Moab: Day 2

Thursday was supposed to be our hiking day. I told Cory way before we even left that we couldn't spend all day, every day in the car with Kennedy. I knew that was bad news but he didn't quite get it. I wanted to hike Fisher Tower since it's such a cool hike and we have yet to finish the whole thing. Cory mentioned an easier Jeep trail in that area called Dome Plateau that was "short" and went to some caves and old mining cabins. Since it was cold and rainy we decided to try the Jeep trial first, thinking it wouldn't take very long. As we started, I began reading the trail description in our book and it said the trail takes 3-4 hours. I was kind of mad that we ended up staying in the car for so long, especially since I wanted to hike really bad. But the end result was really cool.
Lovely weather
 The beginning part went through a canyon with cool things like this:
 This is approaching the wind caves
 They were huge! There is giant one on the left and a smaller, deeper one in the middle.

 Looking out
 The big one was more just like a huge dome.

 The smaller one wasn't as tall, but went pretty deep. I'm kind of afraid of dark caves so it creeped me out a little.

I missed getting pictures of the mining cabins. Oh well.

After that road we went to try Fisher Tower. However, the wind was blowing really hard and it was super cold so we changed our minds and decided to go finish Negro Bill Canyon, a hike we started last fall but didn't finish. We turned around last year right as the trail gets gorgeous! It's such a cool hike!

It's through a beautiful canyon and the trail crosses the river a few times and winds through rocks and bushes. It was so fun! Kennedy loved hiking! She'd kick and squeal when people would pass and smile and flirt. There were several dogs, too and she LOVED them!!! She was always looking around and taking in her surroundings. When ever a bird would chirp or a crow would caw she'd scream back at it. She's so funny.
My cute hikers!
 Stopping for a feeding break.

 The hike is gorgeous and lots of fun, however it's tiring because a lot of it is in deep sand. The sign said it was 2.25 miles to Morning Glory Bridge. After an hour, I started to get a little concerned because we were still hiking. We'd pass people and ask how much farther and would get varying answers but they'd all say the same thing, "It's totally worth it, though!" So we kept on going. Finally, we came up on the crest of a hill and saw this:
 We both stopped and were a little mad that was the view that was "so worth it." It's nothing special. We decided to go to the end because maybe it gets better. Sure enough, it did. It's a huge arch!

There was a spring running underneath it and there was a sand hill we stopped and sat in. People were repelling off of it so we stayed to watch for a minute.

 We let Kennedy play in the sand a little bit but it was cold in the shade with the breeze blowing and it was getting late so we decided to head back.
 I love these two so much!!
We got back and checked into our cabin. It's a cute little thing, emphasis on little. It was pretty cramped with just the three of us. I can't imagine a family of 6 trying to maneuver in there, which is how many it sleeps. But it did have a fridge and power so that was awesome. And the campground had showers and a place to wash dishes, which we needed for Kennedy's bottles.

We got back pretty late though (the cabin pictures were taken the day we left) and we were trying to roast hot dogs out on the fire during Kennedy's bed time, which was impossible. So I went in and tried to get her to go to sleep but she didn't know where she was since we had just gotten to the cabin. She finally fell asleep but then woke up screaming a short time later. I went and picked her up and she was shaking and sobbing! :( poor little girl was so scared. I tried having her sleep with me for a while but she just rolled around and tossing and kicked so I finally put her back in the pack and play around 1:30 and she slept alright after that. We were both pretty cranky the next morning though.

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