Although I started the day pretty stressed out, this Easter was a good one. The Easter Bunny did not visit our house... I know, we're bad parents. But I knew my mom was going to do something for Kennedy so I just left it at that for now. She's still pretty young for stuff like that. Anywho, church was great. We had some amazing speakers. We went way over time so they had the musical number be the closing song and on the last verse the congregation joined in. WOW!! I don't even remember the song now but it was gorgeous and powerful! I felt like I was sitting in the middle of the Tabernacle Choir it was so pretty and so loud. I know there were angels singing with us. It was amazing. My heart burned and I couldn't help but cry tears if joy for all the Savior has done for us. It was very uplifting.

After church I raced home and changed while Kennedy slept in the car. Then we went for a drive so she could sleep as long as possible before doing an egg hunt at my parents house. She actually fell asleep on my shoulder in Relief Society! That NEVER happens! I made it to my parents, we had a yummy dinner, and then the egg hunt began. My mom didn't mention anything to the kids about it. She just let them go outside and discover eggs all over. They freaked out! They were so excited!! It was adorable! Bradlee and Brock ran around getting eggs while I helped Kennedy pick up a few obvious ones. Grandma also hid Easter baskets in the play house with goodies for the kids. It was lots of fun! And the weather was phenomenal! I hope everyone had a great Easter and you were able to take some time and remember our Savior.
By the way, I'm asking for some sympathy for Kennedy's hair in any pictures you see (or in person) for a while. I don't want to keep cutting it because I want it to grow out and look pretty. However, it's in her eyes all the time and if she doesn't have something in her hair people think she's a boy - even when she's wearing pink - which is irritating. She also rips things out of her hair and messes it up in two seconds so whatever I try doesn't last long anyway... it's a work in progress.
I absolutely love this face!
 Yeah, I stuck my baby in the rose bushes to get eggs. We're hard core. No wimps in the Hunter house!
 Pretty stoked about the eggs and that they make noise!

 Brock and his dinosaur that was in his basket
 Beautiful Bradlee

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Jennifer said...

People think Aysia is a boy too, no matter what we do. They are always so sure of themselves, and when we tell them she's a girl they get a shocked look on their face. It has become such a predictable response in fact that we are the ones who are shocked when they actually guess right!