House Arrest

These pictures adequately describe the last 3 days. We've been stuck at home sleeping. Kennedy is miserable and I want her to feel better as soon as possible, but I have to say I've loved the cuddle time. During the day she won't sleep without me. The hours I've spent with her in my arms have taught me a couple things:
Nothing gets done when I don't have a nap time to utilize.
She snores when she's sick.
She's a fidgety sleeper and mumbles in her sleep. So cute :)
We both get really sweaty when I'm holding her. Hence her terrible looking hair. I swear I bathe her.
The time together is so special.

Last night was the first night she slept alone in her crib since getting sick. I had the air mattress all set up super-comfy-like, ready for us to retreat there when she woke up coughing and crying and wouldn't go back to sleep on her own. I crawled into our bed and waited.... Next thing I knew, it was morning. I guess she didn't need me. It was nice to get undisturbed rest but I was a little sad we didn't get to cuddle all night again. Oh well. The sooner we get things back to normal the better I suppose.

The poor little thing can't breathe through her nose and it's always running. She has a nasty cough and has lost her voice. Saddest thing ever!!!! Yesterday was really bad. She would just lay there and moan in misery. Her fever has gone down so that's a plus. I can't wait till she feels better again. She is so dang sick. And I realize blogging twice about Kennedy being sick is a little obsessive but the fact is, we've done NOTHING else all weekend but stay home and sleep. That's been my life and therefore, that's what I'm talking about. So deal with it :)

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Precious sleeping face