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I just discovered something shocking that I thought I'd share with my friends on here. I was on my Facebook today switching over to the new timeline (it'll be mandatory soon, also it's kind of cool) and was arranging my privacy settings and exploring some new things. Under "manage account" and then "security", you can actually see when and where your Facebook account has been accesses and what times. I had a bunch from a city up north that I don't live in, and also Houston, Texas, which is very far from Utah. So I'm not the only one logging in to my facebook account. Here's the good news though. I chose to end those log in session, and there's some other features you can activate to make your account more secure. For example, I had Facebook register my computer and my phone as the ONLY recognized devices in which I can log in to and it'll know it's me. If someone tries to access my account from any other device, Facebook will notify me. Also, of I try and log in on any other device, Facebook will text me a confirmation code that I have to put in before it'll let me log in. It might seem like a pain but that way no one can access my account without that code. And it changes each time I log in. If you want to activate these settings yourself and can't figure it out, let me know and I'll help ya. Kind of scary.

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Amy said...

If you look at the devices used, it's probably your iPhone, computer, etc. so it's you accessing it, it's just where it's routed through for the internet. I think it's mainly for tracking purposed for the FB people. It's good to disable but I wouldn't worry that it's someone else accessing your account.