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This blog post is for a link on Facebook. It is strictly information only that was too long to post on Facebook :) so you can read all you want but it may be a little boring.

A few of my friends have expressed interest in working out together and I could really use a workout buddy and/or a running partner. A running partner is the most essential for two reasons:
They help keep me motivated on days I don't want to go
It's dangerous for girls to go running alone, especially with all the attacks that happen each year.

So, let me tell you what my days consist of so you can see if you can join me for any of them. Even if it's just one day a week that's cool with me. My general schedule is as follows but I'm flexible if needs be:

I general work out in the mornings during nap time. That's usually around 9:30 or so. Sometimes earlier. I'm also cool with you bringing your little ones over to my house while this happens.

On Monday's I go for a bike ride for my cardio work out. If you don't have a bike, my husband has one you can borrow for the day. And I have a two-kid trailer I pull but Kennedy takes up one spot. If the weather sucks I use my stationary bike at home. You're welcome to use it as well. Then I use my weights I have here at home and work my arms, chest, and back. I have lots of different workouts for weight training and several resistance bands to use in place of gym equipment.

Tuesday's I run. I am not a fast runner so don't worry about slowing me down. If you're faster than me, that's awesome too. You can go at your own pace. This day is usually reserved for speed training or hill training. I don't generally go very far (right now no more than 4 miles) and I usually have to take Kennedy. We also have a treadmill at my house we can use if the weather isn't cooperative. Then I work my legs for weight training. I usually do Jillian Michaels Killer Buns and Thighs DVD. It will whip you into shape for sure!!! If there's no time for that I usually just do standard leg weights (squats, lunges, etc.) again, I have several sets of hand weights for resistance.

Wednesday's I try to bike again but my legs are usually pretty sore so it's either not for very long or I just skip cardio this day. Then I work my abs by doing Jillian's Six Week Six Pack DVD. This can also count as cardio. If you're not familiar with her workouts she always does circuits and she adds in high intensity interval training in with it so you burn mega calories.

Thursday's are an easy run day. I go slow and not very far. It's just to keep my body loose. Somehow Thursday's are always busy so I struggle to do anything but the run but with a partner I think it'll be easier to squeeze in another fitness DVD. I have tons!! We could do yoga, Pilates, kickboxing, I don't care. And I have two yoga mats and enough room for two people to do yoga in the same room.

Friday is strictly yoga and upper body to stretch and save my legs before the Saturday long run. I have a few yoga DVD's including another Jillian michaels one that I love. I also work my upper body again.

Saturday is the long run. Right now I'm not up to any crazy mileage, just 4 miles. I'm starting slow to rebuild a foundation before I start going far again. Seriously, I run SLOW so you can either hang with me or go at your own pace.

None of this is set in stone. I'm very flexible. I only workout in the mornings because if I don't do it then I usually don't get to it. But with a friend it would be ok to do it later in the day. I'm also ok with rotating days if needs be. For example, this week I did all my runs on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday instead of Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. If you can just make it for one day or a couple days or even just want to play it week by week, that works for me too. Just let me know by message on facebook or text me. I feel like I work out pretty hard and even though I have a gym membership, this saves you from having to get one and it's kid friendly! :) oh and if your child needs a morning nap also, I have a pack and play they can sleep in. Thanks everyone!

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