Life Just Keeps Going

It's been a great week for us. We've been out and about enjoying the nice weather and getting things done. The other day we rode our bikes to the park and hung out on a blanket while Cory threw a frisbee... Alone haha. We can't leave Kennedy unattended so he just practiced his throw for frisbee golf, which he's suddenly crazy about. The backyard is all tilled and the sprinkling system gets started Saturday. We plan on laying the sod when we get back from Moab. Then we'll start the massive project of the deck.

I went back to the doctor to see how the meds are working. He was thrilled I've lost 7 pounds. However I lost 5 in the first week and two the next week and nothing since. That concerned him. So he upped my dose of Synthroid. I'm nervous about it but he's the doctor. I've had a lot more energy and things seem to be functioning better regarding my body. But my thyroid is still really big so he wants to kick this in the butt. He also checked out my shoulder and it's super inflamed so he gave me a cortisone shot to help. I wish I knew what caused it. But we'll see if it works.

Kennedy is all over the place with her crawling and getting into everything. I swear every five seconds she gets herself stuck somewhere and I have to rescue her. She loves to mess with electronics and power cords which is super awesome... Not! And today she was chasing the vacuum as I was trying to clean. Let the fun begin!! At least she knows how to keep herself entertained. We also need to go around and glue on all the caps on the door stops in the house. She loves to rip those off and try to eat them. She's so funny.
Here's some recent pictures of Kennedy and us at the park.

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