Life has been pretty good these last few days. Here are a few thoughts and experiences about our week so far:

I've remembered how much I hate snow.

My body thinks I'm 80 years old. I can't sneeze without pulling a muscle.

Cory is a master picture-hanger-er.

When my husband gets bored, he changes the oil on two cars, hangs cabinets in the garage by himself, replaces burned out lightbulbs, fixes the broken blinds, and shovels the driveway-again. Yes, he did all this today.

I'm grounding myself from ice cream.

Kennedy is fascinated with Cory's chest hair.

Her favorite toys right now are a fake phone, an empty Gobstoppers box, and a Pez dispenser.

Walmart makes the worst photo prints.

And last but not least....

I actually cooked something with capers in it. Wasn't too impressed. Also, what the heck are capers?

I promise to blog about something more exciting when something more exciting actually happens.

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