I've had some thoughts about my day that I'd like to share.

First, I headed down to check out the City Creek Mall with a friend. It's wicked nice and I'm extremely stoked there's a new Cheesecake Factory. But I doubt I'll ever actually shop there. I'm not a big spender. I personally cannot justify spending $100+ on jeans or $250 on a purse. That makes me ill. But I'm glad we have higher-end stores for those that can spend a lot. Ad the atmosphere is really cool. Kudos, downtown.

It doesn't seem to matter which direction I head on my bike (north or south) when there's a breeze and I'm pulling Kennedy; there's always a head wind on the way back and I want to die. I hate it. Don't believe me? Try pulling the trailer and we'll talk. I don't see wind and I ever being friends. Ever.

My friends are the greatest!! Seriously, they could beat up your friends.

I turned on music to clean tonight and Kennedy got her groove on when MCHammer came on the iPod.

We finally have a tooth sprouting in the gums!! It's just slightly out. I can't wait till it's pearly and visible! :)

And lastly: I sat Kennedy on my lap and said, "Let's take a picture!" and this is what she did:

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