A Fun Day With WAY Too Many Pictures

Today was so fun! We started the day with a birthday party for our cute neighbor who turned 3 at the neighborhood splash pad. We had great food and even better company. Kennedy loved the splash pad until she caught a giant stream of water right in the face, then she was apprehensive. I'm sure she'll warm back up for next time. And hopefully the wind won't be blowing.

Then we went home and Mrs. K had a four hour nap. That has never happened!!! She even fell asleep in my arms before putting her down. Poor thing was tuckered out. I took a brief nap and caught up on my Hulu watching while Cory welded more of the railing for the deck.

Later my parents were bored and came down and we all went to go see the fountains at Station Park in Farmington. They were cool but they only play one 3 minute song every hour. Lame!! I'm hoping they get complaints and make it longer. But the night was perfect and the weather was amazing. We felt like we were on vacation. As usual, the pictures won't be in any particular order but enjoy anyway.

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