Moab: Final Day

I always hate the last day of our Moab trips. It's hard to leave that place. We woke up and of course the weather was now fantastic, making us want to stay even more. JoyLyn sent me a text saying Chris wanted to try Fins n' Things before we headed home. Cory loves that trail and it's the one we always take people on when they're wheeling for the first time. It's fun and introduces people to new stuff. Of course it takes several times to really understand the limits of your vehicle and know what you're capable of and willing to try, but Fins n' Things is perfect for initiating that. So, we packed up, played in the Jeep for a minute
 She was waving to me, that's why she looks all goofy.

 and headed up to the trail. Chris did a great job and I think he had a lot of fun! Plus the scenery is amazing!

After the trail Kennedy had a total conniption and was screaming and crying and wouldn't fall asleep. We stopped to air up the tires, gas up, and get some lunch before heading out on the road and the only time she wasn't throwing a fit was when I took her inside with me to get sandwiches. I was at my wits end by the time we left Moab and she was still crying and screaming. But shortly after she FINALLY fell asleep and slept from just outside Moab to Happy Valley. That was awesome!

We had a great time, like always. As we were arriving on Wednesday and driving past Arches I thought about my Grandma and her love of the red rock. It was her passion. It is for my mom also and definitely for me as well. I think if I knew I was dying there would be no other place I'd want to travel. I'd want to see Moab again before I went. It really is my second home. I'm glad my parents introduced us to the beautiful world we have here in Utah. I love it!

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