13 Month Monster

I didn't realize until later today that Kennedy is 13 months old. Yay!

All I have to say about her right now is she is one busy little bee. She's a two-foot tall tornado and everywhere she touches down she leaves a path of destruction. I'll find my shoes in the bathtub, her toys in the hamper, and all kinds of things in the most random places. Anything within reach is fair game and she's into everything all the time. She's getting into trouble more and more, too. She likes to hide between the treadmill and the wall where I can't reach her and tease me but she also can't get out by herself. And today she came running into the room as fast as she could holding a big pair of scissors, blades up. I have no idea where she found them and I keep thanking Heavenly Father that she didn't trip with them because she was holding them right by her neck. It scared me to death. But when she's not getting into trouble she's tons of fun and we love her so much! Tonight she sat on the couch and watched the opening ceremonies with me (pictured below) and really got into them. She was laughing and clapping and bouncing around. She's the cutest ever.

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