Kennedy's First Birthday!

Holy crap, my baby is one! Seriously, I don't know how that happened. Yesterday was so surreal as I played back that day a year ago. I kept saying annoying things like "At this time last year we were going into the hospital and it was the most terrified I'd ever been" or "At this time last year they broke my water." Yep, I was one of those. I can't believe how far one year has taken us. Kennedy is such a joy and such a blessing and I'm proud of Cory and I for making it this far! Granted, I was totally exhausted last night, but I went to bed crying because of how grateful I am for her. I love her more than words will ever be able to describe.

Ok, so let me tell you all about her big day. We started the morning off with a trip to the zoo with the majority of my family, Cory's brother Dustin, and our sweet neighbor. We had a really good time. The new Rocky Shores exhibit is pretty dang cool and the polar bear sure knew how to perform. There were gobs of people and every time the bear would move to another window a mob of kids and mean moms with strollers would crowd to the next window. So, we just staked out a spot at a vacant window and waited for it to come to us. It paid off because we got an up close encounter. Kennedy loved it!

She also got to have a close up encounter with the grizzly bear.

And here are some more random photo's from the zoo. I'm super pissed because we took some big group photos and I know those pictures were on my phone. I saw them. Then on the way home my phone froze and I had to reset it and they were gone. I don't know what happened. I'm not a happy camper about it because it was a CUTE bunch of pictures. :(

I started to get cranky and panicky after a couple hours because I expected us to be done with the zoo after maybe two hours and we weren't even half way done. We still had TONS more to do at home before her party and time was running out. After being ignored the first 15 times I said "We need to hurry," or "We need to go." I finally got frustrated enough that Cory believed me and we left before we saw the monkey's (my favorite) or anything else really. Kennedy enjoyed it a lot more this time and she especially loved the little teeny monkeys that are in the reptile house. We'll need to go back just the three of us and see more animals.

We got home and put Kennedy down for a much needed nap and the hard work began. Her party was fun and a huge success but I won't say it was all sunshine and flowers. It was a boat-load of work and I'll probably never do a big party at my house again. I spent two days cleaning the house and yard and never sat down or even ate as soon as we got home yesterday as I tried to get things ready. By the time guests arrived, I was near tears from exhausting from the heat, hauling tables, chairs, food, etc up and down the stairs to the backyard 100 times, and from not having eaten anything. My back hurt so bad I was trying not to cry all night. BUT... we did have tons of fun and I'm grateful that so many people came and were generous enough to share their time with us. I think Kennedy had a great time, too! We had a BBQ and sat and ate and enjoyed company. There was a kiddie pool for the little ones and they loved it! I wish we had a big pool because it was hot and all the adults were dying haha. After we ate dinner, Kennedy opened her presents, which she got tons of (Thanks, everyone!), and then we had cake. She started out eating pretty daintily and then finally started making a mess towards the end. Then she got super tired and upset and had a major meltdown when I tried to hose her off. She calmed down after a while though.

 The present watching crew
 Clearly the pool was awesome!
 Grandpa and Grandma Hunter rocked the house and got her a plush rocking-horse that she LOVED!!!
 She just sat on it and was so excited and kept smiling at everyone. We all had a good laugh.

I have to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who helped clean up yesterday, especially Lisa who did most of the dishes and put food away. I started crying when I saw the mess we had to clean up and I was already so dang tired. But it all got done and I was in bed by 8:30.

Kennedy is bursting with personality and has a flare for the dramatics. She's into everything and climbing on stuff and even walking!! Yay! We love her to death!
I think this is her favorite place in the kitchen
 She loves the kiddie pool! And playing with other kiddos.
 By far her favorite stuffed animal

 I had to get pictures of this morning hair!

 She climbs into EVERYTHING!
 I was hauling stuff in and out yesterday and came back in and found her like this. It wouldn't worry me if she knew how to get back down, but I don't think she does yet.

And finally, a short clip of her walking.


4 Years

It's our anniversary today! I can't believe it's only been 4 years. I can't imagine my life without Cory so it seems so much longer. We met in early May, 2007 and have never spent a day apart since. Ever. And we're not sick of each other! :) I never imagined two people could be so happy together. Here's to eternity! I love this man!!



If it was possible to put all these random thoughts up on Facebook all the time and not have my friends block me from their news feed I'd totally do it. But for the sake of their sanity, I instead harbor the thoughts until I have enough to create a totally weird and useless blog. Welcome to another creation.

I never thought I'd see the day when a physician would tell me to be out in the sun, rather than avoid it. I guess I can thank eczema for that. So no, neighbors, I'm not out getting sun to be vain. I'm just itchy and the man in the white coat told me to.

We have a vole infestation in my neighborhood. I didn't know what vole meant and thought everyone was just making a typo error. But, what would ya, know, They're a real thing! They're basically field mice and they're taking over the world. I can't help but wonder which one is Pinky and which one is Brain. It's actually quite a huge problem. They're destroying yards, sidewalks, marriages... It's a real mess. Dead ones are scattered everywhere like some sort of vole Normandy and there's so many scurrying out on the parkway that it feels like I'm running through land mines and I really have to watch my step... If you catch my drift. I'm hoping things get better. Where's the pide piper when you need him? Another victim of the economy I suppose.

It amazes me how Cory can never watch a single NBA game all season and not even care about any teams, but when playoff season approaches, we have to watch every game like our lives depend on it. I get more conversation out of Kennedy than I do from him while the game is on. But when it's over, I can't get him to stop telling me about it.

Yesterday started out pretty good and then quickly tanked. It got so bad I had popcorn and ice cream for dinner.

Did you know the gestation of a vole is 20 days and they can get pregnant the same day they deliver? With liters of up to 17 babies they can have thousands of offspring every year. That's almost as many as Mormons :D

When you have to start your morning by running out in the backyard and chasing your giant inflatable kiddie pool from blowing away in bare feet and morning hair, you know God has a sense of humor.

I've lost 24 lbs. It blows my mind and I feel amazing. My goal is to get down to my original weight of 7 lbs 8 oz.

I know I'm doing a fabulous job as a parent when my 11 month old daughter instantly recognizes, and immediately drops everything to dance and rock out to the theme song of The Office.


Our Father

Happy fathers day to my amazing husband!! Cory is such a kindhearted, loving man. He's incredibly talented and strong and he works so hard for Kennedy and myself. He's always positive and never does anything to put anyone else down. He's a worthy priesthood holder and values what's really important in life. We are so lucky to have him and I know Kennedy gets most of her good traits from him. We sure love you, daddy!!


A Fun Day With WAY Too Many Pictures

Today was so fun! We started the day with a birthday party for our cute neighbor who turned 3 at the neighborhood splash pad. We had great food and even better company. Kennedy loved the splash pad until she caught a giant stream of water right in the face, then she was apprehensive. I'm sure she'll warm back up for next time. And hopefully the wind won't be blowing.

Then we went home and Mrs. K had a four hour nap. That has never happened!!! She even fell asleep in my arms before putting her down. Poor thing was tuckered out. I took a brief nap and caught up on my Hulu watching while Cory welded more of the railing for the deck.

Later my parents were bored and came down and we all went to go see the fountains at Station Park in Farmington. They were cool but they only play one 3 minute song every hour. Lame!! I'm hoping they get complaints and make it longer. But the night was perfect and the weather was amazing. We felt like we were on vacation. As usual, the pictures won't be in any particular order but enjoy anyway.