Then It Was 9

Kennedy is now 9 months old. The 9 months bringing Kennedy into this world and the 9 months she's been here are like night and day. I cannot believe how fast time has gone. Today I made an appointment for her one year check up in three months. What?!?!

She's still our happy, curious little girl! Here were her stats from the appointment today:
Weight: 16 lbs 3 oz -- 10%
Length: 28" -- 70%
Head: 17" -- 25%

She's healthy and doing well. She's not on the chubby side obviously. In fact she still wears 6 month sizes with room to spare. Here are her latest tricks and do-dads:
• She started crawling yesterday. She's not all over the place yet but she crawled to some toys that were a few feet away from her a couple times. I'm sure she'll figure it all out soon. Then my life will be hell :)
• She's pulling herself up to furniture and walks around holding on to it. She gets really pissed when she can't get up to something. She's also standing in her crib now so we had to lower it.
• She gets into everything. And I mean EVERYTHING! Just this morning I had her in our room while I showered and gave her a basket of toys to play with. When I got out, my entire nightstand was torn apart and all the stuff in the basket under it was scattered everywhere. Her toys laid in the basket, untouched.
• She claps in context and whenever she see's people on tv clapping. She also claps for herself when she does something well. It's so cute!
• Imitates us very well. If we put our arms in the air and say "so big" she puts her arms up too. She stomps her foot when we do, waves when we do, etc...
• She doesn't try to stand up alone yet but she does straighten her legs when her hands are on the floor as if she's going to. It's hard to explain but there's a picture below.
• She plays catch with me. I'll roll a ball to her and she picks it up and throws it back. It's a little wire-type ball so she can grab on to it easily. I thought it was a fluke the first time we played but she's done it every time since.

She's learning new things every day it seems and loves to play and tease us. I found a Cheerio in her diaper once and I know she didn't put it in there on purpose but she had a mischievous look on her face when I was starting to change her and when I found it and gasped she started giggling like crazy as if she played a trick on me. She's got such a fun personality. She's going to give me a run for my money when she starts really crawling and walking.

As usual, here are some photos of the wee one.


House Arrest

These pictures adequately describe the last 3 days. We've been stuck at home sleeping. Kennedy is miserable and I want her to feel better as soon as possible, but I have to say I've loved the cuddle time. During the day she won't sleep without me. The hours I've spent with her in my arms have taught me a couple things:
Nothing gets done when I don't have a nap time to utilize.
She snores when she's sick.
She's a fidgety sleeper and mumbles in her sleep. So cute :)
We both get really sweaty when I'm holding her. Hence her terrible looking hair. I swear I bathe her.
The time together is so special.

Last night was the first night she slept alone in her crib since getting sick. I had the air mattress all set up super-comfy-like, ready for us to retreat there when she woke up coughing and crying and wouldn't go back to sleep on her own. I crawled into our bed and waited.... Next thing I knew, it was morning. I guess she didn't need me. It was nice to get undisturbed rest but I was a little sad we didn't get to cuddle all night again. Oh well. The sooner we get things back to normal the better I suppose.

The poor little thing can't breathe through her nose and it's always running. She has a nasty cough and has lost her voice. Saddest thing ever!!!! Yesterday was really bad. She would just lay there and moan in misery. Her fever has gone down so that's a plus. I can't wait till she feels better again. She is so dang sick. And I realize blogging twice about Kennedy being sick is a little obsessive but the fact is, we've done NOTHING else all weekend but stay home and sleep. That's been my life and therefore, that's what I'm talking about. So deal with it :)


24 Hours

I don't even know how to describe the last 24 hours. They've been truly awful. Yesterday Kennedy woke up coughing and her nose was runny. She was fussy and cranky and felt warm so I gave her some Tylenol and she acted fine for almost the rest of the day. By the time Cory got home, she was back to coughing and crying and she looked miserable. You could tell she was not feeling well in the slightest. We put her to bed at 7:30 in hopes that she'd get a little more sleep. Well, she didn't. Long story short, she would doze off and 5 minutes later she'd start crying and nothing I did helped. I couldn't get her to sleep. Her coughing got worse and with the crying, she was struggling to breathe. Her fever got really, really bad around midnight so I gave her some more Tylenol but it didn't help. Finally at 1:30 a.m., after no sleep from either of us, my worrying got the best of me and we got in the car and headed to urgent care. I told Cory to stay home because he needed to sleep because he had work today. Anyway, urgent care closes at 10 p.m. so I called Grow Up Great Pediatrics to talk to the on-call pediatrician. As I was talking to the receptionist, I'd already pulled into the emergency room parking lot and just told her I was going to head there because someone needed to see her. She was beyond miserable and very tired.

We were in the ER till 3:45 while they ran tests and defiled my poor baby in just about every way possible. I wish I had let Cory come because trying to keep it together being as tired as I was and watching her scream and cry through it all was painful. They took a rectal temperature and had to insert a catheter to get a urine sample. She had a high fever but her oxygen levels were fine. She has a nasal infection, her throat was swollen, and she has crud in her lungs. They gave her ibuprofen for the fever and that worked way better than Tylenol. They also gave her something for the swelling so she could breathe. They ordered a chest x-ray as well since her cough was so bad. That was the hardest part. Since she's so small, they had to cram her in a plexiglass tube with her arms pinned against her head. She couldn't see me and I had no way to comfort her. She hated every second of it. Anyway, one large co-pay and two hours later, they told me she had a virus that really could be anything (just a cold, influenza, RSV) and to watch her breathing and have her take ibuprofen for the pain and fever. I was relieved to know something wasn't horribly wrong. She would not sleep and wouldn't lay down without screaming so I was scared she had an ear infection. But I was also annoyed and somewhat angry with myself that I panicked that bad. But really, how are you supposed to know? She had all the symptoms they tell you to go in for and she was out of her mind in misery. I guess I did what I had to do. She's never been that sick before.

We finally made it home at about 4:00 and tried to sleep. I kept her with me in our bed for about a half hour until she started crying again. Then I put her in her crib and she continued to wake up every once in a while and cry and she finally decided to wake up at 7:30. Needless to say, we are extremely exhausted. And to make matters worse, she won't sleep today unless I'm holding her.

This is all part of motherhood and I think everyone has a relatable story. These situations really suck as they are but what's been really hard for me today is how much she's needed me. She's wanted to be held almost all day. It's both broken my heart and made me feel like a super-hero simultaneously. It makes me so sad that she's feeling so crappy and so tired that the only thing that makes her feel comforted is her mommy holding her. It kills me to watch her be so sad and miserable. But it also makes me feel amazing that she loves me enough to want to be with me. I can't describe how awesome it is to have my presence be healing to her. I wish I wasn't so dang tired so I could enjoy this a little more and not be so emotional. Nothing is worse than watching your baby go through pain and misery and knowing there's not much you can do. It's taken it's toll on me. She's been sick and sad before but not even close to it being this bad. I know it'll pass and she will get better and eventually we'll get sleep again. It's these moments that make parenthood so hard and yet so rewarding. I'd take her place in a second if I could. But instead I'll just focus on helping her feel better. She needs me.


Catching Up

It's time for another random update. I don't really feel like making several posts so we'll just cram it all into one.

First off, Cory and I were driving around Salt Lake yesterday and started talking about whether or not the apartments on Dumb and Dumber were filmed in Utah. We'd heard it before but never saw them. So we googled it and sure enough, they were!
We were pretty excited that it was true, as lame as that is. Don't judge.

Next, my friend and I went to the zoo last week. I was hoping since it was a school day and still pretty early in the year that it wouldn't be too crowded. It wasn't awful, but it was packed with young mom's with their strollers and toddlers. You can imagine the chaos. We had a great time though. The giraffe's were closer than I've ever seen them. We could have petted them if we wanted but I didn't really want to touch whatever might be on them.

We break ground (literally) on the backyard tomorrow. I absolutely cannot wait to have a yard. That's pretty much all we talk about these days. It's kind of fun to have a big project to undertake. I say that now, I'm sure it'll get more than old as the weeks go on. But we'll finally have a place to entertain without worrying about keeping kids out of stuff or having to stay quiet because Kennedy is asleep. We can BBQ and have fires and throw a frisbee... yeah I'm excited.

Miss Baby-Kennedy (as she's known among my family) has exploded with personality lately. She's still so happy and loving, but now she loves to play and laugh and get involved. We're hoping she's adventurous because nothing we've tried with her has scared her. Cory calls her our roller-coaster baby because he doesn't want her to be afraid to ride roller coasters haha. She still won't crawl, darn it! She's a roller at heart I guess. She also still doesn't have any teeth. However she is pulling herself up to standing on furniture and objects throughout the house. She's so anxious to get everywhere and explore everything. I'm a full supporter of that, but sometimes she gets herself stuck:
Regardless of her missing teething, she still loves Cheerios and graham crackers. I need to introduce more foods to her though. I've been lazy in that department. She loves to wrestle with her stuffed animals and play with her feet. She's so much fun!

And finally, a cute video of her learning how her body works. Watch until the end because she celebrates and it's the cutest thing ever!



I have to say that I have an incredible amount of respect for the men and women serving our country and their spouses that stand behind them and sacrifice so much while they're away. It's definitely not something I could handle, sending my husband away to war, but I'm so glad there are people who can. My heart goes out to all those spouses and children who have loved ones serving over seas. I'm so grateful for the freedom they defend and those in other countries they are helping. My favorite line of America the Beautiful is
"Oh beautiful for hero's proved in liberating strife Who more than self their country loved, and mercy more than life."
It always makes me think of those who have given their lives for our country and also the firefighters and public servants who died saving others on 9/11. I'm grateful for their sacrifices and their courage and dedication.


That Went Well...

Kennedy and I both needed an afternoon nap so I attempted to lay down and snuggle with her. The change of pace was a little too stimulating...

The Haps

I'm bored so I figured I'd give an update on things.

Kennedy is doing well. She still won't crawl but she's so dang close! Any day now I'm hoping she'll get it down. She pulls her knees up and starts to move and then drops down on her belly and rolls. She's frighteningly accurate on her roll though. She can pretty much get anywhere she wants. She's getting braver, too. She's starting to move forward in her walker instead of side to side. And yesterday in sacrament she was standing up on the bench and holding on to the back and started walking back and forth in teeny steps. She's never tried moving while holding on to furniture before. That was exciting. She is so much fun and we love her to death.

Things are going well with Cory and I. My medicine is working so far. The only draw backs are it makes me sick to my stomach from time to time and the pills keep me awake at night. I'm really tired today because I've slept terrible the last three nights. But he said I will eventually get used to them.

We went out to the home and garden expo this past weekend and found a great deal on sod for our backyard and a decking supplier that's cheaper than Trex but the same thing. And this stuff has a lifetime warranty instead of 25. By going we saved about $700 from what we budgeted. I'm officially ordering the sod tomorrow after we measure the exact square footage so we know exactly how much to pay for. Then whenever Cory has time off we'll start tilling the dirt and weeds, flattening out the dirt and getting rid of the rocks, putting in a sprinkling system and then we can lay sod. We also need to map out where we're going to build our stone fire pit, gardening boxes, and where to plant the trees. Then we'll move on to the deck. I'm really excited to have a backyard this summer!! It's going to be an incredible amount of work but it'll all be worth it. One step at a time.

We're excited for our upcoming Moab trip. We'll be doing some hiking and exploring as well as the usual Jeep-craziness. I'm excited to get away and spend 5 whole days with Cory.


Cute Experiment

I just discovered that Blogger has an app and since I'm behind on my nauseating amounts of Kennedy photos on this blog, I thought posting some of my recent favorites was a perfect opportunity to test out the app and cause some queasiness among my readers. Here you go:


Doctors Visit

Kennedy is 8months old now which means I’ve been trying for 8 months to get back to myprepregnancy weight. Everyone told me it took 9 months to gain all that weight,it’ll take that long to lose it. We’re creeping up on 9 months now and therehave been no significant changes. I’ve only been able to lose about 4 lbs in 8months. It’s been a tough journey.

I’ve been ok withgradual change but that hasn’t even been the case lately. Upon realizingswimsuit season is fast approaching a month or so ago, I decided I’d betterstep things up to get ready for summer.

For months andmonths now I’ve been keeping detailed track of my food and exercise. I’ve keptunder a calorie budget that was supposed to help me lose a pound a week WITHOUTexercise (so you can imagine it was pretty low) and on top of that I’ve beenexercising at least an hour every day. I’ve been doing intense cardio alongwith strength training and nothing is happening. Nothing. I decided last monthto add some changes and see what happened. I began to work-out twice a day;once in the morning and once in the afternoon. Other than being sore, noresults have ensued. I’ve even started making my dinners at lunch time so I’llhave more time to burn off those calories and I’ll eat a salad or somethingsmall for dinner. Again, no changes. I’ve started purposely doing activities throughoutthe day to burn calories (i.e. unnecessary cleaning, playing the Wii, walkingup and down our stairs, pushing Kennedy around in her walker). I’m gettingdesperate. Still the scale just will not go down.

Wednesday night Ihad a total breakdown about it. I cried to Cory and I’m sure the majority of mystress was because I was so tired. I’ve really been working myself lately. Ivented to my friend who was so good to listen. She knows about some otherabnormalities I have going on with my body right now and she said those,coupled with the inability to lose weight, could be a hormonal imbalance and Ishould see a doctor. I’ve been having chronic pain in my shoulder for a couplemonths now and was going to go anyway, so I decided it couldn’t hurt to asksome questions and get some answers. I called the doctor the next day(yesterday).  

I went into myappointment feeling very stupid. I had valid reasons to be there but I feltvery dumb talking about weight loss when I’m not overweight. I started tosecond guess myself until the doctor walked in. I told him everything I’ve beendoing about exercising and eating right and about the other abnormalities I’vebeen experiencing. He looked at me stumped and asked again how many calories I’vebeen consuming and how much exercise I’ve been doing. He looked at me shockedand said, “There’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t have lost weightthen.”
“That’s why I’mhere,” I replied.

He said I shouldbe eating 2500-2700 calories a day to maintain my weight. I’m eating grosslyless than that and exercising like a demon and nothing is happening. He could notbelieve it. When Kennedy was a couple weeks old, I went in to see him for myawful cough and he noticed my thyroid was protruding from my neck. It was abnormallylarge. He ordered a blood test and it came back normal. He brought up that factyesterday and said that often happens when there really is something wrong withthe thyroid. Blood tests to check other things like hormone levels and such arenot covered by insurance and cost thousands of dollars. He’s pretty sure mythyroid isn’t working because I’ve also been very tired throughout the day andI’ve lacked the energy I’ve always had. Since having Kennedy I can’t run morethan 5 miles without getting totally wiped out.

He decided to putme on some medicine to speed up my thyroid and also make my body stop producingso much insulin so I can hopefully get rid of the stored fat it just won’t letgo of. If this works and is the cause of my inability to lose weight, I shouldlose about 6 lbs in a month. I need to go back then and see how things areworking. The good news it I won’t need to be on these forever, just until I getback to normal and my thyroid starts working again like it should. I told himabout my shoulder in the midst of all this and he said he wanted to take a lookbut we both forgot to revisit that topic…oops. I’ll have to bring it up when Igo back in. When I was leaving he said, “Now Megan, the next time I see you, Iwant to see less of you.” Haha he’s always so funny. I told him that would bewonderful. So We’ll see what happens. I’m kind of nervous about taking pillsand about their side effects but if they work and get my body back to normalthan I guess it’s not too bad. Already today I feel like I have a little moreenergy than I did yesterday.

It’s weird to berelieved that something is wrong with me, but I am. I can’t even describe thefrustration I was feeling. The longer I went without losing any weight andharder I tried, the worse I felt. I was started to get depressed because itmade me feel hopeless. Now I know it’s an issue I don’t have control over andhopefully we’ll get it fixed. Only time will tell.

On a completelyunrelated topic, Kennedy was just getting fussy and I picked her up to tickleher. She noticed our Christus  statue andstared at it. I took her over to it and showed her Jesus and the nail marks onHis hands and feet and told her about how He got them. She stared at Him andacted like she was really listening with a serious and calm expression like sheunderstood. I swear that’s why babies can’t talk; they still remember livingwith Him in Heaven. It was a precious moment. I can’t wait to teach her morewhen she really understands what I’m saying and can ask questions.  



Apparently, Zumba has become quite popular. I wasn't sure what it was until one day someone told me it was Latin style dancing.

"FUN!" my brain said.

"Heck no!" my conscience cried.

"What's dancing again?" my body asked.

I used to dance back in the day when my shirt sizes had a "T" in them. But I quit when I was 12. I've always regretted it. My collection of trophies would suggest that I was pretty good at it. I remember being very flexible and being able to wear makeup and super frilly costumes. I liked the shoes and it was my first experience getting nervous while waiting back stage.  I liked dancing.

Every time I watch So You Think You Can Dance I wish there was a private, adult, flexible, and PRIVATE dance class I could take. But that ship sailed long ago. Anyway, then I heard about Zumba a couple years back and thought about trying a class. The thought of trying to learn moves and shake my hips in front of a class full of people was more than I could face. I'm a TERRIBLE dancer. Seriously. I've seen babies on Youtube that can shake it better than I can and they can't even walk yet. It's quite sad. But last year my friend told me about the Zumba game for the Wii. I was 5 months pregnant, but I went and bought it anyway.

I wasn't too impressed. I blamed it on my torso being stretched beyond it's comfort zone and the fact that in addition to shaking my hips, I was shaking my baby as well. I didn't want her to hate Latin music because it was associated with 10.0 magnitude quakes.So, I put the game away and vowed to try it again another time.

Since then I've been invited several times to go try a Zumba class. "Everyone else is too busy worrying about learning the moves to notice if you suck or not," they'd all say. HA! That may be true to an extent, but everyone notices the girl who looks like she's having a seizure or the one who turns the wrong way and runs into the mirror. I don't want to be a post-class topic of conversation. Deep down, I want to try it, but I'm just not ready for that kind of embarrassment.

So yesterday I randomly remembered that I had the Zumba game. Timidly, I pulled it out of the Wii games and decided to give it another go. After closing all the blinds in my house as tightly as I could, I inserted the disc and began to play.

I started with the tutorials that teach you the moves, but the Wii remote is super sensitive so all I had to do was shake it and the game thought I had the move down and would move on to the more complex step before I even moved my feet. Within seconds it thought I had learned each move when I was still trying to get the remote into the belt. It didn't take long to realize the tutorials were a waste of time so I decided to just pick a song/routine and follow along the best I could.

I decided if I wanted to have fun and actually burn some calories, I needed to just let myself go and wiggle everything I could without falling over. I know I looked like a moron because Kennedy stopped playing with her toys to watch me and began to laugh. Yes, my 8 month old baby laughed at my dancing. It's a good thing her laugh is adorable because it made me want to be even more crazy to make her laugh harder. I may have looked like one of these:
But I closed my eyes and pretended I looked like this:
I had a good time. I enjoyed myself, I was sweaty afterwords, and I have plans to do it again - in the privacy of my own home. If I ever get caught flailing my body in public, it'll be in front of a car dealership for money. And I hope I never sink that low.