Small Happenings

Cory and I don't have the most exciting lives lately, so I'll just list our seemingly unimportant and yet awesome to us happenings...

We're running the Dirty Dash on Saturday. It's Cory's first ever race and we're both excited to get down and dirty. We're dressing up as gangsters so we'll look awesome I'm sure.

Cory is so close to finishing his "B" level of modules. Then it's on to "A".

We finally got a new bed! The mattress we had was Cory's for years, and his parents way before that. It was bad. It had a lump in the middle where no one slept that I'd roll onto after Cory left in the mornings. That was the only place I could get comfortable. Neither of us could sleep well and as it turns out, it was making my shoulder worse. Thanks to a mega-sale (that's never happened before) we were able to get our dream bed for $600 off!! Woot!! It's AMAZING!!

The deck should be completed this week and then Cory can weld the railing together to make it so people don't fall off of it :) SOOOOO excited!!

We were having trouble with some of our sod. Some pieces were lush and amazing and others were pretty much dying. We were afraid we picked a bad sod dealer, even though they had great reviews. But we called them and OH MY WORD!! They are the most amazing people! We sent them pictures and they gave us things to try first and offered to fertilize it for free, seed it for free, and if nothing ended up working, they would have replaced it for free. How awesome is that?! And for our troubles they gave us $50 to spend in their nursery. I think we might go get a tree or something. Anyway, their tips were great. They really know their stuff. Look at the difference in one week:
That was taken last week. We were able to mow it this week and it's looking amazing. We love the deep green color, too.

That's about it. Like I said, nothing earth shattering, but we're happy with things and excited for our small happenings. 

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