Gorgeous Day

Having a teething baby is worse than having a newborn. No one really prepared me for how awful this could be. Aside from the hours of crying and the clinginess and such, Kennedy has also been refusing to take naps. Wonderful!!!

We just got home from a 3 hour car ride - my final attempt to get her to sleep. It worked eventually. Today was an absolutely gorgeous day to be out and about. Here's what I discovered:

Rockwood hiking trail in Centerville. I have no idea what it is but now we'll have to check it out.

Henry Walker Homes are outrageously priced.

Our dream home in Farmington.

Lots of damage from the wind storm that still hasn't been fixed.

Found out how to get to the control tower at the airport.

Watched Southwest Airlines planes land and take off for a moment.

Found an adorable house for rent for whoever is interested.

Saw horses galloping in the fields.

People catching fish at Bountiful Pond.

Discovered Foxboro North's pool isn't the only pool in Foxboro besides the ghetto apartments.

People riding their bikes enjoying the beautiful day.

A bad accident on 5th South.

And road kill. Lots of road kill.

Seemingly boring, I agree. But I actually kind of enjoyed myself. Aside from hating driving, I had a great time enjoying the weather and letting my insanely grumpy baby have a good nap. Now, we're off to take a walk. We don't often get days like this in February.

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Amy said...

Where is your dream house in Farmington?