I think we've reached the point where we need to take the binki away from Kennedy. It's become a tool for evil.

The last few days she has been throwing her binki out of her crib when I lay her down for naps and then acts upset so I'll come back in and put it in her mouth. It hasn't been a big deal until tonight. We put her down and I went and sat on our bed in the next room. After about 30 seconds I heard her binki drop to the floor and I could hear her faking like she was mad. Cory walked by and saw her standing up and that her binki was laying on the floor so he went and put it back in, laid her down, then went to the bathroom. As soon as he shut the door, this time I heard two plops that indicated two binki's had now hit the floor which meant she'd found her spare one in her crib and had thrown that out too. I went in there and scolded her and said "If you do that again, you're not getting the binki's back." and laid her down. But when she wasn't looking I quickly laid on the floor right next to the crib where she couldn't see me.

I immediately heard her flip over and grab the spare binki (one was in her mouth) and heard her efforts as she sat up and whatnot. Then with a light clank I saw her spare binki appear on the edge of the crib. She had set it there so she could use her hands to pull herself up. Then I saw her little fingers curl around the crib and I heard her grunt as she brought herself to standing. Then I watched those tiny, perfect fingers flick her binki off the edge like she was shooing away a bug. I stifled a laugh and choked down my anger at the same time. Then I heard her pull her other binki out of her mouth, making the same sound a lollipop makes while leaving a mouth, and I saw her arm extend over the edge as she chucked her binki and it sailed to the floor with a plop. At this point, I was super mad but I also couldn't contain my laughter and I blew my cover as giggles escaped my mouth. Kennedy's head whipped over the edge of the crib and down at me and she greeted me with a huge, mischievous smile that said, "Look what I just did! What are you going to do about it?" Seeing an important teaching moment, I pretended to be very angry and got up and left, leaving her beloved binki's on the floor, where she could see them. It didn't take long before she realized the game was over and got mad and started to cry. I let her go until I knew she'd reached the point where she wouldn't calm down on her own and finally went in and held her and she conked out almost instantly.

She's one clever minx, that one. But For now at least, we're one step ahead. We'll see how long the binki game lasts.

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