The Haps

I'm bored so I figured I'd give an update on things.

Kennedy is doing well. She still won't crawl but she's so dang close! Any day now I'm hoping she'll get it down. She pulls her knees up and starts to move and then drops down on her belly and rolls. She's frighteningly accurate on her roll though. She can pretty much get anywhere she wants. She's getting braver, too. She's starting to move forward in her walker instead of side to side. And yesterday in sacrament she was standing up on the bench and holding on to the back and started walking back and forth in teeny steps. She's never tried moving while holding on to furniture before. That was exciting. She is so much fun and we love her to death.

Things are going well with Cory and I. My medicine is working so far. The only draw backs are it makes me sick to my stomach from time to time and the pills keep me awake at night. I'm really tired today because I've slept terrible the last three nights. But he said I will eventually get used to them.

We went out to the home and garden expo this past weekend and found a great deal on sod for our backyard and a decking supplier that's cheaper than Trex but the same thing. And this stuff has a lifetime warranty instead of 25. By going we saved about $700 from what we budgeted. I'm officially ordering the sod tomorrow after we measure the exact square footage so we know exactly how much to pay for. Then whenever Cory has time off we'll start tilling the dirt and weeds, flattening out the dirt and getting rid of the rocks, putting in a sprinkling system and then we can lay sod. We also need to map out where we're going to build our stone fire pit, gardening boxes, and where to plant the trees. Then we'll move on to the deck. I'm really excited to have a backyard this summer!! It's going to be an incredible amount of work but it'll all be worth it. One step at a time.

We're excited for our upcoming Moab trip. We'll be doing some hiking and exploring as well as the usual Jeep-craziness. I'm excited to get away and spend 5 whole days with Cory.

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