Sincerely, Confused

Baby weight sucks. For 6 months now I've been working very hard to lose the extra weight I gained while being pregnant. Exercise is where it's at so I started small (while healing) and have progressively added more time and more intensity. The last couple months have been full of butt-kicking, exhausting hour and a half workouts that have left me sore and achy and feeling accomplished. However, the weight loss has been EXTREMELY slow and seemingly non-existent. "Give it time" people would say, "It'll come, just don't give up." Annoyed and frustrated, I tried increasing the intensity even more.

However, my effort were a little too crazy because now I've gone and injured myself. My knees have been achy and it hurts to crouch. My friends husband who's a physicians assistant says he thinks I have petellar tendonitis which is common. He instructed me to rest from exercise for 10 days (I can walk and still work my arms and abs) while taking 800mg of ibuprofen, stretching, and icing 3 times a day. I felt punched in the gut. 10 days? 10 DAYS?!?! After getting over the initial shock, I came to my senses and realized it's better to heal my knees now before it gets any worse. So, I took his advice. I've been horrible at the icing and stretching part so I may have to rest longer than 10 days. It's SO hard to remember to do it!!

So, I've been walking on the treadmill and working my upper body, but I've hardly felt like I've been working out. I've felt incredibly lazy. I was sure I was gaining weight and that all the work I've been doing would be lost. But to my shock and utter confusion, in the 8 days I've been resting I've lost 4 pounds. It took me months to lose that much with rigorous exercise. What the...? So basically, I've been killing myself for nothing, is that right? GAH!! I don't understand it. I've always enjoyed exercising so I can't wait to get back into the groove and work out and go running again*. But apparently I don't need to drive myself into the ground. I wish someone would have told me that earlier. I don't get it. And although it's confusing and kind of irritating, at least I'm losing weight. That's the ultimate goal here.

*I was going to buy a Garmin GPS watch for running but then I found a free app called imapmyrun (Cory has an android and he found it under mapmyrun) that accurately tells you your pace, time, distance, calories, elevation, and maps your run and saves it for future use. Also works for biking. It's AWESOME!!! I've only been able to use it twice. I can't wait to get out and use it more. It needs to warm up!! I highly recommend it. It saved me $250.

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Liv said...

I've been doing some reading lately on weight loss and why many people plateau after all their efforts to find pre-baby weight.

The doctors who wrote "Why Women Need Fat" studied the hypothalamus and how it works after pregnancy. It actually tells the body to hang on to weight so nursing babies can get the necessary nutrients from the mother's fat stores. I know it may not be the reason you're having a hard time losing what you want, but it's a theory. Sometimes it doesn't matter what you eat or how much you exercise; your body decides there's a need for the weight you have and it refuses to let it go.

Frustrating, but perhaps it's some consolation that you're not doing anything wrong.