11 Months

Kennedy is 11 months old! Next month I'll have a one year old! Eek!

This month did not start out well. She's becoming more independent and has learned that she can protest when she doesn't like something. And I mean PROTEST!! Naps were a nightmare for a while and now she screams almost every night we put her down. She eventually falls asleep though. It was total torture for me at first but I'm used to it now.

She so dang curious and so dang smart. She already knows how everything works and I can't hide anything from her. She loves to explore EVERY crevice of our house and play with anything she can find. She's been opening cupboards and playing in them. She also made a beeline for the stairs when we got home and the gate wasn't shut yet and tumbled down them when neither of us were looking. After we knew she was fine and the scared feeling wore off, we were sitting there quietly and I said to Cory, "I kind of wish I could have seen it." and we both just started cracking up. She keeps us busy, thats for sure! She's also learning how to throw things. Yikes.

She knows some words. She always says a mix of "whoa" and "wow" at the appropriate times. She says Dada to Cory and sometimes she says mom. When we tell her to say bye-bye, she waves. She understands "come on" and can wave for me to follow her when she crawls away. She is starting to actually obey some things I ask her to do ha ha.

She LOVES to walk around. She pushes books and anything that will slide on the carpet around and walks with it. She loves to push the high chair around, and my brother let us borrow a walker thing that she can push around and walk with. She is also walking with holding on to just one hand as well. That's made helping her around a lot easier on my back. She stands on her own as well, but not for way long. She loves to stand up to something and let go and see how long she can last before she loses her balance. It's so cute because she gets so dang proud of herself. And she doesn't fall over, she gets wobbly and either steadies herself with her hands or just sits down. I'm amazed at how aware of her body and her surroundings she is. The other day she took my headband off and tried to put it on her own head and wear it like mommy. I Didn't know she even noticed I wear one. She's more observant than I realize.

She's still fun loving and adorable. She likes to wave at people and flirt with them from a distance. She's so funny and although she's becoming more challenging, she's still just the best thing ever. She cracks us up and keeps us smiling with her hilarious personality.
(in the picture below where she has the Zumba belt around her neck, she did that. She got into the wii stuff and started dressing herself up with it)

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Jennifer said...

Caught up on your blog again this morning Meg. :) Glad you are getting those thyroid issues solved and it sounds like you guys have been getting lots accomplished and having fun times too. I love Kennedy's zebra pants, by the way. So cute!