My Old Man

We spend a very shameful amount of time teasing my dad and giving him a hard time. Although it's how we cope when things get tough, it's really not justified when you consider what a great man he is. And he hardly ever complains or takes offense. He has been through some intense trials and is still the best man I know.

My dad is legally blind. He has less than 8% of his vision left. He and his sister have suffered from a genetic disorder called RP. You can google it for the official name. I can say it but I can't spell it and I'm too lazy to look it up. Anyway, it's a disorder that deteriorates the site and hearing. So yeah, he can't hear well either. Considering how hard it's got to be to not be able to see or hear, he's done incredibly well with his life. I know he hates it and I can remember a few occasions where I've seen his frustration break through. But generally he handles it better than expected.

On top of that, he was hit by a car on a freeway overpass and shattered his knee and spent weeks in the hospital, he lost his own father at a young age in a construction accident, his mom passed away 20+ years ago, and he lost his brother who was struck by lightening and was killed in 1997. He's always worked hard to support his family, which has been difficult for a blind man.

My dad has seen his fair amount of trials and pain but he's been strong through them all. I know he has a great reward in store for him in heaven. I'm grateful for the example he is for us and how hard he's worked for us. We know he loves his kids and grand kids with all his heart. I'm very proud to have a dad like him.

I love my dad.

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That was such a sweet post!