In some regards, I consider myself to be a generally lazy person. For example:
1. I get 10+ hours of sleep a night. Granted, that's not always uninterrupted sleep due to Kennedy or having to visit the potty (let's face it, this old gray mare ain't what she used to be...) but still, that's a lot of sleep.
2. Sometimes I'll avoid a restaurant I want to go to just because it doesn't have a drive-thru.
3. I put off folding laundry as long as possible.
4. I'd rather eat out than cook.
5. I always grumble when I have to change the toilet paper roll. 
These aren't that bad, but laziness is in my blood. But lately, I've been trying to push out the laziness and better myself in more ways than one.

For example, I've been honing in on my wifey skills lately and have been trying to cook more; and I don't mean just frying up a chicken breast with Rice-a-Roni - which I'm famous for - but real honest to goodness home-style cookin'. I mentioned in a previous post about that cookbook I bought that's kind of changed my life. I've never really enjoyed cooking before now but I'm kind of starting to think about the possibility of maybe liking it. It's fun when Cory is actually excited about a meal. Plus it makes grocery shopping an even more exciting adventure. What the crap is cumin? And where on earth do you find Marsala wine?? I'm getting better and learning new things. I wasn't totally cooking-handicapped but making stuff from scratch has really broadened my horizons. Not to mention it's kept us from eating out a lot and saved us from all the horrible foods that are out there. (I still enjoy a greasy hamburger every once in a while. I AM human).

I have this unnatural fear of becoming the 1960's wife who wears an apron and stays home to cook and clean with a smile on her face. I'm not sure where it stemmed from but it's been kind of frightening to embrace the lifestyle. Turns out, I love cleaning; so sorry, Mom, for all the times I complained and said I hated you for making me vacuum the stairs. I get it now. In fact I may have even surpassed you in the obsessive cleaner category. Having a big kitchen with a dishwasher has also helped the cooking bug to bite my lazy little toosh and get myself in gear. I feel proud and accomplished when I've made a great dinner and we collapse on the couch like beached whales with full and satisfied tummies. I'm getting better at embracing my inner 1960's wife-ish-ness. But I'll be damned if you'll ever catch me in apron...


Wendy said...

Crap! I was almost ready to give you my bunny apron . . .

Jordan and Heather Hart said...

Ha ha ha, this post made me laugh. I could never see you in an apron, although you do cook up a great batch of rice a roni. ;)
I love cooking! If you ever wanna exchange recipes let me know. I just found a great chicken with basil pesto and tomato recipe. It's yummy. :)
I'm glad you are enjoying the house wife duties more.. it's pretty fulfilling if you let it be. :)