Home Projects

Aside from the kitty-pee-soaked carpet, the previous owners of our house left it in almost new condition. We didn't dare do anything to it and sometimes it still hurts to make holes in the walls to hang stuff up. But, it's been long enough now that we're ready to start adding some personality and extra touches to the place. We have our list of projects that we'll tackle slowly, and one at a time. But first on the list was tiling the back splash in our kitchen. Cory cut all the tile and I laid it all on. I think we did a pretty great job! We still need to grout which will happen this weekend, but here's a preview of how it looks. I'll put up a finished project picture when it's done.


Doesn't it look amazing?! I love it! Our next project will be to paint and spruce up the front room. I already have the color picked out, I just need to find the time, energy, and tall enough ladder to start the job.

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