Doctors Visit

Kennedy is 8months old now which means I’ve been trying for 8 months to get back to myprepregnancy weight. Everyone told me it took 9 months to gain all that weight,it’ll take that long to lose it. We’re creeping up on 9 months now and therehave been no significant changes. I’ve only been able to lose about 4 lbs in 8months. It’s been a tough journey.

I’ve been ok withgradual change but that hasn’t even been the case lately. Upon realizingswimsuit season is fast approaching a month or so ago, I decided I’d betterstep things up to get ready for summer.

For months andmonths now I’ve been keeping detailed track of my food and exercise. I’ve keptunder a calorie budget that was supposed to help me lose a pound a week WITHOUTexercise (so you can imagine it was pretty low) and on top of that I’ve beenexercising at least an hour every day. I’ve been doing intense cardio alongwith strength training and nothing is happening. Nothing. I decided last monthto add some changes and see what happened. I began to work-out twice a day;once in the morning and once in the afternoon. Other than being sore, noresults have ensued. I’ve even started making my dinners at lunch time so I’llhave more time to burn off those calories and I’ll eat a salad or somethingsmall for dinner. Again, no changes. I’ve started purposely doing activities throughoutthe day to burn calories (i.e. unnecessary cleaning, playing the Wii, walkingup and down our stairs, pushing Kennedy around in her walker). I’m gettingdesperate. Still the scale just will not go down.

Wednesday night Ihad a total breakdown about it. I cried to Cory and I’m sure the majority of mystress was because I was so tired. I’ve really been working myself lately. Ivented to my friend who was so good to listen. She knows about some otherabnormalities I have going on with my body right now and she said those,coupled with the inability to lose weight, could be a hormonal imbalance and Ishould see a doctor. I’ve been having chronic pain in my shoulder for a couplemonths now and was going to go anyway, so I decided it couldn’t hurt to asksome questions and get some answers. I called the doctor the next day(yesterday).  

I went into myappointment feeling very stupid. I had valid reasons to be there but I feltvery dumb talking about weight loss when I’m not overweight. I started tosecond guess myself until the doctor walked in. I told him everything I’ve beendoing about exercising and eating right and about the other abnormalities I’vebeen experiencing. He looked at me stumped and asked again how many calories I’vebeen consuming and how much exercise I’ve been doing. He looked at me shockedand said, “There’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t have lost weightthen.”
“That’s why I’mhere,” I replied.

He said I shouldbe eating 2500-2700 calories a day to maintain my weight. I’m eating grosslyless than that and exercising like a demon and nothing is happening. He could notbelieve it. When Kennedy was a couple weeks old, I went in to see him for myawful cough and he noticed my thyroid was protruding from my neck. It was abnormallylarge. He ordered a blood test and it came back normal. He brought up that factyesterday and said that often happens when there really is something wrong withthe thyroid. Blood tests to check other things like hormone levels and such arenot covered by insurance and cost thousands of dollars. He’s pretty sure mythyroid isn’t working because I’ve also been very tired throughout the day andI’ve lacked the energy I’ve always had. Since having Kennedy I can’t run morethan 5 miles without getting totally wiped out.

He decided to putme on some medicine to speed up my thyroid and also make my body stop producingso much insulin so I can hopefully get rid of the stored fat it just won’t letgo of. If this works and is the cause of my inability to lose weight, I shouldlose about 6 lbs in a month. I need to go back then and see how things areworking. The good news it I won’t need to be on these forever, just until I getback to normal and my thyroid starts working again like it should. I told himabout my shoulder in the midst of all this and he said he wanted to take a lookbut we both forgot to revisit that topic…oops. I’ll have to bring it up when Igo back in. When I was leaving he said, “Now Megan, the next time I see you, Iwant to see less of you.” Haha he’s always so funny. I told him that would bewonderful. So We’ll see what happens. I’m kind of nervous about taking pillsand about their side effects but if they work and get my body back to normalthan I guess it’s not too bad. Already today I feel like I have a little moreenergy than I did yesterday.

It’s weird to berelieved that something is wrong with me, but I am. I can’t even describe thefrustration I was feeling. The longer I went without losing any weight andharder I tried, the worse I felt. I was started to get depressed because itmade me feel hopeless. Now I know it’s an issue I don’t have control over andhopefully we’ll get it fixed. Only time will tell.

On a completelyunrelated topic, Kennedy was just getting fussy and I picked her up to tickleher. She noticed our Christus  statue andstared at it. I took her over to it and showed her Jesus and the nail marks onHis hands and feet and told her about how He got them. She stared at Him andacted like she was really listening with a serious and calm expression like sheunderstood. I swear that’s why babies can’t talk; they still remember livingwith Him in Heaven. It was a precious moment. I can’t wait to teach her morewhen she really understands what I’m saying and can ask questions.  


Unknown said...

Yay for Jilian Michaels giving me the idea it could be hormonal! I knew I loved that woman for a reason,even if her workouts do make me want to cry :)

Amy said...

So glad they were able to figure something out. Good luck!