded. Kennedy loved it. We'll have to take her back with a swim diaper.

 Look at the facelift the Aviary got!! It looks amazing!! And now they're charging way more :(
We were home when the Alpine fire started and we could see the mammoth cloud of smoke from our house! I took a picture of it and it ended up looking like a man's face. Really weird, right?
We decided to stay home and watch the Eaglewood fireworks from our deck. We had an amazing view and it was so nice to not have to fight traffic and find a spot in the shade and wait it out. But I did miss the people watching and the fun and feeling the boom of the fireworks. Next year we'll be there.
This looks like a sunrise but it was the moon. SO BIG!!

 And lastly, we were able to go the Rec Center and swim with Daddy!!! We had tons of fun!!

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