If it was possible to put all these random thoughts up on Facebook all the time and not have my friends block me from their news feed I'd totally do it. But for the sake of their sanity, I instead harbor the thoughts until I have enough to create a totally weird and useless blog. Welcome to another creation.

I never thought I'd see the day when a physician would tell me to be out in the sun, rather than avoid it. I guess I can thank eczema for that. So no, neighbors, I'm not out getting sun to be vain. I'm just itchy and the man in the white coat told me to.

We have a vole infestation in my neighborhood. I didn't know what vole meant and thought everyone was just making a typo error. But, what would ya, know, They're a real thing! They're basically field mice and they're taking over the world. I can't help but wonder which one is Pinky and which one is Brain. It's actually quite a huge problem. They're destroying yards, sidewalks, marriages... It's a real mess. Dead ones are scattered everywhere like some sort of vole Normandy and there's so many scurrying out on the parkway that it feels like I'm running through land mines and I really have to watch my step... If you catch my drift. I'm hoping things get better. Where's the pide piper when you need him? Another victim of the economy I suppose.

It amazes me how Cory can never watch a single NBA game all season and not even care about any teams, but when playoff season approaches, we have to watch every game like our lives depend on it. I get more conversation out of Kennedy than I do from him while the game is on. But when it's over, I can't get him to stop telling me about it.

Yesterday started out pretty good and then quickly tanked. It got so bad I had popcorn and ice cream for dinner.

Did you know the gestation of a vole is 20 days and they can get pregnant the same day they deliver? With liters of up to 17 babies they can have thousands of offspring every year. That's almost as many as Mormons :D

When you have to start your morning by running out in the backyard and chasing your giant inflatable kiddie pool from blowing away in bare feet and morning hair, you know God has a sense of humor.

I've lost 24 lbs. It blows my mind and I feel amazing. My goal is to get down to my original weight of 7 lbs 8 oz.

I know I'm doing a fabulous job as a parent when my 11 month old daughter instantly recognizes, and immediately drops everything to dance and rock out to the theme song of The Office.

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