I Left My Spine Elsewhere

I am a giant pushover.

Our amazing realtor gave us a book for Kennedy when we moved in that plays "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" when you push a red button and you read through the different verses and sing along. She's loved it since she was tiny and a few months ago she learned how to push the button on her own. Since then, it has been her favorite toy. She always crawls over to the books several times a day and pushes the button and dances to the song and smiles the CUTEST smile. She adores it!

The last few weeks, the battery has been dying. The song has sounded sicker and sicker. I told myself I can't get into the habit of replacing every toy that dies. Kids need to learn that things break. But she's still pretty little for that and with each day the song got worse, I'd get nervous for the day it died. Would I stay strong? That day has been breathing down our necks.

This morning it started cutting out half way through the song. But after that, she pushed the button and nothing happened. She tried again and still nothing. She tried a third time and this time she knew she was pushing it hard enough. She stopped and looked at me with the SADDEST face I have ever seen on her and her face crumpled in a whimper. Not a cry, a gut-wrenching whimper. Then she looked at the book like she was losing her best friend.

Within 30 seconds I had jumped on Amazon mobile and ordered a new one.

Yeah, so much for being strong.

We'll try again with the next toy. Or book. Until then, Amazon, please ship quickly!!


Energizer Bunny, Move Over!!

I've had copious amounts of energy lately. I've got to say, it's been quite a refreshing change.

Yesterday and today were the craziest though.

Yesterday I started my morning exercising and just had so much energy I couldn't stop! I did intense circuits with weights and kickboxing for an hour and a half. I didn't think that was even possible.

I slept like absolute crap last night.

Today I woke up tired and very sore from my overzealousness yesterday and expected to drag. That wasn't the case. Here's what I was able to complete today.
1. Stained the deck on all the parts that won't have Trex.
2. Played games with Kennedy.
3. Helped Cory screw in the Trex decking on top. We almost have the whole thing laid out! (also got sunburned slightly)
4. Showered and fed Kennedy.
5. Went to dinner
6. Washed the car
7. Windexed all the windows on the car.
8. Vacuumed out the car.
9. Hauled the remaining decking boards from the garage to the backyard. Those suckers are HEAVY!!
10. Moved stuff around and organized the garage.
11. Swept out the garage.
12. Cleaned up the kitchen.
13. Folded and put away laundry.
14. Took out some outgoing mail.
15. Emptied the dishwasher.
16. Filled the dishwasher.
17. Washed Kennedy's bottles.
18. Fed Kennedy and put her to bed.
19. Wiped off the couch.
20. Swept off the drill shavings from the deck.
21. Folded more laundry.
22. Went running.

W.O.W!! It helped that Kennedy actually took a two hour morning nap and a 3 hour afternoon nap. I was able to complete a lot. And she was content following me around and watching me work while we talked gibberish to each other. I feel very accomplished today. However, I'm also pretty tired and my body is very, very sore. I need to write that down somewhere so the next time I have a lot of energy, I don't overdo it. I'd better get some hot muscles out of this ha ha. It will be interesting to see how tomorrow goes. Until then, my bed is calling me. Goodnight!


11 Months

Kennedy is 11 months old! Next month I'll have a one year old! Eek!

This month did not start out well. She's becoming more independent and has learned that she can protest when she doesn't like something. And I mean PROTEST!! Naps were a nightmare for a while and now she screams almost every night we put her down. She eventually falls asleep though. It was total torture for me at first but I'm used to it now.

She so dang curious and so dang smart. She already knows how everything works and I can't hide anything from her. She loves to explore EVERY crevice of our house and play with anything she can find. She's been opening cupboards and playing in them. She also made a beeline for the stairs when we got home and the gate wasn't shut yet and tumbled down them when neither of us were looking. After we knew she was fine and the scared feeling wore off, we were sitting there quietly and I said to Cory, "I kind of wish I could have seen it." and we both just started cracking up. She keeps us busy, thats for sure! She's also learning how to throw things. Yikes.

She knows some words. She always says a mix of "whoa" and "wow" at the appropriate times. She says Dada to Cory and sometimes she says mom. When we tell her to say bye-bye, she waves. She understands "come on" and can wave for me to follow her when she crawls away. She is starting to actually obey some things I ask her to do ha ha.

She LOVES to walk around. She pushes books and anything that will slide on the carpet around and walks with it. She loves to push the high chair around, and my brother let us borrow a walker thing that she can push around and walk with. She is also walking with holding on to just one hand as well. That's made helping her around a lot easier on my back. She stands on her own as well, but not for way long. She loves to stand up to something and let go and see how long she can last before she loses her balance. It's so cute because she gets so dang proud of herself. And she doesn't fall over, she gets wobbly and either steadies herself with her hands or just sits down. I'm amazed at how aware of her body and her surroundings she is. The other day she took my headband off and tried to put it on her own head and wear it like mommy. I Didn't know she even noticed I wear one. She's more observant than I realize.

She's still fun loving and adorable. She likes to wave at people and flirt with them from a distance. She's so funny and although she's becoming more challenging, she's still just the best thing ever. She cracks us up and keeps us smiling with her hilarious personality.
(in the picture below where she has the Zumba belt around her neck, she did that. She got into the wii stuff and started dressing herself up with it)

Small Happenings

Cory and I don't have the most exciting lives lately, so I'll just list our seemingly unimportant and yet awesome to us happenings...

We're running the Dirty Dash on Saturday. It's Cory's first ever race and we're both excited to get down and dirty. We're dressing up as gangsters so we'll look awesome I'm sure.

Cory is so close to finishing his "B" level of modules. Then it's on to "A".

We finally got a new bed! The mattress we had was Cory's for years, and his parents way before that. It was bad. It had a lump in the middle where no one slept that I'd roll onto after Cory left in the mornings. That was the only place I could get comfortable. Neither of us could sleep well and as it turns out, it was making my shoulder worse. Thanks to a mega-sale (that's never happened before) we were able to get our dream bed for $600 off!! Woot!! It's AMAZING!!

The deck should be completed this week and then Cory can weld the railing together to make it so people don't fall off of it :) SOOOOO excited!!

We were having trouble with some of our sod. Some pieces were lush and amazing and others were pretty much dying. We were afraid we picked a bad sod dealer, even though they had great reviews. But we called them and OH MY WORD!! They are the most amazing people! We sent them pictures and they gave us things to try first and offered to fertilize it for free, seed it for free, and if nothing ended up working, they would have replaced it for free. How awesome is that?! And for our troubles they gave us $50 to spend in their nursery. I think we might go get a tree or something. Anyway, their tips were great. They really know their stuff. Look at the difference in one week:
That was taken last week. We were able to mow it this week and it's looking amazing. We love the deep green color, too.

That's about it. Like I said, nothing earth shattering, but we're happy with things and excited for our small happenings. 


Birthday Picture Fun!

We celebrated my nephews 4th birthday last night at Chuck-E-Cheese. It was a lot of fun. I would go into detail but the only people who would care to read about it were there so... I'll just show you some fun pictures from the night.
Kennedy rode this ride all by herself.
 But the monster truck didn't have a seat belt, and she didn't really like it.
 Father and son played games all night.
 Grandpa and Grandma had fun.
 The girl cousins got some alone time.
 And here's proof that we actually get to do some stuff together, even though we take lousy pictures.
We really did have a great time. Happy Birthday, Nephew!



It has been ages since Cory and I actually went to do something fun. I'm serious. We've had a lot of house projects going on and it's taken over our lives. Yesterday, we decided to fix that problem.

First we made a trip to Lowe's and actually spent under $10. That was amazing. Then we had lunch and decided to head down to City Creek since Cory still hasn't been there. We walked around and took pictures of the beautiful day.

Kennedy fell in love with Stitch at the Disney store. She just stared at him lovingly and then finally started laughing and kept trying to give him hugs and kisses. Nemo got the shaft.

After City Creek we FINALLY got to take Kennedy swimming!!! She LOVED it!! She got a little worried when kids with goggles would swim by but other than that she was a champ. She would laugh every time Cory would pop up out of the water in front of her. We love swimming with Uncle Nate and now it finally feels like summer is here!

 She tried smiling but in her defense, it was really bright looking up at Daddy.
 I love this picture. She generally has issues with men but she loves Nate.


A Message For Women

Dear Young, Single Women,

I know dating in this day and age is really difficult. There's so much to learn about yourself and about the people you encounter that it seems like it'll never end. It's a roller coaster ride of emotions and heartache. But what troubles me most is what I see so many women giving up in themselves, or putting up with from the guys they choose just to have a relationship.

I know it doesn't seem like it, but so many other women around you have gone through the same thing. Perhaps your own mother has given you advice on the matter. I know, who believes their mom? They're ancient and there's no way they know what you're going through, right? In reality they do, and you will come to learn that in time if you haven't already. But maybe you'll listen to me? It wasn't very long ago that I was in the whirlwind of the dating scene. I've had my fair share of relationships and I've seen ALL kinds of guys and their games. There were many lessons I learned that I would like the share with you now.

If you are in high school still, I urge you to not worry about finding a relationship now. There's so much more you can focus on and it's a lot more fun than breaking up and getting back together a hundred times. Sure, everyone around you may have a boyfriend. But what does it gain them? They hang out with the same person every weekend and generally ignore their friends. When they break up, what do they have to show for it? Not a whole lot. Now is the time to make friends, be stupid, join sports teams, choir, debate, whatever! Now is the time to make memories and impressions, not try and fall in "love." Which brings me to my next point, true love in high school is very rare. Please don't throw around the term "I love you." It should really mean something and if you say it to every person you go out with, it loses it's purpose. I promise you, there will come a day when you'll know what true love is. It's not what the movies show, it's certainly not what Stephenie Meyer writes, and it's not predictable. It'll happen when it happens. Don't waste your time with immature high school boys right now. There will be countless opportunities for dating after you graduate. Focus on the good things and stay close to your friends. You'll need them later on.

After high school life gets really complicated. Now you're no longer looking for someone to cuddle with during a movie or kiss at prom, you're looking for your soul mate - the person you'll spend the rest of your life with. This is where the heartache starts. This is where you really start to love people and learn what it is you want in a man. Be warned, it's tough. There are countless guys out there looking for the wrong things. There are many who know how to manipulate a girl who isn't strong in her standards. DON'T FALL FOR THESE ONES! If you find yourself making compromises that jeopardize your standards or your virtue, GET OUT! They're not worth it, no matter how well they know how to apologize. Let me tell you what I learned from my past relationships compared to Cory.

A guy who really loves and cares about you, will show it always. Will he be perfect? Nope. But he should seem pretty darn close. A guy who loves you will never put you down or try and make you change for him. He will never string you along and make you wait to decide he wants you while he looks for something better. He will show you respect and won't be afraid to introduce you to his friends and family. He will want to be around you and make you smile and laugh. When he does make mistakes, he'll apologize and should make a noticeable effort to do better. If a man really loves you, he won't have to convince you of that so you'll stick around. You should never want to leave. Also, he shouldn't have to be convinced to stay either. He should want to. If you have to force the relationship, it's wrong. The right guy won't be outrageously sweet one day and totally horrible the next. It will upset him to see you in pain. He won't want to cause that pain himself. Will he? On rare occasions but you'll know it was a mistake, not a habit. The right one will love you just the way you are.

Now, love isn't perfect. You won't be carried off into the sunset by your husband and never fight and always be tangled in the sheets "making love." That's a myth. You won't be able to throw fits and cry and they'll just hold you and do everything to make it better. That may happen sometimes, but not all the time. You won't cuddle every single night or always hold hands wherever you go. Ok, maybe some of you will, but odds are you won't. But that won't matter because when you find the right person, you'll always know that they love you regardless of your imperfections. You'll love them when they fart and burp or spend their whole time talking about cars. You'll know it's right because no matter what you go through, you'll come out together with a stronger relationship and a deeper understanding of one another. You'll fight one minute and the next be laughing about something totally stupid. You won't spend nights crying yourself to sleep in pain because they hurt you.

If you haven't found that person yet, don't worry. There's still plenty of time. Remember to never give up who you are for anyone else. Stay strong and date the guys who make you feel good in every aspect of life, not the ones who make you feel good in a couple of them. Hang in there. It'll get better. Always show respect for yourself and those you choose to date will too.



You Know When...

You know you've done a Jillian Michael's workout when:

The next day you can't use your abs to sit up out of bed.

You struggle to squeeze the toothpaste from the tube without shaking because your arms are so tired.

You fear having to use the bathroom because squatting down on the toilet is next to impossible.

You walk like C3PO for a couple days after.

You have to do laundry more often because of how hard she makes you sweat.

You ache in places you didn't even know existed.

Even your hair smells like B.O. when you're done working out.

It takes longer than three minutes to bring your heart rate down.

Even walking up a small flight of stairs makes your legs burn.

You feel like screaming profanities during the warm up.

The word burpee gives you nightmares.

You struggle to pull your shirt over your head.

Using a 5lb dumbbell gives you better results than any weight machine at the gym ever delivered.

You need ibuprofen just to clean your house.

You swear a 30 minute workout has lasted an hour.

And last but not least...

You hear sounds closely resembling child birth coming from the exercise room.

Thanks for kicking my butt, Jillian! I love your workouts!

Feeling A Little Lost

This post doesn't have much of a purpose except for getting my feelings out.

Tonight is another night that I'm asking myself, "Do I really have what it takes to be a mother?"

Yep, I'm having a rough time. I think it's because Kennedy is finally starting to become challenging and it's wearing on me. Each new stage comes with new challenges and obstacles to overcome and it takes adjusting again. My patience is tried every single day and on certain days, I feel swallowed up by the task of motherhood.

Some people are perfectly ok with embracing motherhood. They love every second of it and don't mind just simply being a mom. They don't care to be classified as anything else. They live and breathe this job. This is absolutely not a bad thing. Not in the slightest. But it simply isn't for everyone. Lately, I've been struggling with balancing my life as a mother and still being me and doing things outside the box - things that make me who I am. I can't just be Megan: the Mom. I need to get out and have fun and still contribute to society. Please don't misinterpret this as a statement against being a mom. I love being a mom and I wouldn't trade Kennedy for the world. I love her more than words can describe. But I need some time to be me. Plus, not everything about motherhood is sunshine and rainbows. It's flipping hard work.

I'm really struggling to put into words exactly how I'm feeling. As I've mentioned before, sometimes I feel like I'm giving up who I am. I think I get so freaked out about having more kids because with more kids comes more work and the likelihood of staying me and staying sane seems impossible. I need my time to laugh with friends, spend quality time with Cory, go camping, climbing, running, swimming, see movies, stay out late, and load the freaking dish washer without having to stand on one leg because the other is barricading Kennedy from unloading whatever I just put in 2 seconds earlier. Sure these things are possible with Ms. K, but they're a billion times harder and I have to worry about her the whole time. My whole day revolves around her. I have to squeeze in jobs in between what she does. I have to vacuum before she naps, go to the store between nap time and lunch time, make dinner while she's occupied... It gets OLD!! And it's normal for every parent and it's not going to get any better. But that doesn't mean I can't vent about it and get annoyed every once in a while. I can't love every second of this job. I'm not cut out for that. I just need some sort of tactic to get me through these hard times. And more than anything, I need a break every once and a while. Very rarely do I get that, and it shows.

Although my day is crammed with stress and hard things, Kennedy is worth it. There are amazing moments. We do laugh together. I love watching her learn new things, dance to music, pull funny faces, and I love the good times we get together. It just seems like the bad is outweighing the good these last few weeks. I know it's temporary and I know I can get through it. I just wish I had a way to make it easier on me mentally. I love my little squish and I hate feeling like a bad mother because I don't always think happy thoughts. I'm ready for this trial to be over and for my sweet, happy, content baby to return. If nothing else, at least I'm growing some balls and getting better at letting her cry and not cracking after a few minutes. I can't teach her that crying will always get what she wants. Maybe that's what this hard time has been for, a thicker skin. Heaven knows I could use it. I'm a big old softy.

At the end of the day, no matter how sucky it may be, I'm always glad I made the choice to be a parent and a stay at home mom. I'm always happy to have Kennedy and although I joke about selling her or running away, I absolutely never would. This is my life now. This is how it's been for almost a year. And with each new year I'm sure I'll find myself in this same position, reevaluating my life and trying to make everything work so we're both happy and at peace. There's plenty to learn and I just hope I can get it all down quicker each time and not flip out so often. And if nothing else, as least I'll be more prepared for her siblings. But for now I'll just keep pushing through the day and keep trying to figure out what works for us. That's the only way to do it.


Mother's Day

It's probably best not to post about this day but... oh well.

Cory had to work mothers day. He would have taken it off if I had asked him but it was an overtime day which means he gets paid double and that was just too much to lose when he would have today off to help give me a break. But, I still complained about it the whole week before and was mad that when all the other mothers were getting meals made for them and would have their husbands take the kids to priesthood and yadda, yadda, yadda, it would be another Sunday for me with no help. I tried telling myself that single mothers never get that break AND they have to provide for themselves as well. I also tried telling myself I was lucky to even be a mom. It worked for a while and by Saturday night I was determined to make it a good mothers day for myself and enjoy my time with Kennedy. But I still had this feeling things were going to be bad...

Kennedy decided to wake up at 6:30. She's slept in till 8:30 every day prior to that this week, but of course, mothers day was the day to wake up before the sun. I wasn't happy about it but we started out the day alright. I made us yummy pancakes and we sat down and ate together.
Don't these look amazing?? Guess what? THEY ARE!! They're supposed to be the IHOP recipe. They don't taste exactly like them but they're pretty close and they are so good! If you want the recipe, message or email me and I'd be happy to share it. 
 Kennedy eating her pancake.
 I sent this picture to both Grandma's with the caption, "If you don't have a good mothers day I'm coming after you!"

Then I tried laying Kennedy down for a nap. Generally on Sundays I let her sleep a little longer in the morning because she doesn't get a nap with 1:00 church. But did she this morning? Of course not! She didn't even nap. After about an hour I gave up and got her dressed. She looked adorable!

Then all hell broke out. She was really tired and threw tantrums over EVERYTHING!! She spent the rest of the time before church crying and screaming and getting into things. I feared for sacrament meeting. Sure enough, I made it till just after they passed the sacrament before we had to go out in the hall to keep moving around. I didn't get to hear any talks. Then I had to teach Sunday School without Cory with this cranky, out of control baby. I had two amazing sisters in the ward offer to take her but they have little ones of their own and she doesn't like to go to people when she's tired so I didn't want to burden them. I owe my sanity to a girl in my class because she spent the whole lesson keeping Kennedy busy AND listening. She was incredible!!! After Sunday School I had to teach a song to the Relief Society sister for our musical number in sacrament next week. Again, a loving, thoughtful neighbor watched her while I was up trying to lead the music without making it obvious I was shaking and sweating bullets from being so stressed out and just ready for the day to end. And apparently I HATE being up in front of people. HATE IT!!! But it went alright.

We went to my parent's house for dinner and she fell asleep on the way up (It's a 5 min drive) but then woke up after we got there and spent another 45 minutes screaming and crying and throwing a fit. I felt awful because by then I had HAD IT!! I was supposed to be there to make my mom feel appreciated and instead I broke down and she had to come to MY rescue. I'm so sorry, Mom!! :( Thank you so much for helping me out! She was so cranky the whole time. Then I went over the see Cory's mom and the scene was the same. Crying, being cranky.... you know. By then though I had gotten it together and didn't melt down. However, I was so pissed that Kennedy was acting up because it made it impossible to make my mom's feel special. I feel like the whole day was a waste and I wish I could go back and do it again. I just knew Kennedy was going to be a butthead. I could feel it!! We came home at 8:30, I put my zombie baby to bed and then I went straight to bed myself. I was exhausted, frustrated, and mad that day had gone so poorly. I just wanted it to end.

I know that just because it's supposed to be a special day it doesn't mean everything will go well. It was my first mothers day as a real mom and it sucked. Plain and simple. But, there will be more and even though I was ready to run away from that child, I'm very lucky to have her and I love her with all my heart. She really is a blessing to our family.

And in an effort to make me feel appreciated, Cory had flowers delivered to me Saturday morning and he surprised me with a certificate for a one hour massage!!! I've never had one so I'm pretty excited!! Cory is a guy and there's many times they just don't get it. However, he really is an amazing husband and father and I love him so much and am grateful for all he does for us.

Race for the Cure

Saturday I participated in the Race for the Cure with some friends. I really love this race. It's not competitive, they don't time you, in fact, no one even has numbers. It's just a great event for people to get out and support the fight against breast cancer. The weather was nice and the crowd was fun. I started the race with my friend Joylyn but we got separated half way through. After the race we went around and got a bunch of free stuff and then met up with the rest of our team headed up by my friend Amy. We had a lot of fun and it was a perfect start to the summer!
The bathroom lines. I was about halfway through at this point and decided I could just hold it.
 Joylyn and I. Our team name was Treasured Chests so we bought eye patches to wear but I took mine off for the picture. I also didn't want to run with it since that would mess up depth perception haha.
 I took this photo while running so that's why it's blurry. It also doesn't even capture the point... the street was a sea of people.
 Joylyn at the finish!
 Amy, myself, and Joylyn after the race. Don't we look awesome?? (sarcasm...) It was hot, ok?



I think we've reached the point where we need to take the binki away from Kennedy. It's become a tool for evil.

The last few days she has been throwing her binki out of her crib when I lay her down for naps and then acts upset so I'll come back in and put it in her mouth. It hasn't been a big deal until tonight. We put her down and I went and sat on our bed in the next room. After about 30 seconds I heard her binki drop to the floor and I could hear her faking like she was mad. Cory walked by and saw her standing up and that her binki was laying on the floor so he went and put it back in, laid her down, then went to the bathroom. As soon as he shut the door, this time I heard two plops that indicated two binki's had now hit the floor which meant she'd found her spare one in her crib and had thrown that out too. I went in there and scolded her and said "If you do that again, you're not getting the binki's back." and laid her down. But when she wasn't looking I quickly laid on the floor right next to the crib where she couldn't see me.

I immediately heard her flip over and grab the spare binki (one was in her mouth) and heard her efforts as she sat up and whatnot. Then with a light clank I saw her spare binki appear on the edge of the crib. She had set it there so she could use her hands to pull herself up. Then I saw her little fingers curl around the crib and I heard her grunt as she brought herself to standing. Then I watched those tiny, perfect fingers flick her binki off the edge like she was shooing away a bug. I stifled a laugh and choked down my anger at the same time. Then I heard her pull her other binki out of her mouth, making the same sound a lollipop makes while leaving a mouth, and I saw her arm extend over the edge as she chucked her binki and it sailed to the floor with a plop. At this point, I was super mad but I also couldn't contain my laughter and I blew my cover as giggles escaped my mouth. Kennedy's head whipped over the edge of the crib and down at me and she greeted me with a huge, mischievous smile that said, "Look what I just did! What are you going to do about it?" Seeing an important teaching moment, I pretended to be very angry and got up and left, leaving her beloved binki's on the floor, where she could see them. It didn't take long before she realized the game was over and got mad and started to cry. I let her go until I knew she'd reached the point where she wouldn't calm down on her own and finally went in and held her and she conked out almost instantly.

She's one clever minx, that one. But For now at least, we're one step ahead. We'll see how long the binki game lasts.


Time To Celebrate!

I honestly never thought this day would come but amazingly it has!

Drum roll please...




I have reached pre-pregnancy weight range!!!!!!!!!!

I'm two pounds away from the last time I weighed myself before I got pregnant and the last weight recorded on the Wii Fit. But two pounds is nothing really. As Cory says, " You could take a dump and lose two pounds!"

Ok that's gross but in reality a little true. I haven't tried on ALL my jeans from back when, but I did try on one of the smallest pairs and they fit pretty well!! All the clothes I bought after Kennedy are way too big now. I'll have to save them for maternity clothes for the next one. All I have to wear now are the same clothes I've had for four years. And I'm out of notches on the black belt I bought after Kennedy as well. Time to go shopping!!

I'm ecstatic!! I got many comments from people after I posted my exercise routine on here about how hard I work. I was doing all that and more before I went to my doctor. Now do you see why I was so frustrated??! I'm very grateful for his help. I am a little worried that he'll take me off the thyroid medicine and it'll start to come back. That freaks me out badly actually. But I guess if it does that probably means I'll need thyroid medicine forever. But I'm ok with that because I've noticed a huge change! All last week I didn't go to bed until after 11. I can't remember the last time I was able to make it that long. And I've had plenty of energy every day. I've gotten a lot done and felt amazing. Other aspects of my life have improved as well. I feel like a whole new person!

I want to lose 7 more pounds to reach my goal weight. That would be incredible but if it never happens I'm totally cool with that. I no longer have a closet full of clothes that are unwearable!

Happy, happy day!! :D


Throwing Rice

On some baby topics, I could be mildly classified as a moron. I've never done this before so clearly it's all new which makes me feel a little better. But Kennedy is WAY behind in how many foods I've introduced to her. I assumed since she didn't have any teeth that she couldn't eat almost anything unless it was mushy or she knew how to gum it before swallowing, like Cheerios. And I've only been giving her little bits and have been breaking it into pieces for her. I've never made it a meal or required her to chew off pieces of something. I assumed she was supposed to have the Gerber meals three times a day until she grew teeth. Apparently that's not the case and I've wasted months on introducing foods and having her eat what we eat. I wish I would have known that, I could have saved some money! Anyway, operation feed-Kennedy-normal-food is under way. I'm going to try and give her what I'm eating every day if she's able to eat it. She only has two more months until she's done with formula (thank heavens!) and she'll need to use a sippy cup, which I've been bad at using also. Man I'm a bad mom!! Anyway, tonight's first experience was rice. She mashed her hand on it and was tickled that it all stuck to her hand. Then she waved her hand all around and flung rice all over the place. She mashed it in her hands and clapped her hands then flung them around again. I think she took about 4 bites max. But hey, I'm finally trying!! She currently has a sippy cup of water in her hand and is sucking on the bottom... We have our work cut out for us.

Workout Buddy

This blog post is for a link on Facebook. It is strictly information only that was too long to post on Facebook :) so you can read all you want but it may be a little boring.

A few of my friends have expressed interest in working out together and I could really use a workout buddy and/or a running partner. A running partner is the most essential for two reasons:
They help keep me motivated on days I don't want to go
It's dangerous for girls to go running alone, especially with all the attacks that happen each year.

So, let me tell you what my days consist of so you can see if you can join me for any of them. Even if it's just one day a week that's cool with me. My general schedule is as follows but I'm flexible if needs be:

I general work out in the mornings during nap time. That's usually around 9:30 or so. Sometimes earlier. I'm also cool with you bringing your little ones over to my house while this happens.

On Monday's I go for a bike ride for my cardio work out. If you don't have a bike, my husband has one you can borrow for the day. And I have a two-kid trailer I pull but Kennedy takes up one spot. If the weather sucks I use my stationary bike at home. You're welcome to use it as well. Then I use my weights I have here at home and work my arms, chest, and back. I have lots of different workouts for weight training and several resistance bands to use in place of gym equipment.

Tuesday's I run. I am not a fast runner so don't worry about slowing me down. If you're faster than me, that's awesome too. You can go at your own pace. This day is usually reserved for speed training or hill training. I don't generally go very far (right now no more than 4 miles) and I usually have to take Kennedy. We also have a treadmill at my house we can use if the weather isn't cooperative. Then I work my legs for weight training. I usually do Jillian Michaels Killer Buns and Thighs DVD. It will whip you into shape for sure!!! If there's no time for that I usually just do standard leg weights (squats, lunges, etc.) again, I have several sets of hand weights for resistance.

Wednesday's I try to bike again but my legs are usually pretty sore so it's either not for very long or I just skip cardio this day. Then I work my abs by doing Jillian's Six Week Six Pack DVD. This can also count as cardio. If you're not familiar with her workouts she always does circuits and she adds in high intensity interval training in with it so you burn mega calories.

Thursday's are an easy run day. I go slow and not very far. It's just to keep my body loose. Somehow Thursday's are always busy so I struggle to do anything but the run but with a partner I think it'll be easier to squeeze in another fitness DVD. I have tons!! We could do yoga, Pilates, kickboxing, I don't care. And I have two yoga mats and enough room for two people to do yoga in the same room.

Friday is strictly yoga and upper body to stretch and save my legs before the Saturday long run. I have a few yoga DVD's including another Jillian michaels one that I love. I also work my upper body again.

Saturday is the long run. Right now I'm not up to any crazy mileage, just 4 miles. I'm starting slow to rebuild a foundation before I start going far again. Seriously, I run SLOW so you can either hang with me or go at your own pace.

None of this is set in stone. I'm very flexible. I only workout in the mornings because if I don't do it then I usually don't get to it. But with a friend it would be ok to do it later in the day. I'm also ok with rotating days if needs be. For example, this week I did all my runs on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday instead of Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. If you can just make it for one day or a couple days or even just want to play it week by week, that works for me too. Just let me know by message on facebook or text me. I feel like I work out pretty hard and even though I have a gym membership, this saves you from having to get one and it's kid friendly! :) oh and if your child needs a morning nap also, I have a pack and play they can sleep in. Thanks everyone!