I Left My Spine Elsewhere

I am a giant pushover.

Our amazing realtor gave us a book for Kennedy when we moved in that plays "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" when you push a red button and you read through the different verses and sing along. She's loved it since she was tiny and a few months ago she learned how to push the button on her own. Since then, it has been her favorite toy. She always crawls over to the books several times a day and pushes the button and dances to the song and smiles the CUTEST smile. She adores it!

The last few weeks, the battery has been dying. The song has sounded sicker and sicker. I told myself I can't get into the habit of replacing every toy that dies. Kids need to learn that things break. But she's still pretty little for that and with each day the song got worse, I'd get nervous for the day it died. Would I stay strong? That day has been breathing down our necks.

This morning it started cutting out half way through the song. But after that, she pushed the button and nothing happened. She tried again and still nothing. She tried a third time and this time she knew she was pushing it hard enough. She stopped and looked at me with the SADDEST face I have ever seen on her and her face crumpled in a whimper. Not a cry, a gut-wrenching whimper. Then she looked at the book like she was losing her best friend.

Within 30 seconds I had jumped on Amazon mobile and ordered a new one.

Yeah, so much for being strong.

We'll try again with the next toy. Or book. Until then, Amazon, please ship quickly!!

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